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Public Apology from Americans

posted 6/8/2007 5:19:47 PM |
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Ok while I can't speak for all Americans, obviously, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Aries for the nasty, uncalled for statements made by another member on here. Aries, I felt that your comment on that blog was well written and was in no way derogatory of this country. Since this was not allowed on that blog, I'll just post one of my own! As to the other person that wrote such inflammatory comments toward you.......I was just thinking that you might be an alright person........and you act like this? You really need to learn how to play well with others!

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Jun 8 @ 5:28PM  
Wouldn't break my heart any if he packed up his toys and moved to another sandbox, as he's had quite a few nasty things to say about people on here!

Personally, saying he is a "master" seems to make him think he can be rude and inconsiderate of others and get away with it. Shame. Kinda gives men (and women) who are GOOD at it a bad name!

Jun 8 @ 5:33PM  
Yeah I meant to put in something about the fact that when the hell did AMD become HIS site?? And..... why were my comments when I was agreeing with him allowed but suddenly after he showed his ass they are not???

Jun 8 @ 5:37PM  
Well i think Ladybootscooter that was awful wonderful of you to do for Aries. I agree with what you said it is my opinion that THEFUCKMASTER is not who he says he is I have thought that from the beginning that he was here as a troll who was here as another troll that started with a popular blogger here. I may be wrong but that is my opinion. As for Aries not having to say anything about Americans, how many times have ppl made negative comments about other countries without taking into consideration who might be reading them. Course i have my own agenda as to why i am so pissed that someone would make comments about Aries but i also feel its rude and sickening that somone like YFM thinks he has come on to this site or any where and thinks he owns it and feels its his right to put down anyone let alone someone like Aries.

Thanks again. And since i only have one kudo left its yours.

Jun 8 @ 5:44PM  
Seeing that blog and seeing the way he spoke with Aries, does he remind you of the guy that was on here before, can't remember the profile, but he was like the holy roller!! He didn't last too long, but damn it sounds just like him. Sorry I can't remember the profile name.


Jun 8 @ 5:53PM  
That apology comes from this American also.

I guess when we say Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, there are occassions such as today, that we see we also have a few who are ill tempered, obnoxious and flat out stupid. Why else attack someone who is entitled to his opinion. An opinion that was well stated and did not disrespect anyone in any way.
Our men and women have given their lives to protect our freedom of speech and he stands and trys to take that right from someone else with his vicious, vulgar opinions and lack of common sense??? After he preached the other day about people respecting him. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but now I wonder what the hell is there to respect about him? He just showed his true colors and he tried to cover them in red white and blue. All I see is a hypocrit who knows how to use fowl language.....

Thank you for posting this LBS, kudos to you.......

Jun 8 @ 7:05PM  

I agree with Crissy.

Jun 8 @ 7:51PM  
Wow, theres alotta love out here

Jun 8 @ 8:32PM  
I agree! The comment to Aries was undeserved and wrong! Aries said nothing to deserve those remarks. The other dude was just being a dick!

Jun 8 @ 10:12PM  
I'm not sorry for FM's comments. This is a chess game after all, not football. He's been driven to checkmate and now it's onto the next game.

Remember... keep your enemies closer.

Jun 8 @ 10:33PM  
Do you suppose it would be possible to swap YFM for Aries1? Sorry Canada!

Jun 8 @ 10:50PM  
Hmmm perhaps I ought to clarify a smidge...

I did mean that YFM has been driven to checkmate and this particular personna is now gone.

I thank Aries for standing up. But I'm not sorry thing worked out the way they did.

I knew it was a matter of time and opportunity.

Jun 8 @ 11:34PM  

Jun 9 @ 1:30AM  
This is a chess game after all, not football
Well, At Least In Football We Could Hurt The Son Of A Bitch

Jun 9 @ 2:38AM  
Thank you ladybootscooter and the others here. I appreciate it. I didn't expect anyone to have to apologize for someone like him. It is ashame he wasn't man enough to do it for himself before he cancelled. Thank you all again.

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Public Apology from Americans