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RE: My Open Letter For The Entire AMD Community.

posted 6/13/2007 12:24:30 PM |
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This post is a reply to this blog entry by SKEvalma. The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm not trying to trash valma or attack in any type of way. This post is meant to be constructive and draws on my decade+ of internet experience.

SKEvalma, you're not the first and won't be the last, but hopefully you'll eventually learn that being hurt online is something you outgrow. I've had my experience with "internet love" and was heartbroken when it fell through. In time you'll realize that there AREN'T people on the other side of your conversations.

Sounds cold, right? It is and it isn't. The only thing you know about the messages you read from others is what your perceptions are. It's entirely easy to be something you're not online, or to make someone else something they're not simply by how you interpret their messages. That's the beauty of the internet; you learn to interpret people not by what they claim but how they say it. It shows you who they REALLY are if you care to look.

Do you trust everyone in the world to be honest? It seems that for some strange reason people are more willing to trust complete strangers on the internet more than they trust people in real life. I'm not saying that it's okay to be dishonest online, it's preying on people's trust just like it is in real life and is despicable. What I'm saying is that being hurt by people online is like being insulted by what's on TV.

If it's too much you can just turn it off.

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Jun 13 @ 12:30PM  
Was this a "dig" ?

Jun 13 @ 12:34PM  
no just more advice... I think the OP would advise not to trust it.

Jun 13 @ 12:41PM  
hmmm sometime this comes with age n pain...a jaded out look....but where people find what they seek or how happy or sad they react to whats said is simply a built in human part....some are simply thicker skinned then others...plain and simple.......not a right or me /others may read slander n nasty comments n laff ....or even for fun strike back but others will fold under the reality they read into it..........more of what simply IS......but you bring up interesting points n interesting view points that i think tell a bit bout you .....

Jun 13 @ 12:55PM  

Jun 13 @ 1:03PM  
I think you missed the point to Ms. Eva's blog grabb0r. Yes she was talking about being hurt but more than that she was talking about NightofOld being hurt to the point of leaving us and that is a shame. He is a wonderful person.

Jun 13 @ 2:18PM  

Jun 13 @ 3:26PM  
TV is different, because it's not interactive; by its very nature, it is impersonal.

By contrast, on a site such as this one, as soon as you start interacting with anyone at all--in any way--you've developed a relationship. How profound that relationship becomes is entirely under our control; however, once a couple of people become entangled emotionally, it's predictable that they will begin to personalize each other's words. Interpreting words as a personal affront is never good practice, but it's certainly not unexpected in this setting.

I agree, though, with a couple of the crucial points: discretion about whom to trust should not be abandoned at the internet doorstep; and we should not rely too keenly on our romantic notions of who that person is typing back at us. Failure of perception, though, does not make emotional attachment any less real... but it certainly distorts the value and meaning of that attachment.

Jun 13 @ 5:36PM  
I do agree with what you said. I am not the first and I won't be the last. My blog was in regards to a blog I read by NIGHTOFOLD. I don't know what happened here yesterday or what caused it. I have read some odd blogs lately and just kept somethings to myself. What NIGHTOFOLD wrote touch me. I know all about this thing called the internet and this is by far not my first site. Like you I go back some 10 plus years and I consider myself very smart to the web. I know I can post fake pics, I could claim to be a real woman, I could fool ever one I ever met and betray them all. I can do all that from this key board and not think nothing of it and some people do. Because we forget about the impact of the WEB. We have lost sight of what is important to us and in our lives. I also know at any time I wish I can just go. My Choice. NIGHTOFOLD's blog should make all of us think, that is what it did to me and for me. I just wanted to make a point ... there are emotions and people on the other side of these screens ... and to say I don't know how anyone can get emotional involved with someone never met, and truly do not know whom can be misrepresenting themself is a bit naive to me. Emotions can and do most of the time rule us ... at least I know this to be true for myself ... I would not change one thing about myself ... I am real ... I show myself on here to be real ... I am a Plus Size Single Gay Transgender. I see NIGHTOFOLD as a Sweet Dear Man and I feel for the position he finds himself in for thinking of leaving the AMD website.

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RE: My Open Letter For The Entire AMD Community.