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Orgasms, how do you know?

posted 5/29/2007 4:28:42 PM |
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Okay, I just had to do this one.......Yeap, got idea from another blog and a response on it. Not sure if I can mention their name, but they'll know it's them.

Men, Do you think that if a woman faked an orgasm that you would honestly know. Would you say anything to her about it if you thought so? Has it ever happened to you?

Women, Be honest, we won't tell......Have you ever faked an orgasm? Did he have a clue? Would you do it again?

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May 29 @ 4:38PM  
No man would ever know if a woman faked it. If they become close in a commited relatioship the man should definatly know if she is or isn't. I new eaxctly when my ex-girlfriend was and when she didn't. If a woman can't just tell him. For some woman it is very very hard to orgasm witha stranger. they have problems orgasming vaginaly. Womaen should be honest about it. if the man is offended then maybe you need a new man.

May 29 @ 4:41PM  
A man that is not sensitive to a woman's needs most likely would not know and probably would not care. A man who is sensitive to a woman's needs would probably still have difficulty gaging if the woman faked an orgasm or not. If the woman is not forthright with this aspect of sexual activity and does it on purpose, how can a man know? Tell the man up front that you have difficulty in achieving an orgasm and he will probably go out of his way to help her achieve it as a matter of pride. When a woman attacks his manhood by telling him he didn't get her off, it is a blow to his manhood and he will either work harder at it or move on to a women that is less of a problem. JMHO.

May 29 @ 4:41PM  
I doubt I would know!

May 29 @ 4:43PM  
Hell No i have never faked it if they cant make me cum they just have to keep at it with some pointers from me until i do after all im going to make him cum Fair is Fair

May 29 @ 4:59PM  
Well when ya get as old as me ya pretty much know if it's faked or not. I coud go into detail but I'll leave it there. At least for now LOL.

May 29 @ 5:01PM  
Yeah, I've faked it. And, guys, it's not always your 'fault' if a woman doesn't have an orgasm. I guess I can only speak for myself though. If I am really not in the mood to have sex, it's hard to reach climax. My head has to be in the right place too. There are times when he is certainly putting in the effort but for one reason or another my body doesn't respond. But, there are also times when I have faked it just to be done with sex...and times when the skills weren't there on his part. And, no, I am not speaking of anyone in particular. Just things that have spanned my sexual lifetime (and, damn! going on 30 years almost! ).

May 29 @ 5:04PM  

I don't think I would be able to tell.

May 29 @ 5:06PM  
Hell Yeah!!! What looking4funat45 said. I like your attitude hehehe

May 29 @ 5:14PM  
You are more than welcome sugar.

May 29 @ 5:27PM  
I have never had a woman fake an orgasm and I DID know. I have failed to make a woman climax on more than one occasion and I had a dry orgasm once too (that is I didn't cum). Boy was my girlfriend pissed at me as I didn't fill her up with seed (stupid stupid woman and so insecure). Sorry ladies but if you knew her you would think she was a crazy bitch too.

May 29 @ 5:57PM  
Let me see,that would mean that I'd actually have to have sex...well when that happens I'll let you know.

May 29 @ 5:59PM  
Well, I thought about it and thought about it and my answer is, I don't know. Maybe a wonderful, caring to help out the guy who doesn't know kind of the woman could invite me over and we could try it out a few times to see if I can or not.

May 29 @ 6:08PM  
Hi there! I have answer for that question.
My ex wife would often tell me just before she was reaching that point.
When she did, her vagina contracted around me very tightly.
I always new when she had a real orgasm by that feeling and
her body language. She did fake it a few times,
and I thought I could tell. I asked her when I thought she had faked it.
She admited that yes in fact she had. It only happened a few times.
Didnt really bother me. I think some women just cant reach that point
sometimes. Maybe too tired, too sore, funky time of the month???
I'm ok with it. Women want their man to feel good for pleasing her,
so its just a little innocent white lie that wont hurt nobody Right ladies?

May 29 @ 6:25PM  
When I was younger and STUPID I did, then i decided it did noone any good if i faked it. I know what usually feels good for me and am not afraid to ask him to do it, and if he wants me to do something all he has to do is ask, i can say yes or no, same as him. Communication is a huge help when going for an orgasm.

May 29 @ 6:33PM  
I'll admit it, YES, I have faked orgasms!! and NO he never knew! He was too into himself to even have a CLUE!

May 29 @ 6:40PM  
In another life, in an alternate universe, where I'm out galavanting instead of with the same woman for 12 years, I'd like to think that I wouldn't attract a woman who would feel compelled to fake orgasms with me. I echo zara's point that open communication is paramount.

May 29 @ 6:43PM  
I did that Harry Met Sally scene once.. but not in teh bedroom, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and that's OK.

May 29 @ 6:54PM  
yep, used to fake with the ex all the time cause the sex was boring and i wanted to get it over with...i can be pretty convincing when i fake it...have even faked phone sex orgasm pretty convincingly...

May 29 @ 7:03PM  
I have faked em but not since I got with Austin my baby! Never have had to! I don't think the one I faked with did have a clue! Atleast he didn't show it..lmao

May 29 @ 7:31PM  
Yeah i agree with some of the other comments, if i was in a longer term relationship with the same person id know, at least i think id know, but if i wasnt with her for a while id have no clue if she faked it, and if i thought she did i dont think id say anything

May 29 @ 7:40PM  
Yup!! used to do it all the time with my ex husband... cause once he thought that I had cum, he would cum, and get to fuck off me

May 29 @ 7:40PM  
I have faked many an orgasm and yes Id do it again!!! There were times that my husband wanted to have sex when I wasnt in the mood....but for him I would do it anyway....and by "do it anyway", I mean not just lie there watching the clock; I would do my best to make it awesome for him....and if that meant screaming like it was the best orgasm ever then I'd do that too....nothing like building your man's ego for the next go at it!!!!

May 29 @ 7:42PM  
.........and to the men that say they would know the difference.....BULLSHIT!!!!!

May 29 @ 8:14PM  
A great performance on my part doesn't guarantee she isn't faking it, but based on my performance I would have a very good idea when she didn't orgasm. I may not know if I did well or how well, but I think we know when we had a not so hot session.

Isn't the faking for our benefit? I mean, we get off and on top of it all we think we performed to completion because she is sweet too? I believe most men would rather know when we did not satisfy so we can be sure that we do our part so both get to take it as an enjoyable experience every time.

May 29 @ 8:14PM  
Maybe a wonderful, caring to help out the guy who doesn't know kind of the woman could invite me over and we could try it out a few times to see if I can or not.

Pick me!! PIck ME!!!

oops got a little carried away there

May 29 @ 8:39PM  
I think there are multiple types of orgasms for a woman, and you have to address each kind separately--- If it's an oral orgasm, a guy should know unless a woman can cum without having an orgasm---- so if a guy wants to be sure - that's one way I suppose--- I also believe we don't rely on the "visuals" enough to make our lover happy, turned on and excited--- most guys forget - "it's not about them, it's about their partner/lover first"... the visuals and positions are everything for maximum results... and finally- if you do the "french" approach first and very well and very slowly---- it's like an investment--- the dividends will be great.....for all concerned.
Comments from you gals???

May 29 @ 9:39PM  
Yes I have....and I will again..and a man will never know. Now does that mean I didn't have a wonderful, erotic time? Of course not, it just meant that for whatever reason the journey took a wrong turn and I ended up on the Cul-de-sac going in circles and never getting to the destination. Personally, give me the journey every time.

May 30 @ 12:39AM  
Alot of great answers!! And yes I have!! I am so very lucky to say that I haven't in the last few years (guess it helps if I was getting it regularly) But the men I have been with now what they are doing and how to get me there! Yeah buddy!

May 30 @ 12:57AM  
I can generally tell by the look in her eyes. If her eyes are closed, she's trying too hard.

May 30 @ 2:05AM  
Ones that were with me before would know ones that have never been would not know

May 30 @ 3:28AM  
You can feel when a woman has an orgasm. Her fluids start flowing.

May 30 @ 4:33AM  
There are lots of ways people swear that they can tell someone is faking an orgasm: Everything from vaginal secretion to muscle movements (I felt her get tighter) to my favorite..."I can just tell."

The fact is that Masters and Johnson broke down a list of things that happen during a woman's orgasm. Some of those things you can "tell" for sure, others you can't.

1) Change in breathing patterns - You can't be sure about this one as a woman who's a good actress knows that changing the way you breathe can give an impression to what you're saying.

2) Muscular contractions - When the woman orgasms, her vaginal canal tightens and the cervix dips downward. While this might seem like a good way to tell, the fact is that many women have fairly decent Kegel muscle control and can squeeze those muscles if they want to. They are the same muscles they use to "hold" their urine when they have to go to the bathroom.

3) Release of endorphines - The brain releases endorphines and other chemicals similar to opiates during orgasm. However, this is completely non-observable behavior.

4) Capillary change - During orgasm, the woman's surface capillaries open up. This is an involuntary response, so it is one way to tell if she is having an orgasm. Of course, if your lover's skin is so dark you cant tell if she's blushing then there will be no point.

5) Erectile tissue arousal - Women have erectile tissue in their bodies as well. It is primarily located in their nipples and their clitoris. The tissue will become more erect during orgasm. As this is an involuntary response, it's also a good way to tell, provided that you can actually see their clitoris or the room isn't so cold their nipples are erect already.

6) Stages - There are 4 stages to the orgasm, and different things happen in each stage. If a woman is "acting" she might get the stages out of order and then you'd know it wasn't a real orgasm. What are the M&J for yourself...I gotta leave you with some curiosity.

Oh, and by the way, women's vaginal secretions are not an accurate way of telling because they tend to secrete more during arousal, not during orgasm. The secretions are to provide lubrication and prepare a neutral environment for the semen, so that is supposed to happen before orgasm (and hopefully before coitus!) not during.

May 30 @ 5:55AM  
yes i have faked it just to get it over with.but not for a if i am not satisfied i don't pretend i am.

May 30 @ 9:03AM  
Yes I have faked it a few times, but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do,

May 30 @ 12:05PM  
To my knowledge, I've never had a woman fake it. I'm a firm believer in "ladies first" so they would have no reason to fake it. I really enjoy getting my lady off so i'm willing to go the distance. Willing.... heck....... eager. Call it an ego thing, but if a woman is multi.... well, I like to see just how far she can go. I used to think 3 or 4 was the limit, but my current gf is like the energizer bunny with the batterys in backwards.

May 31 @ 1:12PM  
Worth a shot? The truth about female ejaculation

When it
comes to, well, coming, ejaculation is usually thought of as
men's domain, but women can ejaculate too - yes, any


All women can ejaculate with the
right stimulation. It's simply a case of encouraging the
release of prostatic fluid by stimulating your prostate, aka
the G-spot.

Forget what you've heard about the G-spot
being a myth: all women have a prostate, as do all men. Its
ducts and glands are embedded in the wall of the urethra,
and are sprinkled along two inches of the urethral canal
starting at the opening of the body. Because the urethral
canal runs parallel to the vagina, you can feel the prostate
just inside the vagina and up through its roof. So there are
no probes and compasses needed to find the G-spot: the
debate about its existence is last decade's news.

are no probes and compasses needed to find the G-spot: the
debate about its existence is last decade's news.'

G-spot is connected to one of the most powerful nerves in a
woman's body. This geyser trigger has a different nerve to
the clitoris and therefore a different orgasmic sensation: a
full-body, drenchingly satiating, meltingly loving climax.
Not that clitoral orgasms don't rock; they do. But like the
shampoo ad that asks why take two bottles into the shower
when you can take one, I ask why have one type of orgasm
when you can have two - and one's a shower?

Unlike the
clitoris, which millions of women first awakened with
vibrators, the G-spot comes alive via emotional connection,
slow deliberate stimulation and conscious awareness that can
drive your vagina wild. Last century's sexologists called
the vagina 'dead, empty space' and championed the clitoris
as the centre of female sexual pleasure. At least women
started to have orgasms with this knowledge, which they
weren't having much success at before that time. But phase
two of this revolution requires a different tactic and
locale: relax, breathe deeply, heighten your sensation to
touch, visualize your G-spot coming to life and shed those
Victorian ideas about quiet little orgasms. The G-spot
orgasm is your inner wild woman at her most vocal and free -
an Amazon riding a white wave of emotional and
sheet-drenching pleasure.

So what comes out if you manage
to get it right? Female ejaculate is clear and watery,
unlike vaginal lubrication, which is white and creamy. Women
can ejaculate up to one cup of this love juice in a session.
Because it comes out of the urethral canal and is profuse,
female ejaculate is often mistaken for urine. But one sniff
will confirm that its smell and aromatherapuetic essence are
anything but pee.

Given that all women can ejaculate, why
aren't we? A little know fact about ejaculation, whether
male or female, is that it's a separate function from orgasm
and it can be controlled. Ancient and modern Eastern
practices teach men how to retain their ejaculate, creating
multi-orgasmic feelings that stream throughout the body but
leave the dick hard. There could be no better comparison to
female ejaculation, which at its peak creates an insatiable
appetite for more, faster, harder and deeper - and gushes
all over the floor/table/bed/car seat/ your partner's thighs
with abandon.

Since the urge to ejaculate, created by
stimulating the G-spot, often feels like the urge to pee,
woman have unconsciously clamped down on their ability to
ejaculate, as the last thing most of us want to do
(watersport aficionados aside) is wet the bed. Prostate
Specific Antigen (PSA, the marker used to determine if
prostatic fluid is present) is commonly found in the urine
of women who don't ejaculate after orgasm. The conclusion?
Women are ejaculating, but instead of letting it flow freely
outside the body their instinctual clamping down makes it
flow retrograde into the bladder, in some cases causing
bladder infections. So don't hold back - go with the flow.
Here's how:

'One sniff will confirm that its smell and
aromatherapuetic essence are anything but pee.'


Step one: Find your G-spot

Sit down on
the floor, naked, on top of two thick towels and in front of
a large mirror. Spread your labia lips and push out with
your PC muscles. Look closely and you may be able to
actually see the ridges of your G-spot. Take your finger and
press all around it; around the head, which surrounds the
urethral opening; the body that is just inside the vagina
and has the ridges, and the tail. Follow the body of the
G-spot into the vagina until you feel it curve up sharply
toward the roof. Press forward, toward the vaginal opening
on the tail of the G-spot. For many women exploring their
G-spots, the tail is the area with the greatest amount of

Step two: Awaken your G-spot

Sit back, relax
and breathe deeply. Visualise pleasure streaming into your
G-spot. Take your time, feeling its body and the 'gutters'
that run along the body where it connects to the roof of the
vagina. Squeeze and roll it around in your fingers, getting
to know this organ's anatomy and location. Use your usual
methods to enter a state of arousal. You can play with your
clitoris if you like, but in order to awaken that delicious
G-spot orgasm, spend more time on your G-spot and less on
your clitoris. A firm toy that is not curled up at the end
but has a large ridge around the top, much like the ridge on
the penis, is a good way to stimulate the tail and body of
the G-spot. Because the G-spot is also made up of erectile
tissue, it will swell with arousal when stimulated. Imagine
a tiny little egg that swells and hangs down into the vagina
from the roof. When you have remembered to relax and breath
in the erotic sensations, and are truly aroused, you can
begin to practice ejaculating.

Step three: Ejaculate -
with or without an orgasm

As the erotic sensations build
and your G-spot swells with ejaculate fluid, you may feel
the urge to pee. Many women stop sex and go to the bathroom:
don't. This is ejaculation knocking on the door and it wants
out. Relax into this sensation while you continue to arouse
yourself. You're building ejaculate fluid. When you feel you
cannot hold back any longer, remove whatever may be in your
vagina, fingers or sex toy, and push out. You may feel at
first like you are peeing but you are not. Test the

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Orgasms, how do you know?