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What would you do if you hit someone's pet with your car?

posted 6/22/2007 4:01:36 PM |
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tagged: animals, straddle

I'm an animal lover and try to take care as many as I can. Sometimes I do bite off more than I can chew, but I'm one of those with a HUGE heart towards them. Lately I have seen a few animals laying out in the road as "road kill", and what's left of them out there is very upsetting to see considering you're not sure what kind of animal it was. I do believe in two charities, one is the Humane Society, the other is MS. Now, I can't blame people when they come upon road kill and there's nothing hardly left of it to where they won't pull it out of the roadway. What I do have a problem with are people that actually hit an animal with their car before it was ever hit and keep going without stopping to see if the animal is okay, or to not even pull it out of the roadway whether it's dead or not. I'm one of those people that's been very fortunate to not have ever hit and killed an animal with their car, and I would like to keep it that way. In front of my own house over the years (even last year) I ended up pulling them out of the street. All were dead, but there were about 4 of them that were still alive. Out of those 4 only one ended up living. Sure, I was upset trying to call around for help only to have people who didn't care enough to help an injured aninal. With the 3 that didn't make it they passed on roughly within 5-10 minutes after me pulling them out off the road. The one that need make it here's what happened. A woman knocked at my door back in earlt 2005 upset and crying. I went on out on the porch and found out right off the bat what the problem was before she even got a few words out. I saw a big dog out there just laying in the right lane with busy traffic going around that dog. I stopped traffic and pulled it on out of the road and in front of my house. The woman told me what had happened with another driver hitting it and not stopping. When it tried to get back up and shake it off the car behind that one then hit it, and they too didn't stop. She was very upset and had been one of those people that cared enough to help an injured animal. The dog looked like it was a little shocked, and we even called the city with their animal dept. where a woman that worked for them stopped and was very caring and tried to help as much as she could. Other than that there wasn't a whole lot that city employee could do. We all decided that the woman who stopped to help the dog was probbaly it's best bet because she wanted to load the big dog up and take it home to her husband so they could try to nurse it back to health. This woman also had two of her kids with her. After We picked it up to put it in back of her suv she thanked the both of us for helping. To this day I don't know what the outcome was, I would like to think the dog made it without any health problems. What I don't understand is why people just go around an injured animal in their car while it's still alive without even helping it. Sure, it's easy to just blow it all off and to go on, but how could you live with that? I know it's a little risky to after hitting an animal and getting out to pull it out of the roadway only to find a upset owner(s) there waiting to do you harm, but I would take my chances and pull over anyway to try to help the best I can.

What I would like to know is if you happen to hit one, whould you do everything you could to help, or just drive on?

Also, if you saw a dead animal out in the street in front of your house and it's still pretty much intact, would you get it out of the street?

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Jun 22 @ 4:11PM  
As a child I had a pet cemetary out back around a Cherry tree, there I buried not just beloved pets but also those that got run over on the busy highway in front of our house! I would cry and beg my parents to help me get them out of the road! Nowadays about the only thing that gets hit by my house is armadillos and deer. Once in a while a squirrel but the birds snap those up pretty quick. The county will come out and remove a deer especially if it's blocking the road or causing a safety hazard.

Jun 22 @ 4:16PM  
I wish I could post it here, but I don't have the space to type it and there just aren't that many pages. If you want to read one of the best stories ever about this topic, I suggest Connie Willis's "Last of the Winnebagos" in her collection "Impossible Things". Not to sound like a commercial, but you can find the book "Impossible Things" on Amazon used for under a buck, and if it was the only story you got it for it would be worth it.

Jun 22 @ 5:01PM  
good point,,,now for the counter point,,,,,,would you swerve to avoid hitting a chipmunk and run right into the front of another vehicle and kill a couple and there 2 kids? all to save the chipmunks life? there's always 2 sides to everything...i would never purposely hit an animal,,but i would also not swerve to avoid one and take the chance of killing human beings,,,,,,

Jun 22 @ 5:07PM  
Jim, you raise another good topic, but this blog is about after the animal is hit, not leading up to it ever before it was hit. I know some people can't avoided hitting an animal, but I also feel that most people don't pay a lick of attention out there on the roadways either.

Jun 22 @ 5:11PM  
fair enough straddle,,,,,,and i think what you do is awesome,,the whole time i was growing up we would take in animals that were hurt and nurse them back to health,,,,no lie ,,i have had a pet,,,woodchuck,,,chipmunk,,,2 squirrels ,and countless dogs and cats,,,,,and other aniamls i can't even remember,,,,lived in the sticks as you could probably guess:)

Jun 22 @ 5:12PM  
You? An animal lover? Not, you, CatBoy!

Jun 22 @ 5:15PM  
And they say that there is no such thing as a free meal.

Jun 22 @ 5:41PM  
Looking4ever's comment..... Still calling me Catboy I see.

I hate to admit this, but yes, looks like that's true with the name Catboy.

Jun 22 @ 5:58PM  
I have never hit a live animal and I have been known to brake for frogs. I try to avoid animals that are already all over the road as much as possible. I dont like the idea of some poor animals parts under my car. If I see a animal that has been hit and is still moving I will stop and try to help. I have nursed back everything from birds to baby oposums (the mother was killed)

Jun 22 @ 6:44PM  
Well as much as i hate to admit it being raised in minnesota where you have herds of deer up to 300 i have hit my share of deer. Never once did i just drive on, tho sometimes driving afterwards was impossible due to damage on the car, but never did i leave until i was sure the deer was dead or not hurt. It happens. Nor would i drive off if i hit a cat or dog. Thank god i havent done that. If the animal was hurt i would go to the owners home if i could find it and have them go to the vet with the animal and i would be responsible for the bill. If the animals was killed i would still take the time to get it off the road and find the owner. There is nothing worse than a small child looking for thier cat or dog to find it dead on the roadway. Accidents happen thats part of life but a person needs to step up to the plate and say hey im sorry I didnt mean to do it. And for those ppl who delibertly run over animals those bastards should be shot.

Jun 22 @ 6:51PM  
I hit a cat once and cried like a baby!!! It was on a very busy street with traffic everywhere!! I would have pulled over, but I made the mistake of looking in my rearview mirror only to see the poor thing get hit over and over again from all the cars behind me. I hope that never happens again!! And yes, I swerve to avoid hitting animals, I think it's a natural instict to avoid hitting anything.

Jun 22 @ 7:13PM  
If I hit and animal, or, saw one that had been hit and is still alive....I would definitely pull over and get some sort of help for it...even take it to a vet's office if it needed it. Case in point, back when I was in my teens, my youngest sister and I were heading home...saw the car in front of us hit an orange tabby cat, the car just kept going, I stopped. The cat was still alive...we wrapped it up in a jacket, took it home where our parents agreed to take it to the vets and get care for it. We had that cat for 10 years before it died of natural causes.

I despise people who just drive by and don't help or at least get the animal off the road....but I despise more the moron's who purposely hit them

Jun 22 @ 11:01PM  
i hit a deer once and i cried because shortly before hitting it i saw the foe and doe deer before i hit the buck with my car. i was not strong enough to move the animal off the road and i was almost hit by another car while trying to move the animal. i felt so bad for the animal and for myself for killing the animal because i left it there on the road still breathing on the roadway. i tried to stop and swerve and it still ended up being hit. i would try not to let that ever happen again and try to move any animal like that again out of the road.

Jun 26 @ 10:52AM  
I saw a big dog out there just laying in the right lane with busy traffic going around that dog. I stopped traffic and pulled it on out of the road and in front of my house.

Is risking your life worth a dead dog? I'm sorry. NO animal is worth my life or yours. A while back a lady wrote in the voice of the people in our local paper to complain about her SECOND dog that had been hit & left on the road. I wanted to write back.... didn't you learn to put up a fence after the first one got hit? Maybe you'd like them to stop so they can ask you to pay for the damages to their car? A friend of mine totaled his car on a St Bernard years ago. Fortunately he was not hurt. sigh............

You don't want to address what comes BEFORE, but Jim is right and I would hate to see Valentine's obit in the paper because she swerved to miss a cat running loose. Anyone that swerves runs the risk of hitting a tree, light pole, culvert, guard rail, semi truck, etc, etc. I'll take a tree instead your child, but not your pet.

Keep your pets off the interstate and nobody will have to pick them up.

Jun 27 @ 2:03PM  
You're right, people need to watch their pets more and to keep them off the streets at all times. I still don't agree with you about your comment about risking my life to save someone's pet out there in the street. The situation was the traffic was very slow in both lanes due to an animal out there lying in the roadway, and yet no one stopping to help it. I halted the traffic just to I could save it's life. We risk our lives out there everyday when we step into the real world whether we drive among idiots drives or go to the store where it could be robbed. My point is I wouldn't like myself very well if I didn't try to help something like an innocent animal out of the roadway especially when I had the chance to. This is all part of life and I can sleep good at nights knowing that there are risks out there that are worth taking. If you decide that's stupid then that's up to you. As for me, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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What would you do if you hit someone's pet with your car?