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just something that pisses me off

posted 6/3/2007 11:32:22 PM |
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My oldest daughter is 21..she works her butt off, she has several health problems, the company she works doesnt offer Health Care Benefits. She has applied for Medicaid in the past...and wouldnt you believe, she was denied. She makes enough to pay her rent, she has a boyfriend who also works and helps her pay everything else, but barely. How is it that her being a legal resident of the United States cant get help and wont use our Emergency rooms as her form of Health Care, but those who arent legal can get away with not paying tax's, can get health care and out of conveinence use our Emergency Rooms like a regular Dr. visit. My daughter wont even go see her Gastro. Specialists because it costs way to much without insurance. She's had 5 major surgeries in her short life, and may need more. And she's so afraid to get sick again, and loose everything she has to pay medical bills.

This country and all their bullshit about helping every other freaking country...i say...fuck them...lets start right here..the good old USA!!! Lets help our Senior Citizens, our Mothers/fathers/aunts/uncles get their prescriptions without them worrying if thier gonna be able pay for thier heat bill for that month..lets help our children who are newly out on thier own who work and pay tax's, but still need some help. We need to, As A Country, start right here, in our own backyard!!!

Sorry about my rant...just couldnt help myself.

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Jun 3 @ 11:40PM  
I could rant right with you. I can't get it either, and need it almost as much as your daughter would seem to need it. I have asthma, diabetes, a heart problem and need all my girly parts taken out as well, and all are going untreated and unmedicated because I have no insurance at work and no way to pay for private insurance, let alone the meds I need and the doctors appts it would take to GET the meds... and the reason I can't get it is because we have SO FREAKING MANY ILLEGAL ALIENS in my state and THEY are all getting it!

It's not fair that I have paid taxes for 28 years and can't get the help I need, yet they come here from other countries illegally and get it all handed to them on a silver platter!!

Sorry to rant on your rant, LOL

Jun 3 @ 11:49PM  
you and your daughter have a right to be pissed..........but you are preaching to the choir.........i had do things i was not comfortable with to acquire insurance because without it i was as good as dead.........and it seemed no government program cared.........

Jun 3 @ 11:49PM  

I just knew I loved ya baby.

Jun 3 @ 11:56PM  
umm...DITTO to what Pooh...says....fuckin government....IRS .....blahhh

Jun 4 @ 12:13AM  
For years I was raising my son as a single mom, barely scrapping by and his father, a.k.a. "the sperm donor" refused to pay support! My son had some serious medical problems and his meds were outrageous! He also had to undergo several orthopedic surgeries from a bad broken leg. He was on medicaid at the time as my job at that time did not offer insurance and Lord knows I couldn't afford it! Two years ago when the state of Missouri overhauled the medicaid program they cancelled his coverage and didn't bother to tell me! I found out when he broke his ankle and had to go to ER!! Yeah, I'm still paying that bill! Thank God I got a step up promotion to from county employee to state employee and now have great insurance, course I have to pay out the ass for it too! It is very frustrating!

Jun 4 @ 1:11AM  
sorry about your daughter pooh....and for the rest of you as well.........this is one of the reasons that, I love living in Canada!

Jun 4 @ 1:29AM  
Here in the UK we have a national health service (NHS). Each and every employee pays into the scheme from their wages via national insurance which is deducted fro their pay every week or month depending on how they are paid. When Crissy and I started to look into getting married I discovered that if we married before she became a resident of the UK she could start work immediately and would therefore be paying national insurance but would not be entitled to free health care for three years even though she was paying for it. If, however, she were to enter the country illegally or from one of the "commonwealth" countries such as India, Australia or any other country that Britain used to have sovereignty over then she would not only be entitled to free health care but she would also be entitled to housing benefit, social security and a whole host of other "free" services purely as she would be considered to be almost a UK citizen. The fact that she is working and contributing to society would count for nothing! The cost of health care in the UK is generally cheaper than the US too but I still think it unfair that some one who is prepared to pay their way is not able to use the services they, as well as every other employee, are paying for. I will be looking into the cost of private medical insurance schemes and how long you need to have paid into those schemes to reap the benefits. I might even take one out as it would cover both of us and would make life a little more bearable for her too. So I say screw the NHS and screw governments in general as both the US and the UK spend too much time and money helping foreign countries and not enough sorting out their own.

Jun 4 @ 1:32AM  
People who work don't get any help if they make barely enough to survive but can't afford to pay for insurance and will lose everything when they end up in a hospital for any length of time. Those who don't work and don't have anything get free medical, weather they are here legally or not. Those here illegally should be sent back where they came from and kept out in the first place, they are parasites, most of them.

Jun 4 @ 2:42AM  
This Sorry Assed Government Is So Worried About Being Friends With Everyone Else That They Forget The People That Live Here And Were Born Here Or Have Taken The Proper Steps To Become Legal. Yet We As AMERICANS Can't Say Anything For Fear Of Offending Someone. Someone Gave Me This Idea And I Agree With It 100%...What The Government Should Do Is Drop Employment Taxes All Together And Raise Taxes On Everything Purchased Here In The States. 95% Or More Of The Ileagles In This Country Are Working For Cash Under The Table So They Have No Check To Tax, But About 100% Of Them Shop So The Taxes Could Be Made Up There. But That Makes Since So The Worthless Bastards In Washington Would Never Go For It. They Are Nothing But A Bunch Of Sorry Ass Pussy's That Are More Worried About Lining Their Own Pockets. And Another Thing, The Taxes On All Of The Things I Like Best IE..Cigarettes, Beer, Gas,etc....Have Been Raised Time After Time To Help Pay For Schools, And Other Programs, In Fact, Here In Indiana, As Of July 1st. The Cigarette Tax Is Going Up Another .45 A Pack To Fund A New Health Care Program For Those With Out Insurance I Would Be Willing To Bet That If Your Not From Another Country You Won't Qualify All I Have To Say Is...."Why Do I Have To Press One For English???"
I Know There Will Be People That Say I Am Being Closed Minded, So For Their Benefit, I'll Say "Kiss My Ass" Now.

Jun 4 @ 3:16AM  
I'm with me248 on this one, thank god I'm Canadian!! I can't believe people are dying or losing everything they have worked their whole lives for because they are sick!!

Jun 4 @ 3:27AM  
i agree pooh.the government is so busy passing bills to take one more freedom from us they don't have time to pay attention to the things we as AMERICANS need.

Jun 4 @ 3:55AM  
Yeah, I hear Ya.....We Waste so much money on the Space Programs and the War...We should be taking care of our own !

Jun 4 @ 7:23AM  
I will drink to all the above!! Because all is correct

Jun 4 @ 8:11AM  
Every country has its flaws. But all you said is definately worth a read and thought.

Jun 4 @ 9:28AM  
I agree! Something needs to be done about Health Care Benefits in this country. No one should be financially ruin from a health care problem. This seems so wrong.

Jun 4 @ 9:40AM  
as long as the big drug companies are pooring millions of dollars into getiing these dumbasses elected there wont be any change .

Jun 4 @ 9:42AM  
Amen Argit, colt. and everyone who agree's matter how we look at it...the government runs our lives in way or the other...we hate the fact that they have so much over us, but, what can we honest good people do, well, we can bend over and take it up the rear..minus the KY jelly....

Jun 4 @ 10:01AM  
I think that Canada has the best health care system. The United States should have their's.

I have worked since I was 16 years old. I lost my job last Dec. I went to see if I could get medical and I can't. Why because I get $26.00 a month too much for social security for my daughter. I am suppose to be on a daily medication and can't afford to take it.

Jobs these days don't want to pay for insurance it costs the company too much money. The one's making the money are the insurance company's.

I also think that when you retire you should get free prescriptions. You worked your ass off all those years and still have to pay big $$ for medication.

I bet if I was on drugs or a alcoholic I would get free medical. I did find out that Ohio has a prescription program that will help with the cost of your medication.

I think our government sucks


Jun 4 @ 10:52AM  
I agree with you totally. I have beenpaying my taxes for 29 yrs now .I would like to see what I am paying for go to AMERICANS not someone who just crossed the border or who was smuggled in. I am just going to keep voting and hope for a change. Its nice to know there are more people out there who feel the same. Andrew By the way hulkNpooh (great butt)

Jun 4 @ 12:32PM  
Yeah, my standard of living would be so much better if I wasn't getting RAPED by
the pharmaceutical companies and oil barons. We are taxed three ways from Sunday and yet the government is trillions in debt. It's quite depressing really. If our president had been in Viet Nam instead of fucking off in the National Guard, maybe we wouldn't have 150,000 soldiers stuck in a hopeless desert quagmire of death and destruction. I'm counting the days until a Democratic president pulls up stakes and gets us the fuck out of that God forsaken hell hole. Yes, the place will descend into chaos and the butchery and torture will spin wildly out of control. The price of gas will be 4 or 5 dollars a gallon but it's better than constantly seeing photos of American soldiers with no arms and legs while at the same time reading that the commanding General in charge of the whole operation just told the press, "Any student of history will recognize that there is no military solution to sectarian violence." I also object to the atmosphere in this country of "I can't say anything because someone might be offended." Fuck you and your "right to not be offended" that right isn't in my Constitution and as a matter of fact you GAVE IT UP so you could have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That's amendment ONE in case you didn't know and it's worth fighting and dying for, unlike this sickening unwritten code of political correctness(VOMIT) that seems to guide many people.

Jun 4 @ 1:16PM  
yes,its a shame when a non u.s. person can get free medical and people who are american tax payers cant.they set these people up with free college,sometimes free business loans,free medical,it is truely fucked up when we have sick,straving,and homeless americans in this country and some asshole comes over and gets it all free.

Jun 4 @ 1:38PM  
I agree with you totally...

We should be taking care of our family FIRST!!! Our country's CITIZENS are our family... Feed them, house them, give them the medical care they need... THEN give the extra to other countries...

It should be ILLEGAL to treat NON residents in our ERs... No VALID US ID, no treatment...

Go home to YOUR country to mooch off them!

Same with ANY service!

Don't wanna learn our language??? GO THE FUCK HOME!

We need signs in our business windows:

No Shirt
No Shoes
No Valid U.S. ID


Jun 4 @ 5:46PM  
You think it is bad now - wait until out government (Congress and the President) slam this immigation bill down on us. Don't bitch here - call, write or e mail your Congressperson. They are getting pressure but it is easing off - Tell them to vote against it.

Jun 4 @ 6:51PM  
we as a country are to busy helping everybody fucking else....Hilary was supposed to....well at least promised, when Bill took office....that all americans would have Health care...ya,,,,lets vote for her for president.......NOT!...HOPE YOURE DOIN WELL OTHERWISE.....Rick....

Jun 4 @ 7:53PM  
they dont want to help us it is all big buisness

Jun 4 @ 11:13PM  
I couldn't agree with you more! As long as you're an American, you get treated like shit right out of high school. You can't get medical insurance, college help or anything else to better your life without owing until death.
But, if you come over as an immigrant.......they'll kiss your ass! Yeah, Yeah..I heard the OLD story about how all of us were immigrants or so from way back when. We're STILL apologizing for slavery. Of course, the apology is all political and isn't, in the least, heartfelt. If it was, things would improve!
We're the greatest country on earth!? Yet, we can't help our OWN! You go to work every day to make $7.35/hour with NO help because, by working, you proved that you're capable of enduring the bullshit. So, NO help for you!
The system sucks dick!!! My teeth are going bad, but I can't afford to get dentures. So, my choices? Put up with the pain and humiliation OR, find a great paying job. So, I'd only have to work for 2 weeks or so before I could afford 2 hours at the dentist.
But..........if I was Mexican!
I agree! We fuck our own people and deny them help so we can share it with other countries. MAYBE that's why they find us to be the "cash cow" or SUCKERS........whichever term fits best.

Jun 5 @ 12:30AM  
Rant away. The cost of medical care in this country is outrageous.... but I don't blame the doctors or the pharmacutical companies.

First I'll start with illegals. Because of good samaritan laws, hospitals have to treat everyone who shows up whether they can pay or not. So, in some areas 7 out of 10 patients are not paying and those of us that are have to make up the slack. IF a grocery store gave away 7 out of 10 loaves of bread, can you imagine how much the remaining 3 would cost?

Next is the lawyers. When people spill hot coffee in their lap or stub their toe on the sidewalk, they think they won the lottery. After all, it's not like any person has to pay. It's the nasty old insurance companies so the stupid people on the juries give them millions and wish it was them getting it. Then they wonder why their insurance is so expensive. DUH

Ah............ nothing like a good rant.

Jun 5 @ 9:05AM  
You rany away girl. I agree with you 100%. This country is so fucked up I doubt it will ever be worth a shit again. I have said for a long time now "fuck everyone else and take care of our own". Every politician from the President all the way down to city Mayors are nothing but crooks. Some are just a little nicer while they are fucking you without the KY.

Jun 5 @ 1:34PM  
"You think it is bad now - wait until out government (Congress and the President) slam this immigration bill down on us. Don't bitch here - call, write or e mail your Congressperson. They are getting pressure but it is easing off - Tell them to vote against it."

maybe they should vote for it, the reality is that these people are here to stay, in becoming legal residents these people would become legal in every sense of the word and would pay taxes and medical insurance, they would fall under the same medical policies as Pooh's daughter,
Many couldn't afford to stay and would leave.

But hand in hand with this legislation would have to come very strict penalties for any new illegal's and those who hire them.

Jun 9 @ 6:58AM  
I agree fully. Went and going through the same thing with son. Our great system helps everyone except for americans that need help!

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just something that pisses me off