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Do we forget manners as we age?

posted 5/30/2007 2:53:23 PM |
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I went out to run a few errands, and since it is 86 degrees out there, I decided an ice tea sounded good. I went through the drive thru. As I was sitting there I felt a thump hit my car causing my neck to go forward and back.I get out and walk to the back of my car and look at the older "gentleman" whos car is now firmly against my back bumper. He sits there and looks at me. I look back at my bumper, and back at him. He just still sits there. I said, "Excuse me, you hit my car." He says "WHAT" I repeat myself. He says "Oh hell, I bumped it." The woman in the car with him says, "You did hit her car", and he tells her to shut up. I told him that I was going to pull up a little and look at my car, please don't move yet and don't hit me again. So I do and there isn't any damage, besides a few smudges on both cars and a small dent on his. I have an Intrepid and if it were newer I would have been quite upset ,but no major deal.
I looked at him --still sitting in his car--and told him that there didn't seem to be any damage but maybe he should be a little more careful next time.He rolled his window up!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGosh. At that point I was in shock. I went to get back in my car but changed my mind. I walked back to his car, tapped on his window, and when he rolled it down and rolled his eyes at me asking "What now?' I told him "You know most of us try to teach our children manners and then we run into older adults who don't seem to know what they are. A simple apology and not being so rude would have been nice." He rolled his window back up.
When I pulled up to get my tea, the manager was at the window and asked me if I was alright, she said they heard him hit me. And one of the girls saw it and said if I wanted to call the police she would be a witness. I declined.
If I had been the one to "bump" someone from behind I would have been out of my car to make sure they were okay and apologizing all over the place.
Do people actually forget what manners or common courtesy are?
Okay, my neck hurts so I'm done with my rant...........

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May 30 @ 3:09PM  
I'm think there are allot of older people who need to have a serious review of their driving skills before their licences are issued.
They get hard of hearing and when they do if there is noting done about it like hearing aids after awhile it does effect their thinking and personality.
I have a friend who is a CNA and she says it's not uncommon that the eldery turn into very rude people.

May 30 @ 3:55PM  
You should have calmly gotten back into your car, pulled forward a bit, put it in reverse and stomped it to the floor then jumped out and yelled look what you did to my car. I'm just kidding but some people can be pretty rude. I hope you are okay sugar. It's so easy to get whip lash when you are hit without expecting it. Hell I get hit all the time on the race track so I probably wouldn't have noticed. OH YES I WOULD HAVE!!! LOL

May 30 @ 3:59PM  
yes dear older people are very rude! I work in a hotel restaurant and most of the rude ones are our older generation! One of my favorite sayings is " I'm never getting old" which means I will use my manners till the day I die, and I don't expect respect from a stranger but I will give it.

May 30 @ 4:04PM  
I don't think age has anything to do with having good or bad manners,and could give many examples of both regardless of age.

May 30 @ 5:04PM  
'SOME' People have Never HAD Manners . .
Look at the 'Bad-Boy' types . . the 'Macho' slobs . . the 'Hijackers' . .
All a bunch of Four-Eyed- Bas****s . .

May 30 @ 5:42PM  

It seems that these days manners are all but gone.
We think it's the kids, the younger generation. But
NO it's just as previlant amoungst the older people.
Every thing today is ME,Me,Me, and the heck with
I'm sorry that happened, But I'm glad your okay.

May 30 @ 6:21PM  
You can tell he has always been a jerk by the way he spoke to the lady in the car with him. I agree with night of old, too much ME, ME, ME in our nation these days.

May 30 @ 8:51PM  
Some people were born assholes,you just met another one,most of us have manners.

May 31 @ 12:16AM  
What a bitter old soul!

May 31 @ 8:18PM  

Jun 1 @ 12:46PM  
For one old people shouldn't drive. I see it all the time, I live in freaking AZ just outside of Sun City. Most of them have no manners and are very bitter. The best thing you could have done was called the police, and grabbed your neck. It is very hard for a doctor to say you don't have any neck or back trauma because the main symptom of such trauma is pain. Claim you can no longer do some of your normal activities and his insurance would be cutting you a check.

Jun 9 @ 12:32PM  
lol if I were older, I'd say "get your ass butt naked. I wanna tap that. NOW!"


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Do we forget manners as we age?