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4 Those Without a Cock - We Dilute U...

posted 6/19/2007 7:36:53 AM |
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tagged: whig

Somebody said something 2 me earlier that didn't really sink in right away. She wuz marveling (yes...I do believe marveling iz what she wuz doing...) at my apparent disgust 2wards some other bitch on here when she said 2 me, "I thought U would fuck anybody". WOW - just like that. Anybody...trip, huh?

Whereas I will admit that I do flirt a lot (could someone check the meaning of understatement 4 me? Thanks...I'll hold on...), do I really deserve such a slutty reputation? And just 2 clarify...iz my rep that I will fuck anyone, or that I will fuck anyone with three hundred dollars? It iz a distinction worth noting. Believe me, one iz a lot closer 2 the truth than the other!

Cuz, honestly now, if I am getting some pussy that I don't know about, then that's just fucked up! U really ought 2 clue a motherfucker in on some shit like that. If I'm going 2 get my noodle waxed I should be able 2 enjoy it, iz my thinking on the subject. Not that anyone asked, but there U have it anyway...

I am also going 2 go ahead and cop 2 trying 2 seduce PrincessKissy while I am at it. There's no point in lying about that one, iz there? As a matter of fact, if she ever brings that sexy ass N2 my vicinity we're going 2 find out a few things. Remember people...we already lost this hottie 2 the fucking British, but the least we can do iz bid her farewell with a good old American fucking! I'll be banging her 4 the pride of the nation, goddamnit!

And it iz also true that I would be perfectly willing 2 get lost in the woods 4 a few hours with Looking4ever, should the opportunity present itself. There may be a few others (who should know who they are) I would fool around with, but certainly not enough 2 deserve the trampy reputation I seem 2 have picked up.

But even that izn't enough 2 justify this image of cyberslut I have managed 2 land myself. I don't even have cybersex of do phone or any of that bullshit! I don't send dick pics or comefuckme e-mails (except 2 tlc0766...comefuckme, baby...COME FUCK ME, PLEASE!), so I just don't understand it. I can't even get the one swinger bitch I met 2 agree 2 fuck me, and I'm what passes 4 a slut? U gotta be shitting me here!

I think that what iz going on iz I have become the target of a huge smear campaign, perpetrated by persons unknown 4 purposes as yet undetermined. But all the classic signs are there. The clammy hands...the shifty gaze...the nervous stammering whenever trying 2 speak. It wuz plain as the nose on my face. What a fool I am, huh? Fucking haters.

Now I have 2 go shower. either that, or get over myself, but I really need 2 wash my hair anyway...

Keeping U posted


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Jun 19 @ 7:55AM  
You like... gonna dress like Uncle Sam when you give me that fucking... so I know it''s true American?? And just remember, you gotta lick it before you stick it, baybeeeeeeee!

Jun 19 @ 9:22AM  
There is no conspiracy... there is no spoon... there is no fate but what we make... now quit bogartin' and pass that over here!

Jun 19 @ 10:17AM  
I have never thought of you as a slut sweetie. Maybe a wanna be slut but for me I always thought you talked far more than you ever did..... (flirt).
I guess that is because I know how much you love that Dixx Bitch. * love code for scared as hell if you put that dick of yours in the wrong place*.
When you have what you want at home why are you going to go look for it elsewhere?
Not everyone is into swinging.

Besides all that you never once asked me 'wanna fuck' so I just know you have to be a good boy.

Jun 19 @ 11:16AM  
I've got a spoon.

Jun 19 @ 11:40AM  
PK, if some guy talks to me like this, I'm sure as hell I'm gone in a heartbeat. But. . . why? If it's D.S. I can't help but go on and read the whole thing. Maybe I am still hoping he would marry me here in vegas I know he forgot all about me and his promise for a party here in Vegas.

Jun 19 @ 12:57PM  
PK, darling...I will wear what the fuck ever U want (although I would be lying if I didn't tell U am hoping U don't want me 2 wear anything at all!!!). I figure if the outfit duzn't make U feel American, the fireworks will...

Pudge2you - I know it's hard 4 U 2 understand this, bro, but U just aren't my type! Why don't U find Urself a nice boy and settle down?

jezzarae, U sexy motherfucker! How the fuck did U get 2 know me so well, anyway? Oh, and BTW...I have 2 asked U if U wanted 2 fuck...U never answered me! So, there!!! (BTW - wannafuck?)

NachoBaby - WTF???

geena - No, I haven't 4got about U, baby! I am still hoping U are going 2 give me a place 2 stay when I'm in Vegas (I am going 2 need someplace 2 hide from PK whenever I need a break...)! Matter of fact, I need a spot 2 kick it while I look 4 a job. I am seriously going 2 move there if somebody thinks she can help a motherfucker out...


Jun 19 @ 1:52PM  
you're a male? Ooooops my Bad!

BTW I kinda like "Cock and Balls Ain't Substitution" EZPZ is the band right?

Jun 19 @ 2:44PM  
Woods? Are there any left in Sacramento County? Oh, I know this great spot in at Apple Hill! Or maybe Folsom Lake? It is closer! I like Kissy's costume idea...would you at least wear the hat for me?

Jun 19 @ 2:49PM  
Sure thing, L4E...just so long as I get 2 go diving while we are at the lake...and I ain't talking about getting in the water, baby!


Jun 19 @ 5:17PM  
I am new here,could you possibly introduce me to some of these women?

Jun 19 @ 10:42PM  
Yeah...ok player - U see Sony giving away Playstation 3s? Or how about EA Sports? They giving away Madden 07 anytime soon? U see Parker Brothers out here giving away The game of Life, motherfucker? Then why oh why, I ask U, the fuck would I want 2 give away any of MY GAME? If Ur answer izn't becuz ur old lady wants 2 send me naked pictures of herself and the neighbor lady in the shower 2gether then I am afraid that U got it wrong. Thank U 4 playing and have a nice day. Please feel free 2 reapply at any time...


Jun 19 @ 11:49PM  
Here isn Florida, we have some swamps you can get lost in.....Wanna take a walk??

Jun 19 @ 11:55PM  

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4 Those Without a Cock - We Dilute U...