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Pictures, or Lack Thereof

posted 6/5/2007 11:10:47 AM |
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I don't have pictures on my profile, obviously, and I'm fine with that.

For some reason I don't feel a need to have other random people on the internet judge my looks. I'm not trashing those who have profile pictures -- indeed, I enjoy seeing who I'm communicating with -- I'm just stating my own personal preference.

If someone chats with me and wants to see a picture I'll send them a few, I've got no problem with people knowing what I look like. I just don't feel it should be a criteria as to whether or not someone wants to talk (type) with me.

In all modesty, I don't find myself to be an attractive man though others tend to disagree. Going cueball at age 23 after having long, healthy hair kicked me in the ego, and the fact that I then sprouted a back forest didn't help either. I'm wiry and pale to boot, and pretty much the only things I have going for me in my opinion are my virtually unblemished complexion, a pair of strikingly dark blue eyes, and an ass that even I admire in passing moments of narcissism.

I don't require pictures of the people I chat with, and while I won't be so bold as to judge those who do, I would point out that they'd meet a lot more interesting people with less emphasis on... superficial... aspects. Sure, I'm fairly insistent that I see a picture before I actually meet anyone (after all, physical attraction is half the battle) but up until that point I'm find with a lingering curiosity.

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Jun 5 @ 11:25AM  
Having pictures isn't about being superficial. It's about being sincere. There's something that doesn't sit right with me when I get perverse emails from people that don't have pictures. As if their anonymity means they're allowed to converse with me in ways they wouldn't own up to if we were staring each other in the eyes. I want to see a smile, see kind eyes, not by all means a hunk, but someone genuine and honest enough to share themselves. We don't rate people here, we can however comment on pictures. Not everyone here is vain and willing to call you hot or not, we just want to know who we're sharing this community with. However, your choice is your own, but you might miss out on meeting good people if you automatically assume that sharing pictures here is just to boost egos.

Jun 5 @ 11:33AM  
I didn't mean to suggest that I feel posting pics is all about ego, simply that I'd rather have people more interested in my personality than my looks. The sincerity, as I see it, comes from my willingness to share photos with people I communicate with on an individual level.

BTW, I commented on your latest blog before I even saw you posted on mine. Creepy coincidence.

Jun 5 @ 11:42AM  
Like you said, physical attraction is half of the battle, yet you refuse to post a pic. Youve lost the battle before it begins. I ignore those that dont have a picture. The technology to post one isnt that advanced, and weeding out those that either dont have one, or are obviously infatuated with their own dick, has been quite frequent here. The human race has always focused on appearance as signs of health,happiness and attraction, and I seriously doubt it is going to change anytime soon. Its the way of the world no matter who agrees with it.

Jun 5 @ 11:49AM  
When I first came here, I was a little leery about posting any sort of pic, but I decided it was a fun way to add a little something to the online persona. It shouldn't be the basis for judging anyone, but I find photos fascinating in the context of their owners' personalities. The visual cues from those little pictures somehow liven up the dynamic around here.

Jun 5 @ 11:59AM  
Well i for one have talked to people with and without pictures. I think that there is more about a person than what they look like and when they are ready you will see what they look like. I do have pictures posted because thats who i am and i choose to give people the option of wanting to talk to me no matter how i look. I do think tho, there are some that do post pictures because their ego is way out of wack. ITs like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I AM SO GORGEOUS!! but i think you can pick them out by reading thier essays. Whether a person chooses to post or not a post a picture they shouldn't be judged on it. What a person looks like is only a part of what attracts you to them, can you not give someone a chance to become friends and than work on other things? i think the more you like someone the more attracted you are to him/her. And what other people would view as butt ugly you may care so much about that person you find them attractive.

Just my 2cents.


Jun 5 @ 4:22PM  
You are a member of a minority group of men, who feel that conversation with interesting women can be enjoyed without a pic.
I have found that the majority of men want to know what I look like.
And even though my profile has a assortment of different pic's
I still receive requests for more pics to be posted


Jun 5 @ 5:28PM  
I don't have a pic posted and if anybody wants to see a pic of me all they have to do is ask. If someone chooses not to talk to me because I don't have a pic posted, that's their choice just as it's mine not to have it posted. I have talked to a lot of people, with and without pics, and it doesn't matter to me one way or another if you have one's all about personality and what we do or don't have in common. I will say tho in order to meet somebody I have to have a pic of them ...1. so I know who I'm looking for and 2. for safety purposes.

Jun 21 @ 8:47AM  
I can talk to someone with or without a pic but when it comes down to meeting them, I agree with you need a pic for safety reasons and you want to know who you will be looking for.

The one thing that KILLS me is the guys who don't have a picture and they see my pictures and still ask for more.... now that's ballsey.

Jun 17 @ 10:29AM  
I think chating or email with a stranger is more exciting without the use of a pic, and the focus of getting to know some one is more taken into consideration, rather than getting more familar with some ones picture. I could get by just as easily with a brief description of the person. Like you I don't mind being seen in public, but believe there are many precautions that one needs to consider when posting pictures- thieves for example. I wouldn't say that it's all together a bad idea to trade pictures, but sometimes pictures can really get in the way of getting to know somebody;(especially on this site) they just don't present themselves as nicely as words do.

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Pictures, or Lack Thereof