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Rumors, Lies and Innuendo XV

posted 6/21/2007 10:43:14 PM |
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tagged: whig

Although weary from hours of masturbating over the recent influx of naked pictures delivered 2 his email, DickSlippery still manages 2 find time 2 make shit up about his closest friends...

Still no word on the upcoming nuptials of AMDs favorite two love birds, PrincessKissy and Argit01, scheduled 4 sometime in 2008. At the time of this posting there wuz nothing new 2 report on either the wedding itself or the batchelor party 2 precede it, but it should be noted that in the event of the festivities being postponed any further, geena and Urs truly may be forced 2 start the party without U guys...

The pictures I have been receiving 4 the AMD photo collage I am working on have been great so far, but unless we want 2 put up multiple pics from each member we are going 2 need some more submissions. I have received pics from five or six different members, but that iz not nearly enough 4 what I have in mind. Also, no male members have submitted any pics 4 the collage, which I think iz really fucking funny. Maybe I just need 2 be a little more direct. HEY FELLAS - COULD I PLEASE HAVE A DICK PIC?

It would appear that Looking4ever's legal worries will not be getting any easier anytime soon. She wuz arrested outside a local strip by officers who arrived on the scene 2 find Looking4ever naked from the waist up and screaming N2 a bullhorn, "Fuck those bitches! U wanna see some titties, take a look at these babies, baby!" It has been rumored that she made $326 dollars in tips during the ride 2 the mail jail, however...

jezzarae has graciously agreed 2 help me better understand the lifestyles of herself and those like her by talking 2 me on the phone about it. That's great, but not exactly what I had in mind. I wuz hoping 4 something a little more hands on...

Pudge2you still hasn't come out of the closet, but he has decided 2 have a toilet installed. Not 4 hygienic reasons, mind U, but becuz he iz hoping that cute handyman will be the one 2 put it in...

I understand some members have expressed some concern over my gratuitous use of foul language in my blogs. 2 these members I would like 2 say, "Would U PLEASE stop Ur fucking whining? Ur giving me a goddamned headache."

I feel I must warn NachoBaby B4 she meets with me 4 a drink that once alcohol has been introduced I become virtually irresistable, so U may want 2 bring condoms. Just looking out 4 U, babe...

Str8ngr84u2 thinks she iz soooo fucking clever. But she iz right...the drapes don't match the carpet. That's why I say she should just go with hardwood instead. Looks like a bitch iz in luck, cuz it just so happens I have some hard wood right here...

I just wanted 2 apologize once again 2 peachpuzzah 4 accidentally implying she wuz some kind of nasty fucking ho. I really wuz talking about somebody else, hon. However, if U would like 2 become a nasty fucking ho, I do have classes starting up soon. I offer certification as well as job placement, and financial aid may be available 4 those who qualify.

Hey, lintroller - how long do we have 2 wait until U can write prescriptions? Why don't U put all that education 2 good use and give me a little something 2 get me going in the mornings? And maybe a little something 2 help me wind-down in the evening? Oh, shit! I almost 4got - PrincessKissy has agreed 2 sneak off with me during Argit01's bachelor party (well she never said no, and that's almost a yes, goddamnit!), so I'm gonna need some Viagra as well. 100 or so tabs should 2 do the trick...

Hey totallytaboo - do U realize that in many parts of the world a 20 year-old bitch hooking up with a 41 year-old perv is considered totally taboo? (hint hint hint hint hint hint hint GOOSE!) *DS gets up and runs around his computer naked, laughing hysterically, B4 collapsing on 2 the love seat and breaking down in uncontrollable sobbing*

4 those of U who believe the measure of a person iz in his or her character rather than their age I say click HERE...then get back 2 me on that. Until then I'll just be...

Keeping U posted


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Jun 21 @ 10:50PM  
"Would U PLEASE stop Ur fucking whining? Ur giving me a goddamned headache." said "headache"

Jun 21 @ 10:53PM  
Dick askin' for dick pix.....Now that's funny!!!

A collage?? Its that the best line you got for getting chicks to send you nekkid photos??

Jun 21 @ 10:57PM  
OMFG DS, what the hell was that???

BTW, where and when is the party??? Yeah I am getting impatient waiting for this talked about wedding of the century. . .taking so long, might as well go on without it, I nearly died and I'm back, still nothing.

Jun 21 @ 10:58PM  
I mean go on without them

Jun 22 @ 12:01AM  
Damn I never get a mention from you. Thats it I quit i send you an almost naked pic of me in a thong and i dont even rate an honorable mention, but if i had i would hell if i had a dic i would be doing lots of things LOL Well we will just see who doesnt get mentioned in the weekly review this week.

Jun 22 @ 12:06AM  
but if i had i would hell if i had a dic i would be doing
see you got me so flustered cant even type that was suppose to be if i had a dic i would have been, hell if i had a dic i would be doing lots of things.

Jun 22 @ 1:53AM  
Not that I should be doing this but line up a few JD's (neat and no ice) and maybe you can get to sneak off with PK. Did I mention she charges $1000 an hour for her secretarial skills and is very good at shorthand.

Jun 22 @ 9:44AM  
Only you...mutherfucker... would begrudge me the opportunity to double my chances!

Oh yeah a kudo for you too...

Jun 22 @ 10:02AM  
Hmm that's funny.. I go straight past beautiful and into bulletproof.

condoms.. check. Will we be making balloon animals then?

Jun 22 @ 10:19AM  
dude. last time i clicked on your link, i got multi colored images of a sxxze woman. THIS was AWFUL. lmfao. i know her. BTW: who fucking cares about language??

Jun 22 @ 2:09PM  
Who me? Sunshine? You mean there is no collage? I want my pics back damnit!!

Jun 22 @ 3:33PM  
Did I mention she charges $1000 an hour for her secretarial skills and is very good at shorthand
Oh you meant you wanted to have sex with her (phones dixxxbitch only to find she has secretly inserted a GPS tracking unit in his ass with built in sound recoding capabilities, no wait that's his digital recorder that he lost when he interviewed Jenna Jameson and was caught by dixxxbitch whilst handling the goods).

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Rumors, Lies and Innuendo XV