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Where Duz He Come Up With This Fucking Shit?

posted 6/20/2007 5:33:37 PM |
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tagged: whig

With an attitude of more iz more better, DickSlippery celebrated his triumphant return 2 cyberspace by flooding the AMD blog pages with post after post of nonsensical (and oft times incoherent) ramblings. While in no danger of making the popular blogs page (again) anytime soon, he wuz able 2 maintain a consistent enough level of popularity as 2 cause his enemies 2 cringe with the realization that it would be just enough 2 encourage him 2 keep trying...

I've been considering waxing my asshole (WOW - he really did say waxing his asshole...FUCKING WOW). Not really, but I got Ur attention, didn't I? Right now half of U are thinking 2 Urselves, 'Thank God he iz fucking joking', while the other half thinks, 'FUCK! I knew I wuz forgetting something!' Can U just imagine the noise all of that Korean chatter would make if U actually walked N2 a salon and asked one of those bitches 2 wax Ur asshole? Especially if it wuz some big, 350 pound plumber or electrician or some shit doing the asking! "Um, yeah...I wuz hoping 2 get a Brazillian? I want 2 wear my thong down 2 the pool this summer, and we just need 2 clean it up a bit. Thanks..." OMG - that's funny fucking shit. I'm sorry, but if U don't think that's funny I just can't do anything 4 U. U may as well just stop reading this fucking thing right now, cuz there ain't finna be shit else I have 2 say any funnier than that shit right there.

I really did get NachoBaby 2 agree 2 meet me 4 a drink (pending spousal approval, of course)! I can't believe it myself. I keep trying 2 figure out what her angle iz. What iz this bitch up 2 that she would be willing 2 meet someone as obviously disturbed as I so clearly am. That's when it occurred 2's not me she iz after at all! She iz just planning 2 spend a half an hour or so distracting me with her tits, while she plays footsie with my woman under the table! Then...once I am all hot and bothered, the two of them will escape 2 some lesbian paradise, leaving me behind 2 sit there with half a bottle of piss warm beer and my cock in my hand! What a clever little vixen U are, and Ur diabolical scheme almost worked, bitch! Now whose paranoia iz unhealthy?

I must be slipping, cuz I really should have known something wuz up as soon as she said yes. Why else would she agree 2 meet me unless she has some ulterior motive, right? I mean...if not that then what? Unless...oh, no fucking way! Unless she iz planning 2 put something in my drink 2 incapacitate me just long enough that she can kidnap me and hide me in her basement! Once there she would keep me docile by feeding me Spam sandwiches spiked with Xanex and Viagra so she could use me as her own private sex slave! That way, whenever she tired of sitting on my face she could just rent me out 2 her friends and relatives, thereby turning what wuz a Class A felony N2 a rather profitable little business! After all, there iz no money like that ho money.

I have 2 admit, it iz a good plan. It's just 2 bad 4 U that U picked the wrong guy, baby! Better luck next time...

Keeping U posted


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Jun 20 @ 5:44PM  
Are you sure that Nachobabys plan wasnt to distract you until those nice gentlemen in white with that long sleeved jacket couldnt come pick you up and take you for a ride??

Jun 20 @ 5:49PM  
I hate those guys. Straightjackets make me look so fat. Besides...I can never seem 2 find the right shoes 2 go with the jacket. It's fucking frustrating! But, as U well know, accessories are everything....


Jun 20 @ 5:51PM  
this is true darling, and they have these matching bracelets that are actually attached to each other. im sure youll look precious.

Jun 20 @ 6:14PM  
There are matching anklets to go with those bracelets too.....hahaha

Jun 20 @ 7:50PM  
Not having had sex for almost two years I would be more than happy to fill in for you.

Jun 20 @ 7:55PM  
Not having had sex for almost two years I would be more than happy to fill in for you

Nachobaby looks like you have a new admirer!! You go g/f just go easy on him hes a newbie he isnt aware of your wicked ways.


Jun 20 @ 8:14PM  
Did Nacho mention I'd be joining y'all for desert, darlin'??

Jun 20 @ 8:17PM  
Not having had sex for almost two years I would be more than happy to fill in for you.

Well he seemed like a nice guy for the short time he will be here. Nacho, go easy on the viagra. Remember , two years is a long time and could cause an instant heart attack if caution is not used.

Jun 20 @ 8:25PM  
As a paramedic If the need should arise I could take over the mouth to mouth part

Jun 20 @ 8:54PM  
Wait...I'm confused. What are we talking about again?


Jun 20 @ 9:06PM  
damn... my secret plot is out. which plot you ask.. hah.. as if I would tell you...

Jun 20 @ 9:07PM  
damn... my secret plot is out. which plot you ask.. hah.. as if I would tell you...
Huh?? A Plot?? You are smarter than the average bear

Jun 20 @ 9:24PM  
Decide now. Who is going with whom for dinner and who is going for the dessert otherwise it will be late to figure out that the foods been eaten and the dessert is already licked out of the plate. Am i right Argit?

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Where Duz He Come Up With This Fucking Shit?