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A little story......Usin the noodle.......

posted 5/30/2007 12:47:42 AM |
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ONCE upon a time, a hungry lion , prowling thruogh the forrest in quest of a middday morsel, came upon a little monkey in a clearing calmly peeling a banana. Licking his chops the lion stealthily parted the brush and hunched himself for the leap. There was something so peculiar about the monkey's actions, however, that the lion paused. The banana had been divested of its unpalatable skin and consumed. The monkey promptly grabbed another. Then with a manner so debonair but efficient , the monkey picked up a coconut, dashed it against a stone, and started to nibble at the inner meat.

"Zounds!" he growled to himself. That wretched little creature is cleaver! He would , forsooth be more useful to me alive than dead. It would be nice to have someone peel my bananas, and crack open coconuts for me , and tickle my tail while I sleep. My royal intellect has conceived a remarkable idea--- they do not call me king of the forrest for nothing." So thinking the lion leaped , but not with murderous intent. the monkey squealed in terror as he was encircled with powerful paws. "Spare me! O, spare me!..." pleated the monkey. Let me live, and this humble carcass shall forevermore be slave to thy will."

"A-ha!" snorted the lion as he gave the miserable creature an unmercable shaking. You are even more clever then I presumed. You are indeed veritiable physic. Slave you shall be, and remember, you measly servant, that your living by the grace of the king of the forrest and if ever my bidding please you not your scrubby little body will be transformed forthwith into toothsome driblets." Thus began the monkey's servitude to the omnipotent ruler of the wildnerness. And the lion who had heretofore depended upon his own resourcefufness for the luxuries of life, now found his existence very luxurious indeed.

Not only did he enjoy peeled bananas and coconut meats, but his den was scrupulously cleaned, and his paws polished, and his mane meticulously deloused, Moreover, a humble servent is an ingenious provider, and the monkey regularly spotted the kills of other beasts and partook himself to generous portions thereof which he conacientiously brought back to his master. Life became very serene for the lion as he lolled in the sun and constantly marveled at the greatness of his intellect. "Veritably, the brain is mightier than the claws," he thought. Noble reflection must not be disturbed with mental trifies.

Some are born to genius, and others are created to serve it, Who cares for the fuel in the light of the fire!"
One day however, the lion awoke from peaceful slumber and discovered to his consternation that had not been set before him. Moreover, not a piece of meat graced the royal larder. The monkey was sitting calmly in a corner, sucking his thumb. "Wretch!" roared the lion, where is my meal? What is the meaning of this? Why are you not about your duties? Speak you puny beggar, before I mince you into hanburg.'
If it please you master, replied the monkey adamantly. This is a strike. The work has been so hard lately , and the rest do meager, that my pillow has taking the hardness of a headstone.

I an facing an untimely end . Either I gain relief of you will lose a servent. The lion frothed in anger. He raised a paw in deadly purpose , then suddently thought of the peeled bananas. It is rather difficult to peel a banana with a paw. He sat back wearily on his haunches. What are the propositions he snarled. Saturdays and Sundays off, a forty hour week a little straw for my bed , and portion of the meat , I bring home to you, said the monkey. Thief!" villion! Proletariat! Beast !" screamed the lion. Have you no gratitude? Where would you had been if it were not for my pitty? even now, you would have rotting in the jungle.

Get back to work you contemptible yokel. Stir not any anger lest it splatter your hide. But the monkey refused to listen to reason and held his ground. In the end, the lion who has lost his taste for the stealthy hunt, grudgingly gave in. After all, he consoled himself, how could one argue with a barbarian who prefers a steak to a pearl of wisdom? Several days later the monkey that he should have a hour off on Wednesdays for a weekly bath, and he struck again. "This bodes calamity," thought that one so lowly born should have access to the same luxuries of superior intellects. then one day a solution presented itself.

It was a sweltering hot afternoon of a prolonged torrid drought . The sun beat down with intence feroity. The forrest wilted. The creathers of the jungle crawed numbly into the undergrowth and lay in stupor. It was on this day that the lion, whose brain had been working overtime anyhow, conceived his most brilliant idea. He darted suddently and ran into the jungle, roaring; Arise ye foolhardy creatures ! do you not see the danger? The sun is descending upon us! We shall be roasted alive !" "Verily, it is like a ball of fire dropping upon the jungle," agreed a leopard. It is time to wake up exhorted the lion, or we shall all parish.

The world is coming to an end ! And do you not realise what has brought about this evil? It was my monkey servent. He refuses to work. And because of his greed and selffishness, we must burn in this terrible heat. He cares not for well being of his fellow creatures, but see them doomed to mortal hell to satisfy his grasping desires." How can he be so inconsiderite? Despaired the zebra. He's making a joke out of the misery of humanity. cackled the hyena. if he won't work willingly, we'll put him in chains and drag him to his labors, blared the elephant. And the monkey, heeding the din of the jungle and submiting to an unexplainable fear, immediately began cleaning out his masters liar. S that when the lion returned he was hard at work.

The lion stretched himself out and yawned. The wonders of thought be came ever more marvelous, he reflected . The mind thinks and the stone becomes soluble, the tree pliant. Pry the lock of intellect, and you open the door to the universe.And, Oh brother! now if it would only rain.
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A little story......Usin the noodle.......