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You're right, I'm fucking stupid!

posted 6/22/2007 2:34:37 PM |
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God, I'm so over politics. I'm also over other people trying to chastise me for being too stupid to talk to them. I want to personally apologize to the blogger of, THE WAR IN IRAQ IS OVER, and respond to you publicly to ensure the people here know that you are in fact smarter than me!

at your age I had a BA in History.
Wow! That's impressive! I've only been out of high school for 2 years, since I'm only 20 and all. And this one year of university learnin' just can't compare to that. I must be slow for not being able to cram a 4 year degree into these 2 years that I've obviously spent being lazy.

You must get several good Political magazines and read them thoroughly before you comment on politics I would never have had the nerve to comment unless I knew what I was talking about and you do not..
You're right, I'm dumb! What magazines would you recommend? And I should hold my tongue when I'm clearly not educated enough to reply to such a statement as "idiots who still support it and fight for oil".. Since this war is all about oil, why didn't I see that before? You're really opening my eyes.

I came from a highly educated family and would have been chastised for talking about things I knew nothing about and told to read books not magazines.
I apologize for having stupid parents that didn't teach me to respect people like you. I also apologize for having parents that didn't teach me to keep my opinions to myself. I guess my thoughts about life and this world I live in really doesn't matter at all. All the little voices like me should just shut right up so we can all hear that one big mouth of yours.

So you get yourself some info than start joining in. This is not an insult to you this is a kind suggestion. I am so glad you care. but dear. What you learned in high shool was propagada .
Because what I know now is obviously junk compared to your large knowledge of politics. I shouldn't speak if I don't know what I'm talking about and my opinions don't matter because I'm clearly clueless about our government and our current situation overseas.

ellen I was bounced once for telling people they were being too nasty too women and that the swingers were mad at me and I was not even talking to them.. not for my politics. I left for awhile cause I was dating some one. I like to blog sometimes on here. We are no different than any powerful country in history good people but a greedy people who run it..
So why didn't you just say you were fiestyelana instead of creating THIS new profile? It's a shame that people didn't like you because you said they were too nasty and your views about their obviously bad lifestyle. It's also a shame that you're clearly not with that guy you left here for. His loss! I only hope you stay this time around because you are such a valued member of this community.

So, This is my BIG apology. I'm so sorry that I'm so dumb!

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Jun 22 @ 2:43PM  
seems when she left last time, she was in need of medication, some quiet time, a jacket, maybe. see what i told you about how little things change here? Cycular.

Jun 22 @ 2:43PM  
What an apology Totallytaboo, perhaps some of us should apologize for sending our sons and daughters to fight in that war. Or maybe some of us should apologize for spending time learning about life by living it not by reading about it. Your not dumb at all sweetie, Your smarter in your age than she will ever be. Because you know how to treat people with respect.

As you probably know i covet my kudos and share very rationally. If i could give you all the kudos that my blogs have accumulated it wouldnt be enough to tell you Thank You.

Jun 22 @ 3:00PM  
Oh Hun, you don't have to apologize to Aunty Elena!! She's off her meds again and won't remember it in a hour or so anyway!! Besides she is nowhere near as "edumacated" as she likes everyone to think she is!

Jun 22 @ 3:24PM  
The ladies here with their comments are right, you have nothing to apologize for. You're right, it's probably her with a new screen name. I don't know about her all that well and have never commented on any of her blogs. She's always came off to me as someone that didn't have it together and kept negative drama going on here.

Jun 22 @ 3:33PM  
As with everything else it's the thought that counts.

(I have no idea what was posted prior, but when I encounter someone looking down their long nose, and implying that superior knowledge is necessary before commenting and offering opinions, that person is not only insufferable, but likely can't muster a legitimate argument themsevles)

So...I want to be dumb like you!

Jun 22 @ 3:54PM  
Gee,I guess I'm stupid and illiterate,and have bad parents and all that other stuff you mentined. I also thought at one time that I lived in Amerika, and that the right to have political opinions and views was something that everyone could have. I also thought myself and others past,present and future,secured those rights by serving and in some cases fighting and dying for our country. Now I know how wrong I was and what a waste of time it has all been. I plan to go to college,subscribe to many political publications,andthen in a few years I will be able to articulate my views to that dumbass motherfucking effette political snob.

Jun 22 @ 4:06PM  
Totally-- Im going to apologize and than do it anyways. Since the smart lady is so smart she wouldnt post my comment to her blog so im going to here.

Even though no WMD's were found it's a better world with him gone.(this is the comment i was replying to.)

I think you should talk to the soldiers coming home or at least the ones that came home in the first year or two. They found hundreds of thousands of caches in the ground with guns, ammunition, rpgs, and hand grenaides. I would consider that Weapons of Mass Destruction wouldnt you? Just because it wasnt reported on Fox doesnt mean they weren't there.

Her email to me was:
weapons of mass destruction are atomic weapons biological and that type of weapon you are talking about conveventional weapons

Just so everyone knows this is the definition of WMD:

Weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a term used to describe a massive weapon with the capacity to indiscriminately kill or incapacitate. The phrase broadly encompasses several areas of weapon synthesis, including nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) and, increasingly, radiological weapons.

Everyone you did realize the word INCLUDING not ONLY

Jun 22 @ 6:19PM  
Oh and I forgot to mention it earlier Totally but I find you far from stupid!! She is just a mental case that needs to adjust her meds. When she left here before to date I'm sure she is back after he dumped her crazy as a loon ass!!! She just enjoys looking down on anyone without a wall full of degrees. I personally feel that all the education in the world will not help you a bit if you are ignorant in the ways of life itself and how to deal with others!

Jun 22 @ 6:40PM  
Politics and religion are two areas that can rarely be discussed sanely. Both sides always speak in terms of black and white but don't see the gray areas. I have my beliefs but I'm sure some are right and some are wrong. To believe any other way is proof of a closed mind which is the first sign of true stupidity. Once we say we know all the truth and we have nothing to learn, we stop learning and close the door on new options that can resolve the situation. Our own government was founded on finding a middle road. We believe in freedom but we know it should have limits. I guess a large part of my problem with this whole Iraq problem is that we as a country believe we have the right to force our style of government on anouther people. Theocracy has worked in that part of the world for thousands of years. If the vast majority of any country wants change there will be change. Our own country took over 165 years to declare all people totally equal and we want to force other people to do it in 5 or 10 years. Any government that is forced on a people, no matter how benevolent, is considered oppressive.

Jun 22 @ 6:40PM  
oh so you think this reverse psychology shit is going to work! lol seriously though i thought it was great

Jun 22 @ 8:51PM  
Totallytaboo..................another name for this might have been

How to appologize with brains........even if it's to a dim witted douchebag

VERY GOOD!! well worth my kudos......hmmm think if we take our gatherd kudos we can buy that nutty bitch some meds since she's not taking hers now just thinkin out loud

Jun 23 @ 12:56AM  
Say ..I certainly don't think you are stupid....I enjoy your blogs

Jun 23 @ 1:32AM  
You must get several good Political magazines and read them thoroughly before you comment on politics

Jun 23 @ 1:38AM  
OOOOPs, sorry for that.

You must get several good Political magazines and read them thoroughly before you comment on politics

Like I would want to belive what some magazine says. Who says that they don't have a political agenda to fill. They could be creating thier own propaganda.

What I know is what I learn on the streets. All I hear is how the econamy is doing good, but I tell you what, it sucks ass.

Cost of living keeps going up, yet our pay stays the same.

I don't think your stupid, don't change for anyone.

Jun 23 @ 7:56AM  
Gawd! To only be half as stupid as you! For a 20 year old, I find you to be WELL INFORMED, ARTICULATE, INTELLIGENT and kewl as all get out. I think she is just envious.

Jul 2 @ 12:25AM  
I love sarcasm. You completely ripped that guy to shreds. Kudos .

Jul 2 @ 12:31AM  
Well, as there is no edit button (that or I'm too stupid to find it) I'll just have to make my correction here: You ripped that girl to shreds. I guess I should do a little more reading before mouthing off next time eh?

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You're right, I'm fucking stupid!