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How old should a kid be have a cell phone?

posted 6/8/2007 3:56:35 PM |
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I would love to know how many of you out there think that there should min. age for a kid to have her/his own cell phone. Personally I feel that most should not have a cell phone till they hit maybe 16 or 17 years old. And for me to let my kid(s) have it at that age I would make them work for it out there in the workforce to support their cell phone and to learn responsibility. As I was young I had a paper route for about 5 years and grass cutting jobs where I fed my money (quarters) to video games such as Pac Man and a few other ones in stores. Even though we had an Atari set, I still found time to go out and mingle among my friends and strangers to play other games in public. It seems like with all the latest technology out there for the younger generation to get into seems like they're not getting enough exercise and social skills in the real world. Okay, getting a little off topic, but I'm interested in your opinion about how old a kid should be to have their own cell phone?

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Jun 8 @ 4:00PM  
I personally would say when the kids start to earn. Then they know how easy it is to pay the text messaging bills because now a days kids use messaging more than yaking over the phone.

Jun 8 @ 4:03PM  
For kids, I'm a big fan of the pre-pay. That way it can teach them responsibility. If they loose the phone, then it's their problem. If they use up all their minutes, then they can use their allowance to buy more of just learn to use them more wisely next time.

Jun 8 @ 4:06PM  
I have to agree with you. 16 or 17 but only once they have a job and can pay for it themselves.

Jun 8 @ 4:09PM  
See, Veer raises another issue with the text messenging. I know I'm not all that old, but seems like generation Y loves to text message more than talking on the phone. I know a few people in my age group does the same, but seems like the younger kids to this a lot more. To me the more typing the more hassle, so with my cell phone I just talk....and talk...and talk. I love to talk.

Jun 8 @ 4:10PM  
No way Shawn?!?! You love to talk? I never woulda guessed that

Jun 8 @ 4:15PM  
PrincessKissy, I know that's a shocker.


Jun 8 @ 4:18PM  
But, but, but... you're so shy and quiet
(I could barely contain my laughter to type that!!!)

Jun 8 @ 4:24PM  

Jun 8 @ 4:28PM  
My daughter has one, she is 10. This is one that is geared for the younger child-preteen. It's called a firefly and it doesn't have a number pad on it so they just can't call any number they want. It has a button (with a woman figure on it) and it is preprogrammed with my number on it. It has several pre-programmed numbers in it. When she first got it she used it like crazy (although never going over the alotted minutes), Now she hardly ever pays attention to it. But it is there if she is going to the play ground, or if she goes to a friends for the weekend, then she can call me no problems!! This actually may work for me because when she gets in her mid teens when you really do want them to have a way to contact you when they are out if there is an emergency, the novelty is worn off, so in the end (hoping anyway) she maybe more responsible . I'm hoping anyway!!


Jun 8 @ 4:32PM  
MY .02 worth and works for me~~when they are teens and are "out & about" at other teens homes (my son's phone is paid for at this time by HIS working for it and it's got only 300 min and unlimited texting for $ allows me to locate him at any time of day or night and when he tells me he's at so and so's house I can say, "Let me talk to his mom or dad."..and pretty much all I want to know is where he is and that there actually IS a parent HOME there. Not a guarantee of 100% safety, but I am usually the only parent home at any house during the week, and other parents are home on the weekends when I work. He knows I will call him at ANY TIME to check....and tho I NEVER just call....I do call when I get that gut feeling that something isn't cool.....that a situation just doesn't make sense...they stretch the truth at times and that gut feeling has never once done me wrong....hope it never does.

Jun 8 @ 4:36PM  
id say 18 because i used mine to sell weed , and what does a kid need a phone for if he / she isnt working?

Jun 8 @ 4:40PM  
I think it's amazing that I was able to grow up in the 70's without a cell phone.. amazing.. no one died.. my social life wasn't stunted.. and you know, even today, it's a mere toy..

I didn't have one for over a year and I can count on one damn hand the number of times I, as an adult, needed a damn cell phone.

But hey, kids today have to have what the other kids have. If you don't let your youngster have a cell phone, while all the friends do, then you're just causing them harm. Of course, all the high frequency energy so close to their skull can't be helping them either, but hey, that's what expensive cancer treatments are for years down the road...

Now, do they NEED a phone, hell no.. just listen in on any of their innane conversations. It's pointless and stupid. And I just laugh.. whether it be grade school or college, it's all there as an amusement. Hell, I have plenty of adult friends that are getting calls all the time.. yet none of them are meaningful calls. Just idle chatter. So nice that we've all become damn mindless driveling fools, in need of our music players, cell phones, and all the other blue tooth garbage..

Yes, technology has run amok..

Jun 8 @ 4:45PM  
My 13 year old daughter has one BUT only because she attends a private school roughly 100 miles from home and it was cheaper to get her a cell than it was to pay for an 800 number so that she could call home any time.

My 18 year old nephew has one... but HE pays the bill. It's his problem if he goes over in minutes... and let me tell ya that $230 bill last month really caused him sticker shock!

Jun 8 @ 4:57PM  
i got my youngest one when she was 13...i definately want mine to have one when they start driving...nothing like being able to call when they need when my son had an accident...they dont have it just for them, they have it so i can reach them too...i text my youngest at school when i need to let her know something...

Jun 8 @ 6:00PM  
I think in this date in age kids should have cell phones but for only emergency use only !
With school shooting and all ...


Jun 8 @ 6:10PM  
Shawn, excellent topic. I think it is something that the parents should discuss with thier children because there are more things to consider than just age.

Jun 8 @ 6:18PM  

Jun 8 @ 7:03PM  

I think they should do away with all cell phones.

Jun 8 @ 7:18PM  
OOHHH the cell phone arguement
Well my son got one for his 8th B-day (he's 10 now) and it was programmed only to call my cell or home. We lived so far out in the country it was easier than trying to find him out on his bike. Plus it makes a great Walmart location device when I let him go to the toy department while I shop. So its more of a convience for me than anything else.

Jun 8 @ 8:11PM  
i like the ones with only 3 or 4 numbers programmed into them for a child say over 10 that shows the ability to keep up with it........

Jun 8 @ 8:28PM  
I think, when they start driving and working.......IF then. Think about the number of teenage drivers you see leaving the high school parking lot with one hand on the wheel and one with a phone to their ear.
I've seen this numerous times when picking up my son at school. Damn near got run over by them several times! It's a serious danger!
My wife still wants me to get one, but I refuse. The only time I had one was when I worked out of state and spent hours a day in the car. I find them to be a huge annoyance.

Jun 8 @ 11:14PM  
my step daughter has had her own cell for 2 started out pretty innocent....then 8th grade came along and she got way out of control with it. She never went over her cell minutes, since we have free text, she was getting messages day and night, and then she got into a little trouble with it cause she has a picture phone...out children are so caught up in technology these days. Anyway, she got her phone taken away for about 4 months, her internet as well. It was like we took her life away, but, she got over it though. She still has no internet, she does her phone back, but, it has to stay off while she is home. When she gets a job, she can pay her bill. It's less than $10.00 a month.

My 12 yr old has one, but she never uses it cause the only thing she does is play softball, and i am usually there, even at her practises. So, she really doesnt go anywhere that she would need it. But we have it as a just in case.


Jun 9 @ 9:18AM  
I think you've got the right idea, if the kid wants the phone that bad, make him earn it, he'll appreciate it that much more. And beleive me, he won't yak away endlessly, because he'll be the one getting the bill !!!

Jun 9 @ 5:11PM  
Well it depends on the childs activities too! My son had one at age 14. We live in the country and my son was on the wrestling team. Since most of his meets were out of town (I think we had 4 local all year?) it was great for him to be able to call me when the bus was about 15 min out. This gave me time to put the shoes on and drive to town, beat the hell out of sitting in the school parking lot for hours on end when their matches ran long!! Now that he is 17 and has his own car, oh yeah I love him having his phone, I can reach him no matter what (like when he had to pull a double shift at work the other night!) and find out where he is and what's going on! We are on the family plan so it's just 9.99 a month for his line, plus I pay extra for all of us to have unlimited after 7 pm.! I'm really proud cos I've heard him tell his friends I'll call ya back after 7! These days for safety sake, I like for him to have one!

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How old should a kid be have a cell phone?