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For 'likenaturalbush' and Fat Ass Central

posted 5/30/2007 9:13:58 AM |
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tagged: relationships

If you don't like the women on this site, find a different site to frequent.
The women on this site are lovely, inside and out. And I don't mind being 'Big & Beautiful' after bearing three kids for the man that I love. I'm secure with who I am. That's why I have my picture posted.

Where's your photo? Get some balls and post one, then complain about how fat and ugly you think the women on this site are. Get some class and a little respect for others. Personally, respect is something a man cannot demand, but command. All you command are inflammatory remarks at the end of your blogs. And that's what's pathetic.

Have a nice life,

PS: Got to approve the remarks huh? That's OK. They have this neat blogging feature here!

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For 'likenaturalbush' and Fat Ass Central
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May 30 @ 9:33AM  
MK-When I read his blog I started laughing--I though, wow there is a brave man who will be playing with himself for a long time if hes counting on meeting someone on this site. Don't be surprised tho, if other men come on your blog or post their own using yours as reference scolding you that as long as your not respecting men they won't have any reason to respect you. After all, this is a sex site you know!!! We should take this abuse!! NOT!!! But lets just give him the benifit of the doubt that he ignorant and refer him to Ashs blog for the game to play. Cause i do believe he will be Spanking his monkey For a long long time.

May 30 @ 9:38AM  
LOL.. Nice blog Kris. Well worded, no foul insults, facts, and even well wishes. Kudos to you........ lol
He never allows comments. It's like the troubled, insecure kid at school hiding behind a bush, throwing rocks, hoping one will hit someone and then running. Not enough spirit to do anything but run their mouth and hide.
But occassionally we give him the attention he so desperately craves and then gets off to as he reads the blogs about Himself.
When I read his blog, I actually found it more pathetic than anything. It goes back to that saying that men feel the need to belittle women to make their own egos swell. It must be awful lonely inside his world......and his bed.
Admittedly, I may be fat. But I have respect for myself, for others and from others.

May 30 @ 9:47AM  
That man couldn't get laid in a monkey whorehouse with a fist fulla bananas! He hasn't got a CLUE what a real woman is, and it's his loss. Poor, pathetic little man he is!!

May 30 @ 9:57AM  
It's so sad, how pathetic some people really are, I mean really. Posting a blog about how fat and lazy women are, I bet it's just his way of venting because he's too lame to actually get a real woman.

He can rant about women all he wants, doesn't mean he'll earn the respect he needs to be a real man.

May 30 @ 11:03AM  
He's not even worth a comment. Hard bodies are only a first impression. Once two people connect, you love every pound. That's maturity. He doesn't have it.

May 30 @ 11:11AM  
wow there is a brave man who will be playing with himself for a long time if hes counting on meeting someone
on this site.

sure sounds like a hand humper from way back...and sounds like he's realy good at it..sure hope so cause with his lack of personality n character he's gona stay alone a long time ...less he pays the hooker in my blog

May 30 @ 12:17PM  
I have a daughter who is very tall and thin and she has a nice body but i'll bet he would have negative things to say about her also

May 30 @ 1:33PM  
The dick is just here to post blogs to anger people. That's the main reason he doesn't allow comments to be posted, if it is at all a "he". I don't like profiles without pictures, it makes me think something sinister is going on behind the screen name, anonymity allows people to get away with too much.

May 30 @ 1:40PM  
yeah I saw his once again unflattering blog about the women on here, hell he couldn't handle a real woman LOL just ignore the poor pitiful loser that he is.

May 30 @ 2:30PM  
i saw 3 or 4 he had put up........made me smile.......just another person looking for attention. didn't even bother with trying to comment.......won't do any least he has said nothing about having a phd in psychology.....yet.....

May 30 @ 5:29PM  
just another inbred child molester with a tiny penis

May 30 @ 8:52PM  
Yep.lots of nice ladies here.

May 31 @ 2:18AM  
The women here are awesome,and real men do know that! you get my last kudo,darlin.

Jun 6 @ 9:38AM  
Who was it that " i might not agree with you but ill defend you right to say it to the death"

Jun 6 @ 9:39AM  
who was it that said

Jun 6 @ 5:05PM  
docvn - I believe it was Voltaire, and the saying went -

"I may not agree with what you say, but to your death I will defend your right to say it!"

Anyway, that's a two way street. He has every right to his (albeit misguided in my opinion) OPINION - and I have every right to mine :D

That's what makes this country great. And AMD, for that matter.

Just keeping that in mind - Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. Some stink, and some don't.


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