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"Why are all the hot young women on this site lesbians???"

posted 6/3/2007 3:28:22 PM |
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tagged: lesbians, hotwomen

I put quotation marks in the subject line on the question I'm asking, as I'm not the one who is asking...another member posted this question, and when I went to post my said...You are not allowed to post a comment!

Which is fine, as it's everyone's choice to approve, and or not approve comments on his or her blogs. And it's also everyone's choice, as well as everyone's right to block responses from whomever they choose. And normally I'm not one to do this, fact is I've never done this...where I take another's blog and make it one of my own because I'm not able to post a comment.

However, I've decided to break my own well as AMD's rules? Just this once, as I'm interested in what others think, and how they feel about such a question/comment. Therefore I felt like blogging about this myself.

OK, I've rambled on like a babbling fool long enough...

So this is what I think...I don't think this individual is looking hard enough! And I also think most of these lesbian profiles are fake profiles...however, I'm not saying it's a fact. As I simply have no real proof, it's only my opinion.

So, I'm just curious as to what you all think...

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"Why are all the hot young women on this site lesbians???"
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Jun 3 @ 3:33PM  
i am not a lesbian.......ooops sorry i am not a hot young women either.....

Jun 3 @ 3:36PM  
Diffently not a Lesbian...I love Dick too much!! Oh, I'm not young either! OOPS!

Jun 3 @ 3:45PM  
hey CC i'm with you...all the way...but some just want pussy to fall in their lap.....ohh n i KNOW THAT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME

i am not a lesbian.......ooops sorry i am not a hot young women either.....

ohh on the contrary peach YES YOU ARE

and VG must we do this agian ??

Jun 3 @ 3:52PM  
Ok, first of all what defines young? Because I'm 32 and I like to think I'm still young. Well, at least at heart....but aren't we all?

And secondly, if you expect really hot young women to fall into your lap I have to ask what fantasy land are you living in. Guess what, I'd rather a real man than a "hunk" and I think most men would agree to the reverse...that they'd rather a real woman than a "young hot peice of meat". Which is basically what I thought this person was reducing women to in his blog.

We are all hot women in our own way it just takes a REAL man to see it.

Jun 3 @ 3:54PM  
OK, maybe these two ladies who have commented thus far aren't young. But niether of you sure as hell ain't OLD! And as far as being sexy...I beg to differ! As I personally think, and I have a feeling most of the men on AMD will think the same...and argee with me that you two are HOT as well as SEXY!

Furthermore, I guess I should have looked at who made this original comment...I noticed he is only 19 years old. So I guess a comment such as his is to be expected from a child.

And one day, at least we can hope...that he, like myself and well as most of the men here on AMD. Will eventually grow up...and look at the world and women differently.

I too was 19 once, and just as ignorant at that age...

Jun 3 @ 3:59PM  
I actually made a response to that same blog you're talking about Crave.I think I won't be approved by him because I'm kinda putting the kid in his place and I don't think he'd want to hear that,or else he'd just come insult me.Ah,the immaturity and shortsightedness of youth.Anyway,he's just generalizing and labeling.I hate that.

Jun 3 @ 4:17PM  
He's wrong anyway. The site is about 99% lesbians trapped in men's bodies.

Jun 3 @ 4:52PM  
Why are they all going lesbian? Look at the most recent crop of young men and there you have it. buncha whiney pussy bois.

Jun 3 @ 5:40PM  
I have to agree lunanegra...I too hate it when people generalize and label others!

And as much as I hate to admit it, I too have been guilty of doing that exact thing. I think we all do in one way or another, with not meaning to...I know I'd never do it intentionally, but I'm also not going to deny I've been guilty a few times.

31sunshine...let's see here. I'm 43, you're I guess in a way that makes you a hot and younger woman. So if he doesn't want'cha...I'll take ya! Mr. Mackey on South Park would say...Hmmmmmmmmmmmkay.

NachoBaby, now that was just plain mean...but gawd damned funny as hell!

Jun 3 @ 8:14PM  
No lesbian hanging out in MY jeans, baby! I get letters from them, but it aint are the shizz-nit!

Jun 3 @ 8:46PM  
sorry but I really really like dick to much to be a lesbian. And I know I'm not young! but by god I'm good!

Jun 4 @ 5:31PM  
....Because they've hooked-up with 'Bad-Boys' before . . and discovered that they don't like being ABUSED . . !!!
They're now 'Man-Bashers', for the most part . . !!!
A Pity, Too . .
_Real Gentlemen_ would treat them like _Royalty_ . . !!!

Jun 4 @ 5:49PM  
erm how young is young? i'm 36 but like to thisnk that i'm hot?? maybe i'm to old but I am NOT into women. I love men toooooo much but tell me why am I getting mails from usa but not good old england?

Works both ways it seems maybe you haven't come across my profile??? maybe 36 is to old for you.

I stopped counting at 28 hehe

Jun 4 @ 6:05PM  
I think, partly, it's because it is the 'in' thing to explore ones bi-sexuality these a certain age group that is. Of course, depending on with who you speak, the age group could be just about anyone but it appears (to me) to be prevalent amongst those under 30.

Jun 4 @ 9:44PM  
My oldest son is now a senior in high school. He has the same gripe. Most of the gals in his class are lesbian, or bi. The ones that aren't are all chasing "older" men.........guys with jobs, cars, apartments, etc.,. Or, they're already involved.
Young ladies have life by the balls..........simple as that. They have both men AND women chasing after them because they have youth, beauty, innocence(?)and all of that to their advantage. So, why would they come to a site like this in search of young guys? They have to beat them off with a stick on a daily basis in real life.
Sad truth, but if your 18 yr old girl is "hanging out with the girls" parents think little of it. If they're going out with the guys, dad's all over it!! So, IMHO, parents kind of pushed this scenario into reality. If you have a lot of guy friends, you're a slut. If you have a lot of girl friends, you're popular and well, liked.
I agree, CC. He's not looking hard enough. And, looking in the wrong places. Plus, a LOT of these young gals looking for women are "in a relationship". They already have a SO and are just looking to experiment. Doesn't mean that they're lesbian! Just that they don't want every 20 yr old guy pestering them.

Jun 9 @ 6:55PM  
Nice little ploy to get the REAL women on here. lol (I'm bi)

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"Why are all the hot young women on this site lesbians???"