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posted 5/28/2007 5:00:50 PM |
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This was sent to me by the former "Queen of Pervia", some of you will know who that is, those of you new enough to not be acquainted with this fine lady, well if you just gotta know, email me. And it is with her permission that I post this...................

"We, the people of AMD, in order to form a more perfect online community, establish fairness, ensure personal tranquillity and safety, provide for a friendly defense, promote general respect, and secure the blessings of equality, to ourselves and our posterity. Do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United State of AMD!"

It is in honor of her and the one that was ran off this morning that I am posting this. Now in this sense of fairness, tranquility and safety I would ask that each and every member of this site, paying or free, please report all abuse! If someone threatens you or a friend of the abuse. Get a nasty email from someone you've never spoken to before..........[B]report the abuse.[/B] If someone threatens you physically or sends death threats to you or your friends.......[B]REPORT THE ABUSE!!!! [/B]If you are not sure of how to do this, there is a report abuse button on each profile, under each email you receive and there is also a spot in the forum threads for reporting abuse!
Admin does a fine job here of making sure that we all play well together and they do remove those that abuse this site and it's members. Now while we all know that the abusers have a tendency to come back in a few weeks as someone else......still we have to REPORT THE ABUSE!!!!

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May 28 @ 5:14PM  
I'll get the T-shirts made.......

May 28 @ 5:18PM  
I want a T-Shirt too!!! Great Blog!!!

May 28 @ 5:19PM  
I bet if we ask Nacho Baby nicely she would do the design for us!!!!
Thanks VG, I had some help on this from our old friend Nomi and it was with her full permission to use it!!

May 28 @ 5:27PM  

May 28 @ 5:27PM  

May 28 @ 5:32PM  
agreed and i do use the avenues for reporting........

May 28 @ 5:35PM  
For everyone just getting's a previous attempt.....

May 28 @ 5:50PM  
I totally agree!

May 28 @ 5:57PM  
A good reminder to all Thankyou

For everyone just getting's a previous attempt.....

Is that just a blatant attempt to promote your own blog?

May 28 @ 6:02PM  
you talking about szxy, she comes back in different names,, :)

May 28 @ 6:04PM  
Actually Featherone I was making a reference to Sxzebbw, in that she sent me part of this blog today. The actual point of the blog is to spread that word that if anyone is threatened, or knows of another member making death threats against one of their friends, REPORT THE ABUSE No one has the right to make physical threats against anyone else on here and they deserve to be reported and removed!

May 28 @ 6:08PM  
you were saying or reffering to reds shell be back in a different name, but dont szxy have different profiles on here to she comes back as, so thats not new!

May 28 @ 6:10PM  
I want a T-Shirt too.
We've all seen the designs Nacho does for Ynot. If you haven't, go check out his pic......Ooops I forgot he's not wearing one right now.... My Bad....
She does a really good job....

May 28 @ 6:12PM  
Now Featherone I didn't mention a single name in this entire blog or any of my posts except the one time I said perhaps if we asked nicely that Nacho Baby would design t-shirts for us. All I am saying is that anyone that makes threats of physical violence against another member, especially someone that makes death threats against another member should be reported and removed. Regardless of who it is.

May 28 @ 6:15PM  
well. i know who your talking about:)

May 28 @ 6:18PM  
if your having a problem with this person why not email it to her, and stop useing the blogs to do it in! :)

May 28 @ 6:22PM  
as for you bowbow.............I discussed it w/her previously!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big na na na na to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 28 @ 6:24PM  
Feather I'm going to say this one last time and I will type it very slow just for you. I am not referring to any particular person in this blog. I was asked earlier today in an email about how to report an abusive person to Admin. So I thought I would post this information for anyone to use to report someone that is abusive, harrassing or threatening other members!

May 28 @ 6:27PM  
Sorry feather.....but you're sooooooo lost on this one..... the emailing-it's been done and done and has absolutly nothing to do w/new screen has to do with a person being so evil as to attempt to hurt others lives...surely you are not blind my dear.....ONE person in particular has affected many in a negative manner.....ONE!!! ONE!!!! JUST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 28 @ 6:30PM  
We interrupt this program for a bit of comic relief...........

May 28 @ 6:32PM  
OOPS!!!!!! I think I just refferred to bad

May 28 @ 7:02PM  
shit..i'll buy a case of one has the right on any site or thru e-mail on any server to threaten anyone's life....period! They should be reported to the admn. and or to the authorities. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of trolls inching thier way in and causing the damage that has been far it hasnt been physical, but the mental was bad enough to run the good people out of here.

So, To The Trolls Everywhere, be careful..

Your right to this site and or any site like this should be revoked...permantly!!!

May 28 @ 7:59PM  
Thank You for this wonderfully informative blog,and thank you for the very good advice you gave me in your email to me.With that said and I hope that I'm not violating any AMD rules, I made an observation that I'm sure others have noticed, but in case you did not here it is; We all know that hollywood324 was formally Red. I find it highly coincidental that they both only had one friend,and it's the same person:featherone

May 28 @ 8:12PM  
Damn I went to dinner at a friends house and missed something AGAIN
Now who is feathers? I looked at all the names and no one has feathers in it. Is this a plot against me and everyone is in on it. Not Funny, Not Funny at all I feel so dumb.

May 28 @ 8:13PM  
Never Mind! Name is feathersone. Thank God I am not that stupid.

May 28 @ 9:44PM  
I will take a T shirt too, my size is X Large.

May 28 @ 10:08PM  

Who's T shirt can I be ????

May 29 @ 12:04AM  
You can be mine Night, come on over. I've been missing you.

I was at work and missed it again. Ok .........I'll ask again, this time don't jump on me Ash. What happened this time?

May 29 @ 4:00AM  
Hell, I'll take one of those t-shirts, too. I really don't understand the need for someone to make personal threats against someone else on this or any site devoted to personals or interactive communications. That person needs to grow up or get some serious help getting an ego readjustment.

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