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Rumors, Lies and Innuendo XIV

posted 6/18/2007 7:24:41 AM |
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tagged: whig

(As U can tell, I am operating off of the "Mas Volume" theory. In other words, I figure that just so long as I push enough crap out there, some diamonds are bound 2 rise 2 the surface. HA! Read on, suckers...)

I've been threatening 2 do it 4 years, but earlier this month I finally picked up my first Apple computer. I fucking love it. Everything's a trip. 4 those of U on the fence...give it a try! U never know...U may like them as much as I do...

Do U think they call it "space" becuz there iz a lot of it?

PrincessKissy wuz once again spotted outside my bedroom window. This time she had what appeared 2 be a gas-powered "massager" (Hey, don't snicker - if U were marrying a Brit, U would have an account with John Deere, as well...) sticking out from under her miniskirt. As of this posting she wuz still on the loose. She should be considered extremely sexy and quite horny. Oh my...

OMG...I just have 2 say that if I wuzn't convinced dixxxbitch wouldn't hunt us down and murder us in our sleep, I swear 2 GOD I would ask Looking4ever 2 fucking run away with me! Have U ever met a bitch as sexy as this? We can't get married, cuz I'm already promised 2 a bitch in Orlando, but we sure could have some fun 4 awhile! Whatta ya say, baby? Do U really want Dick?

I fucking know NachoBaby. I just don't fucking know from where. I don't think I have seen her naked, though. I want 2 go on record as saying I am willing 2 do whatever it takes 2 rectify that oversight, however...

I guess I owe jezzarae an apology 4 saying all swingers were fucking weirdoes. The argument could be made that she makes my point, but as of this posting there iz no word on whether or not she iz willing 2 meet me and change my perceptions...

Speaking of jezzarae, kudos once again 2 her and Ashinatrix 4 calling me out on my bullshit blog the other day. Maybe it's something in the fucking water in OKC, or something. (Yeah...these ewo crazy bitches know eachother. Izn't that fucking scary? It would be a night U wouldn't soon 4get, though, I'd be willing 2 bet...)

I just want 2 say hi 2 TastyCupcake (OMG...those lips!), jandoe (This iz a bitch who knows all about being sexy!), totallytaboo (Yeah, that's just what I need in my life. Another fucking stunningly beautiful 20 year-old bitch...great...) and undercoverlover403 (Hey - guess who lives within 50 miles of North Highlands...). I don't know U gals very well, but I sure would love 2 get 2 know U better!

Hey, Blueyesprklin! When I left Ft. Knox 20 years ago I swore I'd never set foot in Kentucky again. Wanna try and change my mind?

I wuz planning 2 steal something from Pudge2you and put it here, but I'm 2 fucking lazy 2 read his blogs 2 begin with (I'm kidding...I'm not lazy. I just don't wanna...I'm kidding...really...), so there U go...

I'm still trying 2 do the one-part blog thing (we don't want fucking wtxman 2 get his panties all in a bunch, after all...), so I guess that's all I have 4 this one. Hope i made U smile. If not...fucking whatever! Maybe it's U, motherfucker...

Keeping U posted


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Jun 18 @ 7:30AM  
Yea!! I got mentioned in a DS blog. Woo hoo!!

Jun 18 @ 7:41AM  
Just imagine what a few nekkid pictures could get ya, TC!

God...I just fucking LOVE Ur lips!


Jun 18 @ 7:59AM  
Top billing I so rock his world

Jun 18 @ 8:16AM  
I wanna kiss you all over
And over again

Till the night closes in
Till the night closes in

Nuff said


Jun 18 @ 11:27AM  
Dick, I know you are the most confused man in the world. I'm not in KY darlin, never have been there, but if you've got your heart set on it, I guess I could make the trip to meet you there. Just say when and where. I'll drop Dixx a note to ask her if it's ok. I'm sure she won't mind. Whatcha think? lol (Runs for cover real fast.)

Jun 18 @ 12:05PM  
Top billing I so rock his world
Shut up and bring that gas powered BBQ home this instant! DS you need to see an optician too!

Jun 18 @ 2:58PM  
See what all those years of jacking off have got me?

I honestly don't know why I keep wanting U 2 be in fucking Ky (or iz it fucking in Ky...or fucking with KY...or...), Blueyes, but let's just run with it! Fuck...we've already established that I'm fucking blind...iz feeble-minded really that much of a fucking stretch???



Jun 19 @ 9:17AM  
I'm not posting a comment on this blog just cause you mentioned my name... really.

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Rumors, Lies and Innuendo XIV