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Sometimes it SUCKS to do the right thing!

posted 6/16/2007 3:06:27 AM |
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All week, I looked forward to taking my son fishing. Whether or not we caught anything was of little concern. Tonight was OUR night out. Solitude and spending time together was my main goal.
So, we went to 3 stores finding the appropriate bait, snacks, etc.,. We were all set for the night!
My boy found the spot he preferred and was having fun. Next thing you know, there's 2 people setting up 5' away from us. At first, I just grumbled loud enough to be heard by them. They excused it by saying, "We were just being 'polite' by moving here so you wouldn't cast over our lines."
Mind you, they also had 2 poles set up 50' away upstream from us where they HAD been fishing. The other 2 were in our way. In short, they were trying to force us out and I wasn't having it!
After a few words........amounting to me being an asshole because I wasn't giving in and moving, I cast across his line. I reeled it in real slow until I saw his pole bend and then yanked the shit out of it trying to pull his pole in.
The dude got irrate! He's like, "You were trying to yank my pole in!! You know what you was doin'!!" I just said, "But, I thought you were fishing over here to be polite? How was I to know that pole was yours?" After all, it was 50' away.
I didn't even get up off of my bucket. He was madder than hell. Luckily he had his sister/cousin.........whatever.... to keep him from hurting me. I mumbled somethin about a buncha hilljacks could suck my balls and I'd be DAMNED if I'd be run off by the likes of them. And, I didn't budge.
Next thing you know, they had 5 more guys show up and crowd in on us. And, of course, they told them I was a big asshole. I heard the comment "But, they got the whole river to fish in!" So, I turned around and waved at them and said, "You know, if you wanna talk shit about me, I'd appreciate it if you'd do it to my face.".
Point is, my boy was no longer enjoying himself. And, I wasn't about to back off. Hell, I'd of stayed there all night just to piss them off..........and, enjoyed doing it! I was getting quite redneck..........for good reason. They were the ones crowding us!
And, it sucks! But, I had to pack up and leave after a couple of hours. Which left me feeling like a bitch! My son was feeling real uncomfortable about the whole ordeal though. So, I put his feelings in front of my own and came home at 11....when we had planned on making it a night.
Them cocksuckers!!! My boy knows that I have more balls than brains. As well as he knows, I'd of stood up to all of them fuckers! But, what pisses me off, is that they put me in that position.
What do you do? Get punked and be the bitch? Or, jump bad, and tell them all to get the fuck away? I chose to avoid confrontation and left. And, that was prolly the better choice........BUT, it left a BAD taste in my mouth! But, what kind of example does that set for him?
He's almost 18. So, he has to see the realism that people will shit on you and run over you IF you let them. How do you define the line?
He was getting very uncomfortable and it wasn't about fishing at that point. So, I THINK I did the right thing by leaving...........even though I could here the jeers about......."Ha, ha! We run that old bastard off!" my head anyhow. But, there's always tommorrow.
I'll see them hilljacks again. Next time, my boy won't be there to control my temper or my words. God help them! Fucking embarrass me in front of my kid.....
This isn't the 1rst time people have called me out in front of my boy. I'm getting just a lil SICK of it! My kid doesn't need to learn that violence solves least, not from me. Even though, it's needed from time to time.
Anyhow, it's just a rant. I GUESS it's better than driving back down there and making myself feel better.........maybe. Although, the thought is still in my mind. Cocksuckers!
I know how I'd of handled it by my lonesome...........they'd of dealt with me all night. Love me, hate me..........who gives a fuck? As long as I like me....which I don't because I played the bitch and gave in. Kids are no excuse!
There's always tommorrow! Fuckin hicks anyhow!

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Jun 16 @ 3:09AM  
Take me fishin' baby......we'll get 'em!!!!!!

Jun 16 @ 3:14AM  
I know what you mean, we were in about the same situation before and it it wasn't for the kids being there then it would have been different. Wish you the best of luck on your next trip.

Jun 16 @ 3:39AM  
Who cares what the hilljacks think of you? Care what your boy thinks of you. It's all that matters.

Jun 16 @ 6:07AM  
Not to be rude or anything........but. Do you think maybe an anger mangement course or something would be good for you!!! I mean I have read some of your blogs where the end results were the same! You talk about setting a good example for your son, don't you think the better example would have been to get off your own ass and move elsewhere, then you could have stayed the whole night with your son and really enjoyed yourself. I'm sure your son would have rathered that then seeing his father act like an ass. I really hope one day that temper doesn't get you killed, and by the sound of it not only you but the unfortunate circumstance that your son may just be with you also!! A WISE MAN IS A STILL TONGUE!! you should try it sometime


online now!
Jun 16 @ 6:35AM  
Next time take a gun and plenty of ammo. Get the first shot in because you are out numbered. Or even better you should have gone home and after your son went to bed, put on you combat gear and slipped back to the river and killed every one of them like in Rambo II.

Jun 16 @ 11:58AM  
oh boy!!!! buatbu

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Sometimes it SUCKS to do the right thing!