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Lying ass married men!

posted 6/7/2007 12:06:40 AM |
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Why do some men lie about being married? I understand that many men do not wear a ring for safety reasons of their jobs, but come on......Just tell the truth! Understand that 9 times out of 10 you will be found out! Then you've not only hurt someone else but pissed them off to the point you also lost a damn good friend too.

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Jun 7 @ 12:13AM  
I'm sorry you had a run in with someone who decieved you. They really think they are to smart to get caught but they usually do. But again im sorry if you got hurt.

Jun 7 @ 12:17AM  
See my previous blogs.

If monogamy wasn't such a control issue, women could pick who they liked as life partners and then problems like this would disappear.

Jun 7 @ 12:31AM  
Sorry this happened to you, I've had it happen to me more than a few times. I have no idea why they don't just tell the truth to begin with, it would make things so much easier. Honesty is a big thing with me, sometimes it wouldn't have made a difference to me if they hadn't lied about it to begin with. But if they will keep that important bit of info to themselves what else will they try to keep a secret?

Jun 7 @ 12:49AM  
Its a proven fact that all men have one, and SOME are one. (for those of you that are not catching my humor, I mean a DICK!!)

Jun 7 @ 12:53AM  
I agree! Yet, I also understand how many opportunties are lost by being honest. So, I can see their point.
The differance is, after 21 years, I can still have long as I'm honest about being married! BUT, if I was to lie to either my wife or FWB, I'd be in a world of shit!! On both ends!
To each their own, I guess! But, it takes a LOT of bullshiting to keep a wife AND a girlfriend that know about each other. I was able to do it for a lil bit, thus, the gray hair.
Do you have ANY idea of how hard it is to get the wife's permission to go out and get sexed up? OR, to get the best of sex from a gal that knows she'll always be 2nd as far as emotions? That, if the wife calls, you'll leave in a heartbeat?
That's why guys lie and try to get away with it. It's all good UNTIL they get caught. And, at some point, they will. But, they'll get laid up until then. While us honest guys do without.

Jun 7 @ 1:59AM  
I say:come into the marriage with no expectations.Or,make it an open one if you realize your lack of being monogamous.I think it saves a lot of heartache for both parties.I could go into something more elaborate,but I'll save that for my blog I guess.

Jun 7 @ 2:25AM  
If monogamy wasn't such a control issue, women could pick who they liked as life partners and then problems like this would disappear.

I'm not sure how this relates to the OP's point about deception? Would the de-criminalization of polygamy somehow obviate the perceived need for people to lie about their marital status? Or maybe you are assuming that the possibility of polygamy would give women more choices of mates thus enhancing their chances of picking a suitable one. In the latter case, you have to consider a couple of caveats: (1) Not every woman is agreeable to sharing one man with other women. (2) Not every woman has the perfect knowledge to pick the right mate. Granted that the more general framework of polygamy would allow for greater flexibility in mate selection, allowing even for monogamy if desired, I think it is still something of an overstatement and oversimplification, with the two considerations above, to declare that "problems like this would disappear". Even with polygamy cheating is still going to happen, deception is still going to be prevalent. For example, a polygamous man could still lie to a monogamous woman about his marital status just to get her into bed or to keep her as a mistress. Human fallibility is not going to go away just because of changes to the institution of marriage.

Jun 7 @ 2:40AM  
Way to go Dom, I totally agree...........I do think getting older, you learn to "Control" those issues and then of course trust comes into play.......

Jun 7 @ 3:39AM  
You Have A Point But I Want To Make Something Clear...Women Lie Just As Much...If You Don't Believe Me Then Ask My First Two Wives...Both Of Whom Cheated On Me Every Chance They Could...That Is Why They Are Ex's. It Is A Damn Shame That People Of Both Sexes Lie About Being Married Or Even In A Relationship And Yes...It Does Hurt When We Find Out The Truth

Jun 7 @ 4:25AM  
what goes around....comes back around.......ALWAYS!

Jun 7 @ 4:42AM  
what goes around....comes back around.......ALWAYS!

I wish it were so.

As for the's not just about relationships people are in...lying is prevalent all over the internet. Come on ladies (especially those looking for other ladies). Haven't you found out that men were posing as women (and, now that I think about it, I bet it's happened more than a few times to men also)? Bentan posted a blog about people lying about their age. You just have to use your common sense and instincts and hope you can figure out who's honest and who isn't.

Jun 7 @ 7:40AM  
Well said!

Jun 7 @ 8:30AM  
I have to agree with coltsfootball. Women lie and cheat maybe not as much as men but they do do it. I as well had two wives that were cheating on me every chance they could, one with my brother. Needless to say they are exes and so is my brother. However I am sorry that it happened to you ladybootscooter. By the way...I'm glad to hear that your Dad is home and doing well.

Jun 7 @ 9:03AM  
It is not so much the fact of being married as the fact of deliberate deception for months on end. That it takes being cornered down to admit the lie, the deception. I would like to add that I did not meet this man here, just had to vent somewhere!! Sad part is, as I said, he not only pissed me off to the point I will never go out with him again, but also to the point he lost me as a friend as well. His loss, not mine. I realize that many women lie as well, I've seen it happen to friends of mine. Guess when the hormone levels go up the honesty levels go down?

Jun 7 @ 9:09AM  
So sorry to hear, damn the luck!!! Seems you & I sure know how to find the liars.

Jun 7 @ 9:16AM  
I'm sorry this happened to you ladybootscooter.

Jun 7 @ 9:33AM  
well my husband did it to me for six mths so i know how it feel but i got as all the lies he told me and her and know here on the net looking for more to do it too
so i think they all need a kik in the balls

Jun 7 @ 9:42AM  
honesty is the best policy i always tell anyone i meet on here that im in an open marriege and my wife knows what im doing and who im doing it with and yes she has the freedom to play too hey it works for us .

Jun 7 @ 9:53AM  
I cannot speak for others, but I have always been upfront with anyone I have corresponded with or tried to meet about my marital status (I am married).

Jun 7 @ 10:28AM  
Two things... first off i totally agree.. why lie.. its useless to lie to someone... cause you always have to lie over and over again to cover up what you've been hiding.. but in reality.. it will come out sooner or later
Secondly.. Some of us men here are honest, open minded, and don't lie... i find it the only way to go through life..... Yeah, I've been slapped a time or two when i was asked.."Does this make my butt look big... or Do I look fat in this dress.." but hey, better to be honest then to lie to someone


Jun 7 @ 12:51PM  
I think dishonesty has to be the single most hurtful thing a person can do to us emotionally.
I am sorry you experienced this Lady.
Like Dom I am not huge on monogamy but it has to be consensual.

Jun 7 @ 4:08PM  
LBS, I'm sorry that he lied to you. You're right, it was his loss.

I didn't get a chance to tell you, I'm so glad your Dad is home and doing well. :-)

Jun 7 @ 4:50PM  
Do you want my wife to tell you I'm not married????

Jun 8 @ 6:19PM  
Why do some women do the same thing?

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Lying ass married men!