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Some women need to get a clue

posted 6/17/2007 7:24:00 PM |
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There seems to be a lot of very clueless women on this site. Do you honestly think bitching and complaining all the time is going to score you points with the opposite sex? Well the answer is NO it wont. Try for once thinking from a man’s point of view. Most of them are tired of nagging bitching women that think if things don’t go there way all the time then all men are assholes. Yes there is a large percentage of men out there who are assholes. Ever stop to think how they ended up that way? Ever think it’s a two way street and not always all their fault. If you spend your life holding a grudge because some asshole did you wrong once upon a time do you really think you will ever find mister right. Stop taking out your frustrations on every man out there. Most guys are not assholes by nature. Most are very willing to be that kind caring sweet guy all women think they want. But if you take out all your anger from every previous relationship you have had on every new guy what is he supposed to do? Roll over and kiss your ass, NO and can you honestly expect him to. Is it really his job to make up for all the men in your past? Ever heard of the phrase you attract more bees with honey?

Men are easy to figure out there really isn’t much to them. It’s amazing what they will do for you if you just be nice to them. Try giving them a chance for a change. Give them the benefit or the doubt and heaven forbid BE NICE treat them like a prince for a change. Quit trying to be the princess all the time get off you’re thrown for 5 minutes and do something special just for him. Try taking care of his needs and stop complaining about yours. It can be amazing how being nice and not so self centered will in the end work in your favor. Try giving a little more often and stop taking all the time. You’d be surprised how even though he might seem like a jerk or a pervert or a ass at first if you give a guy a honest chance he can turn out to be something wonderful. It is a rewarding feeling when you know your man is truly happy. Put your past behind you leave your preconceived notions behind and give it a try. A happy man will do anything for the woman that keeps him happy.

For the women that take offense to this. Throw all the stones at me you want. I don’t mind and I can take it. I can’t help it if the truth hurts. I do understand this doesn't apply to everyone just alot of them. Just remember you might think I am wrong and you are allowed your opinion but if I am so wrong then why am I in a wonderfully happy relationship and your not?

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Jun 17 @ 7:31PM  
I agree with you. Damn Woman your my hero!!! Relationships dont always work out but that doesnt mean there is any fault and even if there is fault not to judge all of the other gender by it. And why are you in a wonderful relationship and I'm not Just part of life I guess. Wonderful Blog. Kudos to you.

Jun 17 @ 7:34PM  
WOW AMEN!!!!!! Way to go!!!! :) you nailed it!

Jun 17 @ 7:34PM  
But Kim, I want to be ALL ABOUT ME!!! Just kidding, I agree all men are not your EX whoever. They are not the ones that SHIT ON YOU, He did!! It can be hard to get over, but until you do you won't find anyone good enough for you!!!

Jun 17 @ 7:38PM  
is all I can do, that guy is one hell of a lucky guy.

Jun 17 @ 7:43PM  
wow, I've been trying to say this for a long time...couldn't find a nicer way to put it.

Jun 17 @ 7:43PM  
Awesome Kimmi! You said it perfectly!

Jun 17 @ 7:48PM  
kudo.. yup.. you get one.. would give ya five if they would let me!!!

Jun 17 @ 8:01PM  

Your my Hero too Kim

kudo sweety.

Jun 17 @ 8:11PM  
Yes!! Very good! I couldnt agree with you more, I have been that way my whole life, a relationship is a two way street, communication, trust, honesty and devotion.... I love makin my man feel like a prince!! Cause he returns the favors just as well!! Thanks for the blog sweety! Have a great evening

Jun 17 @ 8:20PM  
Nothing turns me on more than a woman down on herself.

Hold me back......

Good blog, kudo for ya.

Jun 17 @ 8:26PM  
You know what, with what I am going through right now in my life, and this past weekend, your blog was the absolute best thing I have read EVER on the internet!

Even if your man / woman does mess up, if you say lets forgive and move on, then punishment for two years is a bit out of line! for give and move on when you say your going to!
Kudo to you!
Best Blog award!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 17 @ 8:33PM  
Well damn girl- You covered it all! Hopefully, any disappointed men reading this blog will rethink their thoughts about the majority of the women on this site! I've mentioned before in my previous two blogs in so many words, that people need to re-assess how to treat one another on this site! Otherwise, what's the point of wasting time to even be a member in the first place??

My first kudo to you!


Jun 17 @ 8:36PM  
thank you........ some of us are nice guys.........

Jun 17 @ 9:23PM  
Ever heard of the phrase you attract more bees with honey?

Yes I have! Kudos!

Jun 17 @ 9:33PM  
Great comments which I sincerly hope are not falling on deaf ears.

Kindness, consideration and respect. It's what relationships are made of.

There is an old Mills Brothers song, "You always hurt the one you love". That anthem needs to be changed.

Jun 17 @ 9:37PM  
yep, i totally agree! thank goodness i realized many moons ago that all people are different and the ones i care NOT to get to know are the whiners! wa wa wa wa...same ole song, gets old after a time to waste on them. i love life!!!

Jun 17 @ 9:42PM  
Hear! Hear! Well said! Kudos to you

Jun 17 @ 9:53PM  
I couldn't agree more with you nor said it any better.

I've always known that I'm just as much responsible for a relationship working or not working. When it ends I want to understand what I could of done differently and then I move on because I can only control my actions and I'd rather go out with dignity and grace.

Great Blog!!!

Jun 17 @ 10:01PM  
slathers self in honey ............ reckon that will work

Jun 17 @ 10:37PM  
thank you,and being a man who isnt a selfish lover,who will please his partner befor she even touches him,who will do what it takes for as long as it takes,i mean its hard for a guy like me,i am single,to meet a woman for fun because some other guy has hurt them in some way,or it was a wam bam thank you mam,i like doing my partner over and over,showing her body attention,everywhere. but yes,some women snap at guys befor they even know them,i know with alot of women the let downs out weight the good times,but i myself would like a chance befor i am judged for just being a man.

Jun 17 @ 10:45PM  
Yes baby, you said it all.

Love you!

Jun 17 @ 11:10PM  
bows to her wisdom

Jun 18 @ 12:15AM  

Jun 18 @ 12:54AM  
I must be on the wrong site.
I thought it said "100% free bitching and complaining personals"

Jun 18 @ 1:19AM  
There's another phrase maybe some of you have heard..."Paying for the sins of others"...Welcome to my world and my life story...There are exceptions to every generalization; I happen to think that I'm one of them...Believe it or not, there are actually men who have been hurt by a woman in the past; however, I still seek them and cherish the time spent with them because I am not gay and I would be a hypocrite if I generalized all women based on the actions of one...Bravo, very nice post.

Jun 18 @ 2:05AM  
The only stones I can think of to throw are diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc! maybe a chunk or two of gold and platinum! You nailed it flat on the head!

Jun 18 @ 4:36AM  
You're a doll in my book . Shawn's one lucky man. And that goes both ways, we all have excess baggage that shouldn't be shouldered by the next person we are lucky enough to find.

Jun 18 @ 9:20AM  
Marry me!

Jun 18 @ 10:05AM  
yeah well we can't all find a Shawn on here! Kudos to you Kim, you nailed it!

Jun 18 @ 10:08AM  
Well said.
And the shoe fits both ways Guys.

Jun 18 @ 10:08AM  
Finally!!!! Its about time!!!!

Jun 18 @ 12:27PM  
Best blong on here.

And if they do bitch about it.

Well you know the old saying, truth hurts.

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Some women need to get a clue