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Name the Puppy! (yea...I'm back for now!)

posted 6/7/2007 8:30:01 AM |
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tagged: love, sunny, canu, dog

Yes, I'm back! Never really left, even though I did cancel my account for awhile. I may just do like Canu did and orphan my profile rather than cancel it. But there's a reason I'm here today...and it's not to bitch or rant about the silly goings on here on this site (some things just never change!) some of you know, if you're on my myspace friends list...we have been adopted by a new puppy! It's a little boy, about 4 or 5 months old, a daschund/beagle mix, black and tan with little white paws and a white chin and belly. He's got that 'little dog, big attitude' syndrome...not afraid of anything, well, except the cat! He barks at his reflection in the mirror! And he burrows under the covers at night in our bed. He's also pretty much housetrained (BIG plus in my book!) he needs a name! We've had a couple of suggestions, but we need more ideas and we'll probably let the kids pick one this weekend. Some names we've gotten are:

I've got pictures posted on myspace if you want to go look, and I'll download one to this blog later, it takes too long with dial-up and I gotsta get ready for work now.

Ya'll have a great thursday...and as always...PLAY NICE!!

Oh yea...I LOVE CANU!!!

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Jun 7 @ 8:44AM  
How about 'Otto'?

Or 'Edgar' always liked that one "Edgar... this is your tummy Edgar...."

Jun 7 @ 8:50AM  
Welcome back!

Scrappy? (as in Scrappy-Doo)

Jun 7 @ 8:54AM  

Jun 7 @ 8:55AM  
Korean Lunch

Jun 7 @ 8:57AM  
Nice to see you, glad things are going well!! Good luck with the naming of the pup!!

Jun 7 @ 9:09AM  

Jun 7 @ 9:11AM  
Hi Sunny

Good name. Luke of Earl...

Jun 7 @ 9:12AM  
It's good to see you Sunny. How about Bruno or Butch for the name of the puppy.

Jun 7 @ 9:26AM  
How about "stop" as in "come her, stop" "come here, stop"

Jun 7 @ 9:31AM  
how about "Chunks"

Jun 7 @ 9:32AM  
My black lab pup is Hudson Zeppelin.

Daschund/Beagle.... how about Rudderford or Bizel?

Jun 7 @ 9:33AM  
Because he's a daschund/beagle, how about "Deagle?"

Could always go for Herzog (Duke) or K├Ânig (King).

Or try a combo for something really "bigger than life", like:

Herzog Deagle von Fritz!

Now there's a name a dog with a napoleon complex can go nuts over!

Jun 7 @ 9:49AM  
And of course... how could I freaking forget!!!

The best name of all for that mix of breeds HAS TO BE.....


Jun 7 @ 10:05AM  
HEY SUNNY!!! I have a name Tho pudge might have a point
The best name of all for that mix of breeds HAS TO BE.....

if its a mutt j/k

How about DeeOooGeee just spell out dog real slowly.


Jun 7 @ 10:06AM  
Black and tan sounds like a good beer. In that spirit, how about "Porter?"

Jun 7 @ 10:32AM  
Ok how's this: Beanie (and for free Jilly if you ever get a gal in future).

Jun 7 @ 11:21AM  

Jun 7 @ 1:24PM  
How bout "Hoss" ?

Jun 7 @ 1:26PM  

Dirty Dingus McGee - You can call him Dingus for short.

Jun 7 @ 2:16PM  
Having way to many dogs and raising way to many dogs here is how I name them.
I find a trait or something I want to point out
I go to the following web site
Pick a language that sounds good then go hunt for a fitting name. Usualy takes me about 3 days to name a pet and they often end up with names that no one has ever thought of and I like to be different.

I had a hawaiian kick for a couple pups they ended up being
Kiko Nani - hawaiian for beautiful spot
Meka Polu - hawaiian for blue eyes


Jun 7 @ 4:00PM  
How about Izzit as in Izzit going to behave, Izzit ever going to stop pissing everywhere, Izzit going to stop dry humping your leg when you are trying to do laundry....etc, etc

Jun 7 @ 4:01PM  
How about " Schnitzel von Bagle" or you could always go for "Rammstein" since Canu is a musician.

Jun 7 @ 6:10PM  
Heh.. Dieter (the people's ruler)Der Wackeln Sie Kolben (the wiggle butt)

Jun 7 @ 7:33PM  
How about "SunofCanu" Your two names put together as a happy family should be....just a thought...

Jun 8 @ 1:54AM  
Hey Sunny welcome back!!! as to you puppy! well I gotta admit I'm kinda parcial to Elvis??? he did have a beagle at one time

Jun 8 @ 5:41PM  
Delayed comment on my part, but a few suggestions are as follows:

~ Kato




Jul 10 @ 7:15PM  
Sunny will be just tickled pink at the resurrection of her blog! Do puppies also grow this fast?

Jul 12 @ 1:16AM  
Tickled pink? More like flaming at the idiocy of the whole fucking thing! I was going to just pull the whole blog down...then decided to just delete all the stupid comments instead. Why? Because it's my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want with it! Ya'll want to fight over something stupid? Pick someone elses blog to do it...leave mine out of it!!

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Name the Puppy! (yea...I'm back for now!)