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Should marijuana be legalized?

posted 6/20/2007 3:35:44 PM |
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Yes or no....and use evidence to support your answer, not stupid stuff like "I LOVE POT!!!!"

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Jun 20 @ 3:37PM  
I don't remember...

Jun 20 @ 3:45PM  
Yes it should. It's efficacy as an antiemtic alone would merit it's legalization to treat those undergoing chemotherapy. As a glaucoma treatment patients may experience as much as a 30% drop in eye pressure.

As with any drug, there will be potential for abuse. But I have never seen a pothead get really violent. It's just too much like work.

Jun 20 @ 3:47PM  
Yes! It has been proven to help so many medical conditions, such as migraines, and MS. I was absolutely amazed when Montel Williams advocated for it to become legalized. He suffers from MS, and I look at him as a decent person i.e. former marine etc.

Jun 20 @ 3:53PM  
Doesn't matter. Either ya get in on some kind of taxes on it, ya get some cool medicinal uses or you equalize a post prohibition playing field. OR you go about your buisness. It is not in short supply today.

Jun 20 @ 4:30PM  
Yes it should be legalized. Even though I don’t like the stuff it’s a plant not a man made chemical so in my book it’s the most harmless of drugs. It has medical benefits as well. So make it legal then control the sales like alcohol. Tax the stuff and think of all the revenue it would bring in. Some people would get carried away at first but soon it would become uncool just like smoking cigarettes and they would slow back down.

Jun 20 @ 4:37PM  
I laugh everytime I see this question. Does anyone think that they will ever make it legal no way too many if the people that vote on new law are making TOO much money now to make it legal Sorry but think about it.

Jun 20 @ 4:50PM  
Muwahahahah mood swing..

No, they should NOT legalize pot. Why? Cuz Potheads are lazy slackers who never get off their arses and do anything. That's why not!

Jun 20 @ 5:58PM  
The biggest argument is the “hypocrisy” one. The one that says: “well, cigarettes and alcohol and coffee are drugs and those are legal.”

A fantastic article in this month's National Geographic asks the same question about coca. Coca is the same stuff that can be used to produce cocaine, but in it's milder form it has only basic stimulant qualities. In many countries, it is an additive in cookies, crackers, flour, candy, and yes, in some places cola (for those of you who find it odd that Coca Cola has both no coca and no cola in it.) The argument goes that if there was a legitimate outlet for the crop then it might stem the tide of illegal drug manufacture.

However, I side with Pudge on this. It doesn't matter. One way or the other, it will get fucked up.

Don't legalize it and there is just no way you can throw enough money at the problem to make the illegal trade of it go away.

Legalize it and the taxes will start out well, but eventually be mismanaged.

Don't legalize it and violence from drug-related gang fighting will remain a constant.

Legalize it and just like alcoholics there will be a surge in pot-aholics because there is still a problem with addictive personalities.

Don't legalize it and we'll continue to fund third-world drug lords who in turn filter money to groups who condone violence against us and our allies.

Legalize it and we'll be funding multinationals that take advantage of third-world workers and come up with ways of pushing the product into inappropriate markets.

I really do wish this wasn't the case. As one of the so-called “soft-drugs” marijuana could find a place on our supermarket shelves, as could coca. If we had competent leadership then there would be a way of addressing the drug problem. But people are still unreliable, our governments are still incompetent, and the problems will just keep going on.

Jun 20 @ 6:57PM huh......what was the question...?

Jun 20 @ 7:46PM  
Also,it could never be because the pharma companies cant make a buck from it.
D'oh..Dom probably beat me to it,lol

Jun 20 @ 7:57PM  
I think it should be in the same category as alchohol.and controled the same way.

Jun 20 @ 8:48PM  
Medicinally when chemo patients swear it relieves their discomfort, helps their mood, and boosts their appetite then who am I to deny them those benefits. Can't we give anything to the suffering?

As for recreational regulated use... I think at first that seldom do increased tax revenues make their way to their intended targets and basically more tax revenues equals fat cats getting fatter. But then why haven't the fat cats seized the opportunity for more munchies?

Jun 20 @ 8:54PM  
I think it should be in the same category as alchohol.and controled the same way.
where is the control in alcohol. I work with teenage alcoholics and drug addicts everyday. They didnt have a problem getting either of them. SO whether they legalize it or not the problems are still going to be the same. Personally, i feel it should be legalized for medical purposes only.

just my 2cents

Jun 20 @ 8:57PM  
Also,it could never be because the pharma companies cant make a buck from it.
The pharma cos aren't making money off selling tobacco directly. They are making meds to help people kick the habit, and chemotheraphy drug to fight lung cancer much of it caused by smoking. Perhaps they can lobby the polititians to legalize marijuana then they can sell meds to help people kick the pot habit.

Jun 20 @ 10:25PM  
I work as a Project Manger Engineer on a $40,000,000 construction project and I smoke pot almost every day. I've smoke in the privacy of my own home. I never hurt anyone by smoking. The cops aren't kicking down my door. Who am I bothering?

By the way, I try to only smoke the best buds. $100 a 1/4oz at least.

Jun 20 @ 10:35PM  
If it was legal the price would go down and they would tax it like tobacco. That would be good for everyone except the people who grow it now illegally and make millons if they don't get caught.

Jun 20 @ 10:49PM  
I'll give you that there is substance to the argument that it would provide a source of relief in certain medical situations. Having 2nd hand knowledge of very close friends and family who've suffered through chemo and MS and such I see the perks.

I think like anything else, if it was legalized, there would still be the problem of people getting addicted, hell it's a problem and it's not legal. Would making it legal make a difference? I doubt it.

For me, I can't say either way. But I lived with a drug dealer till I was 15. I was high more times in my life than I can count, and all of those times were as a young child and not of my choice. Do I want that to be a norm in life...hell no. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Just my 2 cents.

Jun 20 @ 11:42PM  
I feel that pot should be decriminalized, but would hate to see what our government and big business would do to it if it were legalized.

My general attitude about most things is turn the other cheek. So, decriminalizing would logically be my preference.

Peace and Love,

Jun 21 @ 12:33AM  
Yes, it should be legal for medical purposes. Can we please dispense with politically correct "oh we dont want it to be abused by non patients?"
YES, someone will no doubt steal their terminally ill grandma's doobie once in awhile. Same with all drugs. There are people who OD on mouthwash for goodness sakes. There are people who will steal PROZAC for Tori's sake.
Considering how WELL inhaled marijuana works for patients who have trouble keeping things down assuming they can swallow at all without a feeding tube, WHY is there so many millions of dollars spent in research in making a marijuana pill?
If it aint fixed, dont break it.


Jun 21 @ 12:58AM Y?

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Should marijuana be legalized?