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How did you sleep?

posted 5/29/2007 5:44:07 AM |
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I hate sleepless nights. When I'm by myself. Or the ones that I fall asleep only to be wide awake and hour later and just can't go back to sleep.
Tonight was one of them.
I was able to fall asleep 4 different times for less than 3 hours sleep total.
My mind is tired, my body is tired, why won't sleep just happen?
Anyways, I was thinking it was probably a good thing that I was the only one in my bed tonight because no one else would have gotten any sleep either. I was all over the bed. This pillow, that pillow.
Which makes me now wonder, if you usually sleep alone, do you have a normal place that you usually sleep in your bed? What size is your bed and how many pillows ? If someone sleeps over, does it matter which side of the bed they sleep on? Do you sleep better with someone or alone?
I've often said that I like having the whole bed to myself.Now I'm thinking I might be mistaken with that thought..............

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May 29 @ 5:51AM  
I sleep alone most of the time due to our work schedules. I hate that. But, when we do sleep together, I'm not sure that either one of us gets that much deep sleep because we just aren't used to sleeping that way. However, I much prefer him there, beside me, than not.

Yeah, I pretty much sleep in the exact same area of the bed...though closer to the middle when he is there. I sleep with one feather pillow under my head and one of two fluffly, foam pillows to toss my arm across when I am sleeping alone. Oh, queen sized bed...though the king sized one was pretty nice when we were up in MI a little while back...

May 29 @ 8:09AM  
Queen sized bed... I sleep all over it... no matter if I have a partner in it or not, LOL If I do, I prefer that he sleep on the (if you are standing at the bottom and facing the pillows) left, and I sleep closer to the right or in the middle. I have 4 pillows and I need to make sure there is at least one spare if I have a sleepover, because I need a minimum of 3.. two for under my head and one big king sized pillow that I wrap my arms around for actual sleeping, after we cuddle till near sleep time. I like cuddling, but for the actual sleep portion of the evening, I prefer to separate, maybe hold hands or touch butts or something, but too much shared body heat makes it too hot and if I am hot I barely sleep at all.

I can relate to restless nights, I have had a few of those myself lately. I'm rarely a deep sleeper, I toss and turn most nights, but the last few have been really bad. I'd kill for 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!

May 29 @ 8:27AM  
Good blog! I hate sleeping alone,I toss and turn all night and am lucky if I get ore than an hour at at time of uninterrpted sleep. When there is someone with me I do have my side that I prefer. I also go to seep with my favorite radio station playing.

May 29 @ 8:38AM  
I never sleep well which is why i usually take naps lol.. But i have a queen size bed and i sleep on one side the cats in the middle and the rest of the bed is empty but when i am sleeping with someone its in the middle spoon fashion until my snoring wakes him up LOL

May 29 @ 9:24AM  
Just saturday night. R was sleeping in the bedroom and i was having insomnia so i just sat in the living room . And all of a sudden fell asleep on the couch itself. And at 4, She comes over and calls my name out to see if i was awake. And guess what i replied in my mother tounge. saying was like what? what did u just say? lol..anyways things apart. I have always liked sleeping with R's head on my shoulder.

May 29 @ 3:39PM  
I have a big comfy king sized bed with usually 6 pillows on it sometimes 8 if I made it up nice for some reason. I usually sleep in it alone and all over the place but I have no problem sleeping in one place if I am not the only one on the bed. I prefer to sleep with someone and it doesn't matter to me what side I sleep on. I do occasionally spoil my dogs and let one or two sleep in the bed usually in the winter more when its cold they keep me warm.

May 29 @ 6:19PM  
I do the same thing! Sleepless nights more often than not.
Tossing and turning, waking up 5- 6- 7 times a night. Sometimes more.
I hate that!!! Sometimes I just get up and start my day way early.
I have a nice queen size bed, and use 4 pillows on it.
Occasionally, I'll wake up with my face at the foot of the bed.
I must be a pretty active sleeper
Sadly, I always sleep alone
I always did sleep better with someone next to me.

Jun 5 @ 1:22PM  
when I sleep alone, I sleep all over the queen-sized bed, wrestling with two regular pillows and one body pillow. when sleeping with someone else, I sometimes end up on the floor...with a thud...LOL

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How did you sleep?