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People leaving.

posted 6/13/2007 5:56:20 PM |
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This is not going to be pretty. First, what do some of you people want out of this site. Me, I look for entertainment and maybe to meet someone. I have had two dates with people who were on this site. Neither one produced a second date BUT that doesn't mean they were not nice people. One said she enjoyed being with me but wasn't sexually attracted to me. That is cool.
This site didn't promise anything. BUT some of you expect utopia. Think how lucky you are.
Each morning most of us get up under our own power. Shawdowsangel has a wheelchair but do you hear her Bitch about it? NO!!
When you went to bed last night, did you worry about someone killing you. Were you starving? Can you see? Can you hear?
But you don't have someone to love you? Oh! Boo! Hoo!
Neither do I but each morning I say thank you, God for this day. I can walk, I'm not hungry, I can see, hear and live in a country where I can criticize anybody no matter how important they are.
Yea I had my share of speed bumps, My wife found some one else, my parents are dead, I have been fired from jobs. My sibling died before my parents. I have no living relatives. But I can walk, see, hear, think, talk.
Somebody might say "all men suck" Fine, if you disagree say "you're wrong" or say "oink, oink" But stand up and say something. Defend yourself. Others who agree with you will step up.
Enjoy this life, enjoy this nation, enjoy your blessings. And last for all you ladies from age 18 to 99 "Do you wanna f**k - ME. Let me answer that for you First part "Yes you wanna." Second part "Me Hell NO"

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Jun 13 @ 6:00PM  
Damn I'm usin two kudos in the same day... someone mark this on the calendar. I would but I cant find the damned thing.

Jun 13 @ 6:17PM  
On the other side of things...

I'm thankful I have a roof over my head.
I'm thankful I have my family and my son.
I'm thankful I have my friends (however weird they can be).
I'm thankful I have food in my belly and I won't go hungry.
I'm thankful I am smart and I can treat people as good as I wanted to be treated.
I am happy with myself and while I know I can always improve, it's through personal choice and not because I feel I need to for anyone else.
I know I don't need someone in my life to be happy.
I know I don't need a woman to complete me.

However, I do want love in my life, I want a woman I can share everything with and be happy for the rest of my life with. This has nothing to do with how I see myself.

Jun 13 @ 6:17PM  

Jun 13 @ 6:25PM  
I live by my own hand, I neaither want, nor require enyones aproval for my own well being. Mater of fact ... what ppl think of me is just that... nothing more... nothing less.

Jun 13 @ 6:39PM  
I'm thankful that my girly parts are no further away than the ends of my arms, so I don't have to be a contortionist to masturbate!!

Jun 13 @ 6:57PM  

Jun 13 @ 7:06PM  
i thank god for my children, my husband and the relatives i have left. I get up every morning thanking God i woke up. Thanks God!! ....

for those who get on here and look for ways to either manipulate, deceive, dog, bash and threaten anyone on! what a sorry life you must live. You dont know the people on here, unless you have taken the time to sit a chat with anyone, you dont know in the hell can you sit there make stupid ridiculous comments to people you dont know....are you looking for confirmation that you are an asshole or bitch...well keep blogging away with your vile ways...then i would say you have succeeded in being exactly what everyone else thought you were.....a bitch or an asshole....good way to not make friends on here, oh! i'm sure you have tons of friends in the real world. Yea sure..I bet not!

to Buatbu, our friend...hey...kudos to you


Jun 13 @ 7:24PM  
each morning I say thank you, God for this day. I can walk, I'm not hungry, I can see, hear and live in a country where I can criticize anybody no matter how important they are.


Jun 13 @ 7:38PM  
Neither do I but each morning I say thank you, God for this day. I can walk, I'm not hungry, I can see, hear and live in a country where I can criticize anybody no matter how important they are.

Careful how you say that some unfeeling asshole will come on and laugh at you for not having someone important in your life or for losing that important person. Im grateful today that i am not some of those ppl. Proves at least i have a heart.

Jun 13 @ 8:58PM  
Well, I don't say thank god, but I damn sure go watch the sun come up and get excited that I am making $2000 a week not doing jack or shit.

I am with you, damn but there are some weak people that just can't deal with life.
Shit happens. Then more shit that is bad happens, then amazingly, good shit happens and trust me baby, no one but you gives a damn.

You walk through life like you live it, you got the choice to whine and bitch or suck it up and do it. Everyone needs that shoulder to piss and moan on, everyone does it.

But that is MY stuff to deal with, not anyone else's. I don't need a damn Dr. Phil to tell me he is full of shit. I don't need a wife, girlfriend or anyone else to help either.

It is life, deal with it or get broken by it. Sometimes it sucks, and then it does not.

Why people complicate and completely clusterfuck a perfectly good thing like sex, relationships, jobs or just life is beyond me.

Keep on stepping, here today, gone tomorrow, make the most out of it. Everybody has a good run, then you croak out. Just the way it is.

Jun 13 @ 8:59PM  
Kudos to you!!!

Jun 13 @ 9:35PM  
I am thankful that every day in this country more and more male people are asking the female people, "Do you wanna fuck me?"

Grown men don't think about having women fuck them. Grown MEN think about fucking women. The more of you males born with testosterone levels that can barely be measured and brought up learning how to engage in sex by your sensitive mommies instead of the fathers you never had, the wimpier the nation becomes. It means, of course, we are doomed as a nation because they aren't raising the males in third world countries to think like women, but on the up side, it leaves a helluva lot more pussy for the dwindling ranks of authentic men to pillage.

Jun 13 @ 10:30PM  
Nacho...I'm right behind you...I have 2 also today. know...I couldn't of said it better myself. Life kicks all of us, somethings in our lives are good and some suck. You deal with the bad the best you can. I thank God everyday for the many blessings in my life, because no matter how rough life gets I have so much to be thankful for. I've had horrible things happen in my life, but I don't have a poor me attitude, I buck up and deal with them and focus on the good things. haven't asked me to fuck!!

Jun 13 @ 11:22PM  
Yea, I hear ya. No matter how good you have it, someone has it better. And it seems no matter how much you have, you always want more.

We all see thing, people, and situations that we want. Hey, we can't have it all, sometimes we can't have much. But it's the fun of not knowing, it's the excitement of yearning and trying to attain that goal.. It's what makes life worth living.

hell, for about 2 years, I did nothing but complain inwardly about how I wasn't getting enough sex.. wanted it so bad.. had and still have, a marriage with very little sex.. then all of a sudden, I have ponanny all over me.. two fine women wanting my every moment. While I will admit, this does wonders for the ego, and sure has filled my quota of sexual desire, it pains me to say, but it was MORE exciting still wanting when I didn't have any..

It's all perspective I guess.. It took my brother-in-law coming down with cancer, for me to realize that my wants and desires were quite a bit petty..

So, I have this to say: Don't take shit so damn seriously. Enjoy the moment ( as others have said, be thankful for what you have and revel in the fact that you can take a breath and enjoy the beautiful things in life ). And know that some of your problems aren't as bad as you think they may be...

Oh, and ponanny is a Jamaican term for p*ssy.. and yes, it is very sweet..

Jun 14 @ 12:12AM  
very most i've been kicked batterd n semi mutilated lol........pains i wake up from bug me...ect....but then i read in a book...about spec warfare no of what he, the author called the ten commandments of spec warfare...

'' pain is GODS way of telling you your still alive so get the fuck up n finish what you started........!!"
so when i feel the pains rather then bitch i'm happy i'm alive n get the fuck up ..........

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People leaving.