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Viva Las Vegas

posted 6/24/2007 6:31:15 PM |
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tagged: whig

I am thinking about doing something a little crazy. U see, I haven’t had a birthday party in quite awhile. My last one wuz 4 my 35th birthday, and it didn’t quite go as I had planned. First, my lovely wife threw out her back the day B4 and couldn’t go, then I decided 2 get smashed like 10 minutes N2 the fucking party and pass out, missing the several women who decided 2 go topless (U fucking know that one killed me…). Since then I haven’t had a birthday party, and I also pretty much quit drinking. Well…I quit drinking like that, anyway!

So, here iz my idea. I am thinking about throwing a 41st Birthday Extravaganza in beautiful LAS VEGAS, NEVADA! This little shindig would take place the final weekend of August (that being the 27th, 28th, 29th, - which iz a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, BTW…), although my birthday izn’t actually until Monday. I think I would most likely have the party itself on the Saturday the 28th, but party the whole fucking three daze, y’know? I really am finna try 2 stay at geena’s place 2 so I will have more money 4 the party (Yeah…that’s why. Go with that one, chief…). It will be a sort of dry run 4 the bachelor party I am supposed 2 throw PK’s limey boyfriend.

Which brings up an interesting point. Since this iz supposed 2 be a dry run 4 his fucking party, it would make sense 2 have the British fucker on hand, wouldn’t it? I think so, yes…which iz why I am extending a personal invitation 2 my friend Argit01 2 please join me in a celebration of my life. HEY ARGIT, U FUCK! CAN U COME OUT AND PLAY??? If U want, U can even bring Ur woman with U. I’m guessing I would LOVE her present 4 me, anyway! (dixxxbitch…not as big a fan as me) But even if U have 2 come alone, bro (I fucking understand U don’t want her anywhere near me…not when I’m molting, anyway) I still would like U 2 join me if U can. I don’t know if geena iz finna be cool with U crashing at her pad, though. I don’t know what the space situation iz yet, and since she really hasn’t even invited me yet, so I just don’t feel comfortable telling other people they can kick it just yet. But I will ask her 4 U, if U want. Whatever’s clever…

B4 I go anyfurther, I just wanna do a nice little shout out 2 TastyCupcake - she's the one lady on here who gives me fits and starts, y'all... She iz a class act and I want 2 make sure she knows I know she iz...cuz I damned sure don't want 2 fuck up any shot at tasting those lips of hers. We really don't even have 2 fool around, if U don't want 2. I just want 2 kiss U 4 awhile.....

Here’s what I am thinking (we know how bad it can get whenever I start doing that!). I get NachoBaby 2 get up off her cute butt and drive me and dixxxbitch 2 Vegas. Once there, we get set up (either in a room or at geena’s spot…whichever’s cool – it don’t really matter. Then we kick back and wait as the party goers start rolling in from all over the fucking globe, man! Michigan, Arkansas, Florida, West fucking Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine…Even goddamn Canada, and I don’t really want them motherfuckers 2 go! Then, we bust a move 4 the next three daze, B4 heading back home one year older and a hell of a lot closer 2 death.

So, let me know if U are interested in going. Anyone who izn’t a fucking troll iz invited. I figure this can go one of two ways. Either a whole shitload of people will show up and it will be a great fucking party, or no one will show up and I will get 2 spend three daze with geena!!! That, my friends, iz what we call a win-win situation. And if Prince iz in town that weekend? OMFG! That would just be 2 fucking much 4 me 2 handle. I might have 2 call it off, then. Just stay home and finger paint with my own body fluids, or something. I’ll just be kicking it at home, painting pretty pictures with piss and be…

Keeping U posted


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Jun 24 @ 6:40PM  
I've always wanted to go back to Nevada.

Jun 24 @ 6:42PM  
Come on with it, girl! U know Ur sexy ass iz invited! Hell yes! U can even bring some of Ur "friends" with U if U want, babe! That's how much I loves me some jezz...


Jun 24 @ 7:08PM  
DS I would love to help you celebrate your birthday if I can get the time off work as there are too many fuckers who have kids that are on leave that weekend (inconsiderate bastards). Hell I made it over to the US in one piece last time so I figure I could do it again. I know I won't be going home in one piece though.

Jun 24 @ 7:14PM  
Gee Argit there is a way to fix that problem......... just don't go home......

Jun 24 @ 7:18PM  
Count me in--if at all possible.......I am assuming of course I am the Arkansas part of this blog.....LOL. I know, I know what happens when we assume....but I have no problem with making an ass out of either of us.....hehe.

Jun 24 @ 8:06PM  
This could be interesting.... I get to stay in the UK alone while Argit goes off to the US to party with DS? Hmmmmm.

Jun 24 @ 10:42PM  
hell yeah mi casa, Es su casa, He'll I thought this would never happen.

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