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If I Waste My Time Writing It, Will U Waste Ur Time Reading It?

posted 6/18/2007 5:46:50 PM |
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tagged: whig

WARNING - What U are about 2 read has no nutritional value whatsoever. Nor duz it have any other redeeming qualities. In fact, I recommend that U stop reading this right now, B4 U have anymore invested in it. Just some friendly advice. I know how busy U all are, and I certainly wouldn't want 2 be the cause of any of Ur precious time being squandered. I don't really say much this time around anyway.Mostly I just talk shit and bag on a retard. I could probably do better if I applied myself. I don't even make any headway 2wards getting in PrincessKissy's panties, and that iz pretty much becoming a full-time fucking job 4 me. It sure will be nice when I finally get paid 4 that job, BTW...

I wuzn't going 2 do this. I mean write another blog simply 4 the purpose of remaining on the main page. Then I noticed who it wuz that knocked me off the main page and thought 2 myself, 'Fuck that shit!' I really would rather that someone post pics of me blowing BelAir789 (U know U want me, U fucking STUD!!!) than let the fucking bitch or any of his retarded followers be responsible 4 keeping me out of the spotlight. Of course, the only drawback iz now I am on top of her, and that just gives me the willies. Makes me skin crawl it duz! Maybe if I just close my eyes and pretend I am at a tractor pull or a Celine Dion concert or something. Or the dentist...yeah, the dentist! No,'s have assistants, and those assistants tends 2 have big titties, and they rub them all up on U and, that won't work...I know! I will just imagine I am fucking her! That should do the trick!'s working! It's like some kind of Anti-Viagra or something (side effects may include but are not limited 2 headaches, backaches, nausea, uncontrollable flatulance, explosive and uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea, double vision, hair loss and possible death. If these or any other symptoms persist 4 more than six weeks, please consult Ur family mortician) Oh shit...I think I'm going 2 throw up...Oh GOD! That probably turns her on! Jesus Christ being buttfucked by Budda, what the hell am I gonna do now?

Keeping U posted


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Jun 18 @ 5:51PM  
If I Waste My Time Writing It, Will U Waste Ur Time Reading It?

More importantly will i waste my time reviewing it on Saturdays week in review?

Jun 18 @ 6:03PM  
my my......and all along I thought you'd do mistake......I hope you can forgive me..........

Jun 18 @ 6:20PM  
Sweetie? Problem here. I ain't wearin' no freakin panties... so you are gonna have trouble gettin' in them!!

Jun 18 @ 7:11PM  
looking4funat45 - I had no idea that U had a weekly review, darling, or I would have been kissing Ur ass long B4 this, trust me! Now that I do know, U can rest assured that I would never in a million years even want U 2 include some incredibly stupid shit like this in Ur blog...I would hope 2 do something really fucking tasteless B4 recieving that high honor. If U knew me U would know that, sexy, becuz I am nothing if not a whore. Just ask anyone who knows me, if U don't believe me...

Ash, baby! I guess that just goes 2 show U that even I have my limits. Now U wanna hear something really scary? I don't even want 2 see the bitch naked. That's right...U got pics of her? Keep them. I just hope U don't burn Ur fucking retinas looking at the motherfuckers, is all! I really would rather watch gay porn (do U think that the fact that I think gay porn iz hot iz significant, doctor?) than see that nasty trollop naked. Besides, I have ten bucks that says the fucking bitch has biigger tits than she duz anyway. By at least a fucking cup size. I ain't finna be the one 2 find out though...fuck that shit...

PrincessKissy - All I have 2 say 2 U, bitch, iz fucking PROVE IT!!!

(Oh - and yeah...U were right. U do rock my world!)

Jun 18 @ 10:06PM  
OK...just 4 clarification's sake I am not talking about peachpuzzah. I don't even fucking know her, so it would be rather presumptuous of me 2 call her a nasty bitch. wouldn't U agree?

I apologize 4 any confusion. U may now return 2 Ur regular programming...


Jun 18 @ 10:45PM  
I would hope 2 do something really fucking tasteless B4 recieving that high honor.
Ah dont worry about it sweetheart the review is really fucking tasteless in itself. You just carry on being you.

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If I Waste My Time Writing It, Will U Waste Ur Time Reading It?