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posted 6/13/2007 11:07:31 AM |
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Wow. I have to admit, the dinner I made last night was probably the best meal I've EVER made! I make all my spaghetti sauce without following recipes. My secret ingredient is sun dried tomatoes.. but I'll never tell why exactly it's so sweet. Okay, it's brown sugar, lol. I should have been a chef. It's one thing I love, but then again, I should have been a lot of things..... So, we got a new roomie last night. I have to admit, she's pretty hot. I caught myself looking at her out of the corner of my eye. I can't believe I've never met her before. She moved in half her shit, which wasn't much. But this place is getting really cramped. I wanted to write more about bisexuality but I'm so over that. I'm just bored with trying to figure the whole thing out.

What I want to know is.. do nice guys always finish last? I stopped seeing that guy. You all remember that guy. The excitement was gone, he was too reserved. Way too mature for me. lol. We came to a mutual decision that we'd remain friends, well, I suppose we were friends but there was the sexual element too. The sex, frankly, wasn't very good. I've had better from toys alone. Speaking of!!! I haven't bought anything since I last blogged about it and I'm going through a sort of withdrawal.. I guess I'll have to go see if I can catch some sales.

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Jun 13 @ 11:14AM  
I don't think they finish last, they just don't finish first...

which can be a good thing giving the right situation.

Jun 13 @ 11:18AM  
heheh and here I thought the OBJECT was to finish last...

Jun 13 @ 11:22AM  
Hell Yeah!!! What Pudge said LOL.

Jun 13 @ 11:27AM  
At my time in life I just happy to be in the race. I just want to finish - don't care about the place.

Jun 13 @ 11:35AM  
The only reason an asshole finishes first is because he thinks there's a finish line.

By the way:
I should have been a chef.
There's still time! Seems like a hard job, though. Ever watch Hell's Kitchen?

Jun 13 @ 12:18PM  
What I want to know is.. do nice guys always finish last?

No, not always. However, most are often overlooked. Same thing happens to a lot of women...and both are often overlooked for one simple reason.

Too many people, men and women alike...often judge a book solely by it's cover.

Jun 13 @ 12:37PM  
I make all my spaghetti sauce without following recipes. My secret ingredient is sun dried tomatoes.. but I'll never tell why exactly it's so sweet. Okay, it's brown sugar, lol.

The secret to my chili? Prunes. Seriously. Just like your brown sugar, need the sweet to cut the acid of the tomatoes. People always ask me to make the chili but I never tell them about the prunes until afterwards.

Jun 13 @ 1:23PM  
Mmmmmm Beans and Prunes!! Everyone stand back!!!

Jun 13 @ 1:37PM  
do nice guys always finish last?

good question...prob also is based on what you call ''nice guy'' ....what bout the nice guy that is hidden under a bad boy exterior?? sorta makes finding him a bit tuffer? just more food for thought....mmmm speakin of bout you just mail me a bowl of that dinner i missed?

Jun 13 @ 1:56PM  
Well hell, If you can cook too - want another roomate?

Jun 13 @ 2:08PM  
I'm just looking to find the right guy! And Y looks aren't everything I go for the person inside!

Jun 13 @ 7:08PM  
I went from being what women would call a 'player' (late teens to early 20's) to being a 'nice guy'. While I feel alot more in-tune with myself as a nice guy, I sometimes wonder why it's soo hard to actually find a woman that means what she says about wanting someone that treats her well. I got alot more 'tang as a player..... and not the knid you drink lol

Jun 13 @ 7:16PM  
I add chocolate and plum jelly to my chili. Tastes wonderful, sounds yucky.

Jun 13 @ 7:29PM  
The answer is "Almost Always Yes".

Here's why.

A good woman wants a guy who can give it all to her. A guy who can treat her like a lady and take her to the opera, and who can then fuck her like a beast in the cab on the way home. A man who is not afraid to cry when he watches movies, but who knows how to stand up for the people he cares about and isn't afraid to fight for them.

A bad girl just wants a guy who's going to show her a good time.

Now, let's move to the guys. Every guy starts out innocent. This is a problem by itself. An innocent guy who winds up with a good woman is going to get shot down. Usually with the "you're nice, but you're too nice" routine.

An innocent guy who winds up with a bad girl is either going to get shot down or used. In either case it will probably be a bad thing.

Sometimes, the innocent guys learn to be bad guys.

A bad guy who winds up with a good woman is going to tickle her fancy for a little while, but then he'll probably start walking all over her so that he can maintain what he perceives as his.

A bad guy and a bad girl seems like a good match, but almost all bad girls grow up, become women, and then realize what an asshole they are with.

So: Some good guys learn that they have to be able to be tough sometimes. Some bad guys learn hey have to mellow and become responsible. Either of these types of guys finally becomes what women refer to as a "catch". They have it all. They are enough of a gentleman to hold the door open for you, but nasty enough to know haw to make you curse like a sailor when you climax. They can hold their own in a bar-fight, and they can pluck a splinter from your child's finger with the most delicate touch. They are everything a woman wants and needs.

But what I want to know is why they have stopped teaching classes to men about this?

Jun 13 @ 8:21PM  
Do not fret your addiction to toys dear, eventually you will own all of them and then you can really seek the meaning of meaningless relationships. Just kidding, toys may keep you happy, but a warm body and the close open relationships that evolve over time are the ones we really cherish.

Jun 13 @ 8:44PM  
Yeah, and then some guys remember to be real and not punk-ass fake players who can swap personalities like a ho and her underoos! Wait, isn't that what women do too..........?

Nice guys, bad guys, those are terms used by women. Ho's and bitches are terms by men. Both are chasing the dreams and that piece of ass they think they want, but regret ever getting. (The one-nighters rule in that regard)

Men, as always, if you got the balls and the backbone to be enough of one, are just who we are.

I won't change me just for a piece of ass and bad sex. Hell, I would consider it for a good piece of ass though..........

I do like how everything is condensed into some trite and wonderfully moronic box, so nice to know I fit. This is the age of Oprah though, common sense just ain't so common. Throw up the Bat Signal so Dr. Phil can dig through your head and tell you what you already knew........had you not been so self-centered and selfish to begin with.

Mature? Sure, all the women I have ever met much less had sex with, yeah, they are right up there with my niece and nephew..........just like the guys they date, marry and divorce...........

Cast whatever stones you people like, remember how the worm turns. Just because you don't think you are an asshole doesn't mean everyone else agrees with you.............

Every man pays for the pussy, every woman wants to sell it. Some call it marriage, some call it divorce and alimony, some call it prostitution. Love is what comes after the good sex is over, right before stepping out occurs and the kids go to college, between the divorces that is.

Well, that's life for you after all. In this day and age I still can't believe women are still so stupid they go through the "good guy" "bad guy" stage and men are still so willing to be worked into being one or the other.

Agree or not, no one cares but you, I damn sure do not, but remember that I am me, me is me, and we say Roll with It. Do what it takes, get it done. Move on when it goes south, and go west young man!

Oh, and nice guys don't finish last, they let the bad guys go burn a month and $1000 dollars to tap a so-so gal and the good guy goes and hits the escort services for $200 an hour and ends up with someone who is very much outside the league of any man on here. Plus, it's not like they don't get good service right?

The best of all the worlds: sex, very little talk, and the ability to leave at once or kick her out. Sure, you want a home-cooked meal gents, but you can do it as good if not better than any gal I have ever met. It's not like the shit doesn't come in a box without directions. And if you are so fucking lazy that you can't clean your own house, that may be an indicator to order someone from overseas.....................

Jun 13 @ 9:16PM  
^^^ Holy shit!

Jun 13 @ 11:49PM  
Wow, that venom right there just poisoned this entire blog.

Jul 2 @ 12:46AM  
Turning the subject back to cooking: I like to add red wine (merlot or cabernet sauvignon) to spaghetti sauce; it cuts some of the acidity from the tomatoes. Also, add a bay leaf and simmer while covered for about an hour. That is rich sauce.

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