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posted 5/28/2007 2:02:51 PM |
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I am a little pissed today. Since yesterday. I have been with the same cell phone company for 5 years. I didn't know it but yesterday no one could call me on my cell. They get a error message that says "The number or code you have dialed is incorrect" WTF? I called the cell phone company yesterday and had me reset the phone. Still didn't work I called them this morning and tried to get it fixed and still can't Now they tell me it will be 24-36 hours for a tech to get back to me . I can call out on it but no one can call in? I had friends sending me messags on the computer saying they tried to call me while I was out of the house.

As you can see I am not a happy person right now. I bet if made them wait for 24-36 to get the bill paid it would be shut off.

I am on the go a lot. I like to have my cell on me incase my child needs to get a hold of me. Like yesterday when I was helping my friend look for his child.

This is my rant for today. Well I do have more but this is the one that is making me pissed.


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May 28 @ 2:55PM  
I might have the same problem. No one ever calls me. I bet my land number has the same problem. No one calls me on that one either. Sure am glad to find out it is not my obnoxious personality.

May 28 @ 3:24PM  
Are you with Cingular?? cos all day Saturday every call I tried to make while at the hospital kept telling me "thanks for using callwave" then it wouldn't go through! had to redial over and over again! Maybe it was a nationwide thing??

May 28 @ 4:05PM  
Modern technology is sometimes very frustrating; when it doesn't work we realize our dependence on it even more.Awhile back I made a simple request to my cable/isp company. I decided to have the TV part of my service cancelled since I never watch it anymore. I was told that it would be done within the week. About a week later I noticed that not only did they not disconnect service but they added the premium package to it,and tried to bill me for it. I immediately called and after being on hold for about 20 minutes I reached a CSR and expained the problem. They assured me that it would be taken care of withinin 24 hours. 24 hours later they took care of the problem all right,they not only disconnected the TV portion of my service but my Internet connection also. I called again,another 20 minute wait,and was again assured that the problem would be taken care of within 24 hours, which it was,finally. The next month when I got my bill there were double charges for connecting services that I didn't want,and charges for disconnecting the sevice that I did want,plus a charge for the premium TV package that I never wanted and did not have! This time istead of calling the call center I went to the local office in town and was very vocal about my complaint. I was ushered into a managers office and less tha an hour later I came out with all the charges reversed, plus a $50 credit that was applied to my account.

May 28 @ 4:27PM  
Ahhhhhhhh . . Yessssss . . !!
The 'Beloved' Cell-Phone . . !!!
The cause of more Inter-family, Inter-relationship and Inter-Vehicle fights than almost Every other reason . . !!!
The _Fastest-Growing cause_ of auto accidents in the World . . !!!
I thank the STARS...that I don't Own one . . !!!

May 28 @ 4:34PM  
well i know how you feel i fell over board canoeing yesterday and got my phone wet....well i couldn't get another one till the insurance place opens tomorrow to get a claim no# so i can replace my i went and got a track phone got it all home and did everything i had to do and then they say it will take 24 hours for it to get activated............. they don't say that on the box...well i was pissed off to about these damn phones sorry had to rant to....

May 28 @ 5:14PM  
Let's give a little comparison of what a complete rip-off cell phones are:

The cell phone hardware:
Wireless transmitter, lithium battery, simple processor, a memory chip or two, and a two inch LCD screen...purchased without a contract to give you a “discount” - $400+ for a razr by Motorolla

Compared to:
Wireless transmitter, lithium battery, high-end processor, 2 gigs of memory, a hundred gig hard-drive and a fifteen inch LCD screen - $550 for the Dell Inspiron laptop.

It would seem that if the phone company is giving you less tech and elements that have been scaled down to about 10% of the laptop then it shouldn't be much more than 10% of the price.

The cell phone service:
Anywhere from $75 and up each month by the time you tag on taxes and fees.

Land line service:
As low as $40 a month for unlimited use if you shop around for a good plan.

What really makes no sense is that the cell phones use microwave bandwidths that are easy to transmit and consume very little power compared to the actual hard-lines that are hung from telephone poles, which consume a lot of power in ohms and require regular and expensive maintenance. So once again, they're having you pay more for something that costs them less.

There's all the hype about media capabilities, taking pictures, videos, texting, games, and exclusive content. Fuck all that. Just give me a phone that works for a price that's decent and you'll have a happy customer.

May 28 @ 6:56PM  
This for Dominus actually, but related nonetheless to all cellphones.

First, every cellphone uses RF in different bands, from 824, to 860, and 1.8 Ghz and more, actually, the 'cellphone' band plan is fairly wide spaced for geographical reasons and coverage within those regions..

Wire servie is the cheapest, has the lowest average cost for maintenance than ALL cell services combined.

Every cell site you see is transmitting an overhead data packet 24/7/ never stops, and that is every single tower/monopole that's online.

A single channel(voice channel) transmits at least 20 -45 watts at the above noted band segments, and when those channels are not active, they are 'off', but that data channel is always transmitting as it is directing every phone that uses or accesses that tower, to use the proper frequency and power level for maintaining the uplink signal so the call sounds good at all times.

I could go into extreme detail about cellular radio as I work in this field as well as land mobile radio systems for the past 23+ years.

But I just wanted to straighten up a few things about cost of operation, both real and perceived.


May 28 @ 7:35PM  
Okay, but this still doesn't explain the cost of the phones themselves, and even though I'm impressed by your technical expertise, I'm not convinced.

It's also my understanding that standard coaxial cable can transmit and/or receive in those frequencies with a little minor modification. I understand the need for the transmissions and the expense involved, but I have to ask if that is a reason for the price being what it is or a justification of the price.

Just like all of the add-on crap for the service plans. you really need to watch streaming movie previews on a tiny screen (what is essentially a commercial) or is that just a phone company trying to add a "service" to your setup so that you have a justification for their prices?

Jun 17 @ 1:01PM  
I bought a "PAGE PLUS" Phone ( A pay as you go phone) and it is terrible. Battery is constantly dead. I have to perpertually be charging it for it to work. If it is not being charged I cannot call out or receive a call. What can I do? I'd like to return it and getr a different pay as you go service and phone.

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