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The one thing

posted 6/22/2007 4:32:39 PM |
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that would turn you off ........ even if you were forming some kinda bond with em .What would make you say OMG what was I thinking .....

lemme tell you a funny story bout my sister while I am at it ....... Went on a date with someone she met off the internet, they met at a local restraunt..... she order a drink he ordered coffee then told her he was to cheap to eat at restraunts, she ended up paying for her drink and his coffee....... she called me when she got home I was

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Jun 22 @ 4:39PM  
poor social etiquette.

Jun 22 @ 4:43PM  
I could probably think of a lot of things that has turned me off but since you asked for one here goes:

I am having a great conversation with a guy. We are getting along really well and talking about even meeting when he says " Hey, wanna see a picture of me giving anal to my dog?"

I am not going against those who are into beastiality...but it's not my thing and so I never spoke to him again

Jun 22 @ 4:49PM  
I'm thinking if someone lived in another country. Yeah, that might turn me off.

Love ya Maggie, you do post good blogs!!

Jun 22 @ 4:50PM  
Bugger, have you been out shagging again? Get back in your kennel you disgusting dog!

Jun 22 @ 4:51PM  
Whether I meet them online or in person if we are in a club or restaurant and they are rude to the waitress, definite deal breaker for me!

Jun 22 @ 5:00PM  
k, k, k,....I'll never live this one down ......when I used to work for the sherriff's dept...a friend of mine kept trying to get me to go out with her brother....eventually I caved in....we were to meet at my local hangout, where I knew everyone, so I showed up early to give everyone the scoop so they could look out for me (you never know) he shows shoes that look like their from the early 80's.....big, square, brown, plastic rimmed glasses with the auto-darkening lenses in them......his belly was hanging over the waistband of his pants and kept peeking out from the bottom of his shirt ( the memory is nauseating)....needless to say....I drunk myself into oblivion while he played Styx on the jukebox all night long while playing air guitar on his pool cue.....that was 13 years ago and they still bring it up to this day!!

Jun 22 @ 5:06PM  
what if a guys says he wants to get involved with you...maybe even marry...but wants to watch you fuck other men...keep going...or run???

Jun 22 @ 5:11PM  
Maggie, you do write great blogs!!!

What would turn me off...well how about the man having 1 tooth, that's wrotten none the least, with extremely bad breath...that is definately a turn off.

Since hopefully that was a once in a lifetime event, my number one turn off is bad manners. I definately agree that you can learn a lot about a person by how they treat others.

Jun 22 @ 5:24PM  
Now Ash if it was 13 yrs ago and they still bring it up, they are true friends! Just general acquaintances would have forgotten it long ago!

Jun 22 @ 5:44PM  
Poor personal hygiene is a killer for me.

Jun 22 @ 6:19PM  
Yes I've had more then a couple of dates from hell there were found on line.

Thats why I've given up on men and now I'm going to become a Nun and raise Persian cats!!!!

Jun 22 @ 6:57PM  
A so called friend of mine set me up with this guy about 13 yrs ago....blind date. I met him at a Steak House he picked out. The poor guys face was so scared from acne and he still had huge zits on his face.....I couldn't look at him and eat. I felt really bad and shallow for about 2 minutes until I asked him who his dermatoligist was and he said he would never waste money on that!!! The Guy Was Loaded!! Owned his own business!! He didn't care enough about himself to get help.

Jun 22 @ 7:08PM  
Crap I got a growing list of these because I keep picking the winners… Let’s see where, should I start: bad table manners, road rage, constant insecurities, displaced aggression, general lack of tact, general vengeful and spiteful behavior, overly jealous… I could keep going on but I’d rather forget about the rest…

Jun 22 @ 7:12PM  
Someone that is affraid of my dogs. I have had guys come over in the past and freak out because I have a Doberman. If my dog doesn't like someone then I take her advice and dont talk to them anymore. She's got good instincts

Jun 22 @ 7:13PM  
making a mental note to self - 'don't share dog anal pics w/ sierra' ....

no way i can top that...LOL. thanks for the laugh :)

Jun 22 @ 7:45PM  
I am picturing Ash and this man ........ strummin his pool stick oh and hey the dog thing seems to be more commen than not, I had one of those to believe it or not...... and he thought it WAS NORMAL.....I do wanna ask more bout this one tooth man ....... did you have the urge to pluck it out ? I would have had to say "Now what the hell has happend...." I am bad about blurting ....Db that is not anything new? Gimme a good tale woman...thats common place anymore, having one at home , one almost ,and a couple in the waiting ....and PK its a bit late to be predjudice against other countries .... I dont think you could make anyone believe that one ....

Jun 22 @ 7:48PM  
Well Maggie, the one thing that would turn me off is if I was lied to.

Jun 22 @ 8:01PM  
I have to say the biggest turn off for me is bigotry I was on a blind through work associates and the guy was great good looking a gentleman, he even opened doors including my car door we had a few drinks b 4 dinner and with dinner and he started to loosen up and feel comfortable and next he starts spewing bigotry about mexicans and jews how the holocaust never happened that was it i left the table and called a cab to get home........and if he never had those views he might have gotten lucky that night

Jun 22 @ 8:17PM  
Oh my gawd ..Ash ...that was me

Jun 22 @ 8:27PM  
Now Ash if it was 13 yrs ago and they still bring it up
I am picturing Ash and this man ........ strummin his pool stick
Oh my gawd ..Ash ...that was me
I knew I shouldnt have shared this story!!!!!!!

Jun 22 @ 8:32PM  
well heres another story for ya

after talking awhile fella calls me and wakes me up .... this is when I worked nights and says hey I am here in town come on meet me ......... well when I got there I wished I had not .........he was umm shorter than I thought, ummm heavier than I thought and not to mention he was missing fingers off both hands ...... and the rest of them did not look to swift and no he did not have a injury that caused both hands to look that way , just various issues.....shaking my head, I have met some crawlers I tell ya

Jun 22 @ 8:56PM  
i would have to say...vulgarity ( a cus word or two is not what i'm talking about) someone who is inconsiderate, someone who is impatient, poor hygiene

Jun 22 @ 9:02PM  
not liking animals..........probably very very selfish n lack something in terms of a loving personality i'd be seeking

Jun 22 @ 9:17PM  
How about if they had a glass eye, a wooden leg and talked like a pirate?

Jun 22 @ 9:24PM  
The one thing that would turn me off?
Hummmm, how about finding out it had a sex change operation.

Jun 22 @ 10:33PM  
I have a big turn off when it comes to men..They seem to be professional liers, (not all men) or users, thief's and can not work for a living.

I had met some winners lately. They don't work. They are on drugs. Which I don't approve of. Smoking pot is ok..Anything beyond that is a NO NO

No I am not men bashing. Just what I have been through lately. Seems like I like my dog better. At least he is faithful to me.

This last one I was with last night pissed me off. Yeah two hours of great sex but then I found out I had $100.00 missing from my rent money. I can't prove he did it. But he was the only one here. Needless to say even thou the sex was great it is not worth being stolen from..

The last 4 men I have went out with in the last year have stole from me, used me, lied to me. I am having a hard enough time trying to find a job. I sure didn't need this crap. Which put me in a deeper depression.

My best bet would to stay away from men for a while. Since I can't find one that I can't trust. That is a HUGE issue with me.

Jun 22 @ 11:13PM  
ok heres another turn off, I hate a wet kisser...... I dont want my face havingy our drool on it....... just the lips and inside not next to my ears.....

Jun 22 @ 11:42PM  
The lists could go on and on but for today's turn off I give you spatterings of a telephone converstion this afternoon with a potential friend, our first conversation.

It's 3:00 and he is chastizing me because I had said in yesterdays email I would call him today but I hadn't. It's 3:00 is the day over?

He is 43, been married 3 times but only been with 4 women in his life. "I want to find a gal, that knows what she is doing and dosen't need me to give her directions, but I dont want her to have slept around or be a slut you know or act like she knows everything" I was a bit confused on this one.

"I am well equipped and if you don't finish first I will leave you a $100 on the nightstand" ( I was tempted)

Out of the blue with no prompting from me "don't ask to tie me up because I ain't into kinky stuff and don't even mention watching someone else or asking someone to join us I ain't into that". "Oh..btw do you enjoy anal".

Yeah....I think it would be easy to say I was turned off...waaayyyy off.

Some guys should just stay off the telephone!!


Jun 23 @ 12:37AM  
Oh Maggie, I have to agree with you on the sloppy kisser...nothing like smelling someone's slobber all over first boyfriend in high school was like that...still gives me the willeys to think about it. YUCK!! I had to shower when he left so I didnt stink.

The tooth thing was a blind date I had a few weeks ago, he had 1 tooth, and it was rotten..and extremely bad breath....definately wanted to give him some breath mints and the number of a good dentist. Live and learn I guess.

How about someone who belches in your face, well your mouth rather as he's giving you a good night kiss, on the first date?

Jun 23 @ 12:43AM  
OMG nothing worse smelling than slobber.......and ummmm ear wax.... yes ear wax..... men always remember to clean your ears...... the smell is GROSS .

Jun 23 @ 12:18PM  
OK, some on here will probably think I am selfish, but mine is the inability of understanding how important my girls are to me. My ex works crazy shifts and is rarely home (she has full custody), so my girls know if something bad happens, I am available to help.

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