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posted 6/18/2007 5:07:06 PM |
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Some women need to get a clue Part 2. First off AMD is not the only reason I say this stuff. I have a few single female friends that get to hear this from me all the time and I am just putting it in writing now.

MEN LIKE SEX most of them think about it, talk about it or have it as much as they can. Just because a guy wants to talk dirty with you doesn’t mean there is a serial rapist/murderer behind the computer. Its normal millions of guys do it they cyber have phone sex and yes even jack off on web cams (ok that one is just funny to watch) But ladies if you cant loosen up a little and indulge the occasional male fantasy guess what they will move on and find someone who will. The guy you thought was a total pervert could have been your next great love if given the chance.

Ok so this all my come to me easier than a lot of women since I am an admitted sex addict but men have needs to and those needs can’t be ignored forever. You would be very surprised what happens when you give it up a little. Men often become putty in your hands when they are suddenly getting all the sex they can handle. But in the great land of internet dating they often don’t put their best foot forward and go with what comes natural to them SEX. So talk dirty have some fun even if its you and a group of friends watching as some guy jerks off and your laughing (sorry guys yes we have done this) but least you got some entertainment and usually when they get that out of the way is when you find out what kind of man is truly on the other end of cyberspace. Let them have their fun get it out of their system and then talk and get to know them. Men think better after a good cum and usually show their softer side easier after the excess testosterone has left the building.

Example number one is my man. For the newbies I am dating StraddleMyNose. Who in many peoples opinions happens to be one of the kinkiest, freakiest guys on here. He has blogged things even I find over the top. Some were so bad they have since been removed. But if I only paid attention to his perverted blogging I would have never known what a wonderful guy was under all the hype. Just because he likes to talk about sex doesn’t make him a bad guy it just makes him a NORMAL guy they all do it. In real life (I am so going to ruin his reputation) he is the kindest sweetest gentlest guy ever. He spoils me rotten and goes out of his way to make sure I am completely taken care of. He always makes me feel beautiful, loved and safe. But my first conversations with him consisted of my giving in to his sexual fantasies. We had phone sex A LOT it was fun and not sick or nasty. It was what broke the ice for great relationship later. So ladies just for fun give in to some of those “Wanna Fuck” email types and see what kind of guy you can coax out later. It doesn’t work every time but you might be surprised and get a diamond in the rough.

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Jun 18 @ 5:44PM  

Ecellent blog my dear I will give you a kudo for this one.

Now talk dirty to me baby.

Jun 18 @ 5:50PM  
Kim, i agree in parts most parts of what you said. I personally like to cyber with someone but only after i have gotten to know them. thats just me. But if women want to put on a nuns habit and get upset cause men want to talk dirty to them my solution for it is go to church to find a man, this probably isnt the site for them. I think the problem is, and i may be wrong, goes back to this idea that they feel men wont respect them. Oh for gods sakes, since the 60s free love has been swirling about and they either need to get with the times or stop bitching cause men want to talk dirty. Personally i like a man when he talks dirty especially when we are doing the wild thing. BTW i do happen to think Straddle is one of the kinkiest guys but thats a good thing. Great Blog. Kudos to you.

Jun 18 @ 5:54PM  
I too kudo you......

but what I wanna know many more men do I have to have phone sex with??!!!!!


Jun 18 @ 6:07PM  
Yes, baby. When you showed me this blog last night I loved it. Excellent blog!

Jun 18 @ 6:17PM  
Talkin' dirty, sheesh - not on this site!

Hey Ash, by the way. How about one more?

Jun 18 @ 6:19PM  
Ash? Ever tried a woman?

Jun 18 @ 6:57PM  
I agree with you in part. Men do like sex. There's no getting around that.

What I have a serious problem with is that with 18 brothers I have heard all of the comments about women who "give it up" easily. "Her parents should have named her 'doorknob'... everyone gets a turn", "We call her 'old mattress back'", "She's got great tits... too bad you have to strap a 12 foot long 6 by 6 to her ass to keep from falling in when you fuck her" ... shall I continue? Those are real comments made by real men about real women and they tell their friends the exact same things about women.

Don't think for a nanosecond that those same comments aren't made by the men on this site regarding some of the women on this site... I would rather have a reputation for being an "ice maiden" than I would one for being a "doorknob". Fortunately, I reached a happy medium that works without compromising my personal ethics.

Jun 18 @ 8:05PM  
Now Kissy you be backing off girl....... IF Ash ever decides to try a girl I got dibs cause I live closer and I saw her first............

Jun 18 @ 8:08PM  
....... also without stirring the pot or starting anything I would just like to voice an opinion.

Personally my belief is just writing blogs about freaky or kinky stuff doesnt make you freaky or kinky. Unless you are actually practising freaky or kinky things then writing about it to me is just a way to get attention.

There are so many people on this site who actually are into freaky or kinky things and practise them regularly that IMHO they deserve the title of freakiest or kinkiest on AMD far more.

Jun 18 @ 8:12PM  
gotta be one of the most clear understanding about men by a woman i've EVER READ........i'd fukin give you ALL my kudoes if i could...........very good AND very insightfull....and weather all admit it or not ......probaly very accurte

ohhh btw..shadow....your brothers were doing MAN's it go? man wants a ''women in the streets n a freak in the sheets'' well for her to BE the freak she HAD to practice right?? i think we as men aren't too keen on all the details............just my .02

Jun 18 @ 8:38PM  
ohhh btw..shadow....your brothers were doing MAN's it go? man wants a ''women in the streets n a freak in the sheets'' well for her to BE the freak she HAD to practice right?? i think we as men aren't too keen on all the details............just my .02

I am well aware of what it was... but tell me something... How willing are you to *seriously* date the girl that everyone calls "doorknob" or "mattress back"? Are you willing to marry her or are you just willing to hop in the sack with her?

Sex is WONDERFUL and one of my all time favorite activities... but I am not willing to share it with just anyone. It's MY "goldmine" and dammit if someone wants to "drill" there they can damn well have at least a few manners.

Jun 18 @ 10:43PM  
Men like sex I never knew that..

I like sex, It is kind of hard with a computer. .I never did get into phone sex.

As for Straddle I still have not met him (chicken) j/k.

But I can say this, Kim is a great woman. I am glad she came to this area. I made a new friend.

Now if we can get the plans going for our party..We need to talk about that one of these days.

Great Blog Kim

Jun 19 @ 1:29AM  
he is the kindest sweetest gentlest guy ever. He spoils me rotten and goes out of his way to make sure I am completely taken care of. He always makes me feel beautiful, loved and safe.

Oh, Straddle is probably all those things but NORMAL?!?!??!?! I have a hard time believing that one!

Jun 20 @ 7:06AM  
Great blog Kim and I noticed that there is actual discussion going on here without the pot shots and that's as it should be!

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