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Something a little.....different.

posted 6/1/2007 2:56:19 PM |
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It was cold. I remember that because the comforter was the only cover on the bed and I was wrapped up in it. To be honest I do not remember the cold as much as I do the feeling of being hugged tight by the cover and feeling safe for a second as I thought she was holding me...

It has been three days since she left. Her body does not comfort mine at night anymore. She does not hold me and help me go back to sleep when the nightmares kick in. I lay here waiting for something other then the dark to embrace me. I'd settle for nearly anything at this point.

I hear something. It's like a sound fighting through fog. I try to open my eyes...when did I fall back to sleep?

The covers are tight around me like a straight jacket. Why does that feel comforting?

That sound again. It almost sounds like her voice. Why is it so muffled? I try to open my eyes again. I feel the weight pressing down on me trapping my arms to my side. The voice comes again.

"I have missed you." The words are stronger now as sleep rolls back and awareness takes hold slowly. I'm trapped but I do not mind. She is here with me. I can not really see her but I hear her and feel her on me.

Something wet drips onto my face. and I can taste salt. Tears?

"Baby I want to come home but I need somethings to change."

These words I have heard before. She told me when she left she wanted to come back when we fixed our problems. I know they are far from fixed but I also know we can do it.

The weight is suddenly gone and I panic. Not another dream!

The comforter pulls off me and I hear her voice again. "Baby I want you to hold me."

I do. I still have not spoken a word. But it is as if she does not have to hear my words to know my heart. I feel her warm body slide in next to mine. She wraps her arms around me and for a slpit second I swear I hear singing.

"Baby I..." She cuts me off with a gentle kiss.

"I don't want to talk. I want to feel."

Her hands glide slowly over my chest as her breast press gently into my side. I can feel every curve as if my hands were all over her at once though only one actually touches her. The other lays to my side letting her touch me as she wants. I am hers to do with as she pleases.

The hand that is touching her holds her close to me. I press into her lower back keeping her close, her head resting on my shoulder. Is this a dream> Is she really here or is it the Jack talking again.

"We named the monkey Jack" I smile as the words cross my mind. I was born three hundred years to late. My mind snaps back to now.

Her hand is moving down my stomach now. I know where she is headed and I know she wanted to wait until she came back home. "Baby please..."

Her lips find mine and I am silent again except for slight moans of pure pleasure. No drug can ever make me feel this comforted and at peace.

Her hand finds my manhood. She calls it a cock. She loves the dirty sound of the word. What ever you call it she has it hard and begging for attention. That is what she gives it.

Her hand slowly caresses my shaft making it pulse and flex. The head is swelled so hard. I'm not well hung but I am think. She has never complained about my size or skills. That was never a problem.

My cock strains against the pressure of her hand slowly stroking it.

"Do it miss me, Baby? Does it want me?"

"Yes" I grunt not realizing how worked up she was getting me.

Her voice changes a little. It sounds command. "Good. It should miss me." Then she whispers "I have missed it too."

Word escape me after this. She rolls up on top of me. It is still dark and all I can see is her silhouette. She is on top of me now and I am in her. She moves slowly at first. Her hips grinding gently into mine.

I do not really know what is going on. My head is light and buzzing with an ever increasing strength. Her movements speed up slightly and I thrust my hips up matching her rhythm.

She is here with me right now. Nothing else matters. I need her.

As she rides me I feel her slide up and down on my raging cock. Her back and forth motions send me higher and higher as my cocked worked all around her pussy. She is so wet and hot. My cock is swelled up so hard and can feel every little muscle twitch as she starts building toward her first orgasm.

She has always been like that. At least with me she is. It only takes seconds sometimes to make her cum. This time she cums hard from the start. Her pussy squeezes my cock hard as she rocks back and forth as fast as she can finally letting out a little cry of heaven sent pleasure.

She knows it takes me a long time to cum this way so she keep riding through this one and starts racing after another one. I can almost see my cock thrashing around inside her now. She's moaning and crying out making me hotter and hotter.

Suddenly she stops. Its so abrupt I almost think she is gone for a second. She climbs off of me and turns her ass to me. "Mount me baby. Take what you know is yours."

I actually hesitate for a brief second. 'Take what is mine'? That would be all of her. But I do what I know she means and get up behind her and slide my wet and slick cock into her wet and even more slick pussy.

She cries out as I slam home into her. She pushes back making sure every part is pressed into her on every thrust. I pound her hard and she returns the favor making sure she is ready for the next violation of her soft, warm box.

"Fuck me, Baby." She calls out.

"I am, Baby. Oh shit I am."

She's cumming again. I'm getting close myself.

Both my hands are on her hips pulling and pushing us together. Her face is buried in the bed as I thrust and hammer her sweet pussy as hard and as fast as I can. She grunts and talks to me telling me how good it feels and how much she wants me to cum in her.

The truth of the matter is I am fighting with all I have not to cum. I want her to feel every last second I can give her.

The world stops. Time stands still. Nothing moves anywhere except us. I see a light. I explode in a wave or pleasure and...

I lay there looking up at the ceiling. I do not see it really. The comforter it at the foot of the bed. She is not here. She is not coming tonight. She will not be here tomorrow night either. I wonder if she will miss me.

The bottle of Jack lays on the floor. There is maybe four drops left if that. Tomorrow I'll get it together. I'll only take a shot or two to help with the nerves and I'll get it together. Today is just to hard. Tomorrow will be better. Yeah. Tomorrow.

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Something a little.....different.