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He said it made him feel gay...

posted 6/1/2007 11:16:48 AM |
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tagged: anal play

So, it's no surprise that I like to be adventurous. But I've been pulling a particular vanilla guy into my bedroom more often than he'd like. Yesterday I discussed the penis pump, and today I'm going to venture into my latest anal play. He's straight, totally, never had bisexual thoughts or has ever claimed to be excited by a dick. BUT, he tried something for me. Little anal beads, not my favorite, I don't dig the nylon string, but they were small and he was curious. Afterwards he just sat there like he was waiting for the father to come for his confession. He didn't look at me, barely said a word. I asked him what he thought and he turned to me and said that he felt gay. Anal play for men is still so taboo in today's standards, our culture has put the stamp on it, saying if you try it, well, you must be gay or have bisexual fantasies. He then proceeded to tell me he felt dirty, his orgasm felt empty but kinda good, and he didn't think it was a good idea to ever do that again.

My question is to all you straight men out there- Have you ever indulged in anal play? If you haven't, would you ever?

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Jun 1 @ 11:21AM  
I's very odd. I've just stuck something very thin up there for a domme :(.

VERY nasty.


Jun 1 @ 11:24AM  
Nope havent tried and never will. I would not do anal with a woman forget myself..I feel that its gross...But again thats my preference.

Jun 1 @ 11:29AM  
yep.........i have and would......

Jun 1 @ 11:31AM  
I'm not a guy.. but you would be amazed at how many 'straight' men are juiced by the thought of my strap-on.

Jun 1 @ 11:47AM  
Communication is probably the most important thing the two of you can do together. You just have to spin it right to appeal to or soothe his macho self image.
Tell him how manly it is of him to explore these sexual variations with you, that you totally respect him and he so turns you on because of it. Or go scientific on his ass, tell him about all the nerve endings and how a woman stimulating them doesn't mean he's gay etc and also you will never tell anyone ever [this is a biggie] about what happens between you and you'd never ever think of posting it on a blog.

How old is he anyhow? He probably needs a few years of seasoning to get over his ingrained inhibitions, religious hang ups or parental conditioning.

If you make sure he gets what he wants he'll not feel used if you ask him to do things for you that stretch his comfort zone.

Jun 1 @ 11:52AM  
He's a couple years shy of 30. Trust me, I tried damage control.. who knows what will happen! heh.

Jun 1 @ 12:00PM  
Some people never do get over their hangups.
I decided a while back that whatever a man and a woman can do together I'd be willing to try....of course no kids, animals, poop or permanent injuries included in that.

Well if a few days don't ease his feelings you might need to find another playmate.

Jun 1 @ 12:24PM  
i have. it's good. way good. it lead me to realize my pleasure center, so to speak, was located a little west of my penis and scrotom. which obviously led me to the conclusion i was gay, or bi-sexual. took the wind out of my marraige. but it was better to know, than to try and hide or bury the curiosity. my conclusion, at this point is bi-sexual. in other words, it's all good.

Jun 1 @ 12:29PM  
I'm straight, I have no attraction to men at all...yet I find anal play exciting. I have used beads, and I tend to reach very strong orgasms with them. I'd even be open to a woman using a strap on on me. To me it is basically just another way of getting off, and I figure if I expect a woman to let me do anything with her ass I better be willing to let her do something to mine.

Jun 1 @ 12:29PM  
Nacho... hey there nutsy... have you really up the bummed guys with the strap on?? I don;t think I could do that. I am not a butt girl by any means... I rub my man's cheeks for him at bedtime sometimes when he doesn't feel good, it makes him feel better. Other than that I grab them on occasion but never had a desire to do anything with any part of his perfect little bum beyond the crack.... anything farther in then the outer regions of the crack just don't interest me.... and even though I would love to try it with a woman I do not think that I would want to strap on a strap on and do her.... or her do me that way... I have a man for that..... if I am going to do something with a girl why would I want a strap on... I already have a perfectly good cock to play with and I like the real thing better than any toy..... you're brave... I have had guys in the past who were bi and we had treesomes and even foursomes.. the most I have ever had at once was five... five jamacian dudes but they didn;t play with eachother just with me.... but none of these past experiences ever involved one guys pecker up another guy's bum.... hmmm.... I dunno if that will ever be on my to do list...... brave girl brave.....

Jun 1 @ 12:45PM  
Anybody ever hear of the prostate? It is not an anatomical feature of gay men. Every normal male has one. I had a lover once who introduced me to its pleasures. When she went down on me and I was close to bursting, she would insinuate her well-greased finger you know where and massage my prostate until I would explode so copiously I would be beside myself. I've never had a conscious thought about men. The association of the prostate with homosexuality to me is absurd.
Kudos on your well-written blogs.

Jun 1 @ 1:14PM  
It's actually a really interesting question. Werther's point is obviously well taken--the plexus of nerves criss-crossing the prostate can be successfully stimulated through massage from inside the rectum. A lot of men really enjoy it as an adjunct to the normal pleasure stimuli. Still, though... it's not something I would personally ever ask for, because I don't feel that conventional sex is unable to make me feel good enough. I wouldn't feel "gay" as this guy mentioned; rather, I would just feel kind of odd. It really depends, too, on the partner; it makes all the difference whether she's a little bit squeamish with outside-of-the-box activities or whether she's a freak. When someone's more twisted (liberated?) than you are, I think it makes you feel a little less self-conscious. So if in some hypothetical scenario I'm with some sexual nutcase in the bedroom, I probably wouldn't turn her down from playing around there, but it would still be kind of shocking. I definitely draw the line at strap-ons, though!

Jun 1 @ 3:14PM  
Just 4 words . . . .
Your Place . . or Mine . . ???

Jun 1 @ 3:50PM  
I applaud him in being willing to give it a shot and telling you honestly how it made him feel. At least he was willing. I'd say that's a good place to start from.

Jun 1 @ 4:31PM  
Well I'm straight and I love anal play. As a matter of fact I'm going to visit that silly squirel and her strap on.

Jun 1 @ 5:40PM  
i have tried it and i didnt hate it but i have never done it again but i cant say i hated it but you know for a man to accept it he has to be comfortable with himself maybe this guy does have bi feelings and that just kicked it in, i have been with guys for gang bangs on one girl but never done anything gay like jack a dick ya know its all in how you view it i gangbang chicks with my fiends and we arent gay so maybe he just needs time to come to grips with himself

Jun 1 @ 5:42PM  
I've been with a couple of girls who were totally against any anal play but once after time they were willing to try it, found they loved it. I can't speak for guys as such other than myself, but I figure just saying you don't like it doesn't mean much until you try it.

Jun 1 @ 5:59PM  
straight to the core is me...i noticed that women that like anal sex also like to lick ass...perhaps because they like it done to themselves so much that they want to share the experience and doesn't do anything for me and i certainly don't want toys up my ass but i understand where they're cumming from.

Jun 1 @ 6:14PM  
I would never do something that makes my parner feel uncomfortable and she doesn't like. Totally, from your blog, it seems you want to make it an unpleasent feeling for him. I wonder why.

Jun 1 @ 7:04PM  
Fuck no! That's fucking disgusting. Yuck, I'm fucking gagging! In my opinion if a guy likes that he must be gay. I don't understand why "straight" guys watch guy girl porn. Just the thought of seeing another's guys dick makes me sick to my stomach. Shouldn't they only be interested in watching lesbians 69 and stuff? That has always baffled me. I'm starting to think half the world is bisexual. I'm not here to offend, just speaking my mind. I have no problem with gay people. But if you take it in the ass and you are a guy, you'd most likely take it in the ass by another guy. That's my theory on it.

Jun 1 @ 8:23PM  
Putting a toy up your ass does not make you gay
Having a woman use a strapon does not make you gay
Having a GUY put his DICK up your Ass doesn't mean you are gay if directed by a Domme
Having a Guy put his Dick up your Ass without a Females direction - you are queerer than a $3 bill.

Guys get over it!! You have stuck your dicks in Womens ass, about damn time you know what it feels like and maybe you'll be more attentive when we say "More Lube, Slow Down". I've met several men who enjoy having a strapon used on them whether it's a D/s realtionship or just a little curiousity/roleplay.

Strapon play between hetro couples is becoming almost mainstream - get used to it!!

Jun 1 @ 11:39PM  
luv it baby and yes im str8. it is just fuckin hot! i'd like to have a hot lady fuck my ass with a strapon someday. now that would be hot!

i think i'll go see if any of my cyber GF's are online in yahoo messenger so they can watch me put my 6" plug in my ass - mmmmmmmmm m!

Jun 2 @ 12:27AM  
If the guy wasn't up for it, he shouldn't have been pressured into it. Respecting other's limits and desires is part of a consensual adult relationship.

Jun 2 @ 12:29AM  
He definitely was NOT pressured, he posed the idea way before I said anything. I may be a little taboo and crazy but I won't force someone into anything.

Jun 2 @ 4:15AM  
My question is to all you straight men out there- Have you ever indulged in anal play? If you haven't, would you ever?

Yes I have indulged in anal play many times, both in giving and receiving. I have no problems with a woman licking my ass, insterting her finger, or putting anal beads in my ass while we're having sex. And even more so when she's giving me a blow job!

And when I'm cumming and she pulls those anal beads from my intense orgasms are even more intense than usual!

However, I would never allow a woman to shove a dildo up my ass, nor would I allow her to fuck me with a strap-on. For the simple fact there are a few things I simply will not try and or do. But for the most part, I'm willing to try just about anything! And there really isn't a hell of a lot I've not tried when it comes to sex.

And no, I'm not gay, nor has it or does it make me feel gay. Then again, unlike, most men. I don't have that phobia, and I'm secure enough in my body and sexuality. And more often than not, it's those two reasons why something such as anal play would make a man feel gay...

Jun 2 @ 5:30AM  
It still sounds like his humiliation aroused you. A young guy probably also wouldn't appreciate his discomfort being broadcast all over a website.

Jun 2 @ 5:27PM  
I don't understand why "straight" guys watch guy girl porn
Hmmm have to wonder what kind of porn should a straight man watch then???

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He said it made him feel gay...