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Stanley Cup Finals & Psychic Abilities...

posted 5/30/2007 11:57:22 PM |
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tagged: hockey, psychic

Ok so some of you know I have visions and abilities. Always have, but as I have gotten older they got stronger. Problem is being on meds for bipolar has disturbed my ability to see and feel things as well as I used to which I HATE. Tonight though it did not disturb my vision. I told Phil and Sarah I felt that there would be a goal in the 3rd period and it would not be Ottawa, in fact Ottawa would loose tonight.
This did indeed happen just as I predicted, however Phil was PISSED. He told me I jinxed our team. He told me I was just lucky to have called it as I did.
I asked him how many times did I have to be right before he would see my abilities are real. For this is not the first game I have called. First game I called an exact way it would play out though.
However I suppose we can't always make people believe something they can't understand and can't see. Even Sarah was making fun of my I feel....She started to say she felt this and felt that and was laughing. I told her it isn't a laughing matter and if she wanted to take it seriously we could sit and talk about it. Anyhow it really is a frustration I sometimes wish I could stop my meds just so I could be back to my full ability I hate not being at full capacity and I hate that peope can be so ignorant about something higher than what they know about...

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May 31 @ 12:11AM  
Some souls are not so evolved. God hasn't lifted the veil. I believe! (I feel sorry for those that don't). Get off or change the meds.

May 31 @ 12:30AM  
All right--consider my curiosity piqued! What's the nature of the things you see, and do you have any choice in the matter? In other words, do "feelings" come to you, or do you seek them out? Or both?

By the way--I'm sorry they were insensitive toward you, but for what it's worth, I think blunted vision and mood stability trumps uncontrolled bipolar disorder. I appreciate that you're frustrated, though, and I understand why.

May 31 @ 1:24AM  
I believe you and would not make fun of someone who has that ability. In fact, I'm most intrigued by such things and the people who can perform them. Just my 2 cents.....


BTW:Who won the first game? I missed the 3rd period because a friend stopped over so I didn't get to see the end. Then again, I missed todays game because my cousin helped me fix my 10-speed bike. I went biking for the first time in years. It was great! (I'm a 'Wings' fan but I'm cheering for the Senators to beat the Ducks!)

May 31 @ 2:05AM  
Your gift will never be fully understood if at;we fear what we don't understand, and because we don't want to show that fear we scoff at what we don't understand.

May 31 @ 2:06AM  
A kudo for you also

May 31 @ 3:47AM  
So here's a question.

Could perhaps seeing a vision of the future lead to that future?

May 31 @ 7:01AM  
The Ducks won last night - and will win the series - because their tallent pool is deeper than Ottawas. GO DUCKS!!!

Here's a vision for ya - Ducks win the series in 5 games, and Guigere is the Conn Smythe winner, this time as a Stanley Cup Winner instead of a loser in 7 games (2002-03)

May 31 @ 9:44AM  
Well sugar I have to admit that I don't understand the psychic ability that some people have either. However I don't dismiss the fact that some people do have psychic powers that most people don't have. Like I said I don't understand it but I will not make fun of people over it. Most times people that would make fun of you because of it are doing so because of their ignorance concerning such things.

May 31 @ 6:17PM  
You all are very sweet, thankyou. As for how I see things. I cannot choose what I see and feel, my vision choose me not the other way around. I have always felt frustrated by that and envy the people who can choose the visions to come to them. Before meds though I was better at picking up vibes about people and their lives. I do still get very strong feelings if something isn't right with certain people.
I have found out this ability runs throughout my family that was a relief to find out.
But yes most people even in this day and age still are quite ignorant about it:(

Jun 1 @ 3:33AM  
I don't mean to offend you, but I am a mental health counselor and it sounds like you are suffering from grandiosity which is very normal for someone with your condition. You may have psychic abilitites, but chances are you don't. I won't argue with you, but you are talking yourself into getting off of your meds by saying that you have better powers without them. You need to contact your doctor and therapist if you have one, so that they can support you, when you feel this way. Or you can get mad at me and ignore me and go off of the meds, in which case we won't hear from you for awhile because you will be back in the hospital getting back on them. Just remember, bi-polar disorder causes people to do dangerous things when not being treated. You should consider yourself lucky if the worst that happens is that you go to the hospital. Either way, I wish you well and hope you consider what I have written.

Jun 4 @ 5:22PM  
I have a *Jinx*, Too . .
Every team I root for . . . LOSES . . !!!
Almost Invariably . . !!!
I've been an Av's fan since their inception . .
They had a chance to make the playoffs with 3 wins at the end of the season . .
It _Would've_ come down to the last Game . . but they lost . . at HOME . . To Calgary . . {Who they were chasing for #8 } . . in game 81!!!
I rooted for rhe Thrashers {I lived in Ga. for several years . . } . .
...Dallas . . *GONE!* . .
...Buffalo . . #1 seed . . and my Hometown . . *BOOM!!* . . GONE . .
Now, my only hope is to see Chris Pronger {Long-time Star with the Blues} . . get a cup . .
But Now . . . . I'm just hoping for 7 High-Scoring Games . . !!!

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Stanley Cup Finals & Psychic Abilities...