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One tough old man............

posted 5/27/2007 2:50:45 AM |
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It's late and it's been one of the longest days of my life, so please bear with me if I ramble somewhat. What should have been a sleep in, get up enjoy my coffee, read the paper in my nightie morning, was shattered in a moment late yesterday afternoon. Some of you on here know that my dad was taken to the hospital yesterday. Now this in itself was enough to scare the hell out of me, because my father NEVER goes to the Dr. or a hospital! He's been four times to the Dr's office in nearly 30 years! He turned 78 last month and the only medication he takes is gingeng, bee pollen and an aspirin daily! He's never had high blood pressure, or any problems associated with age. For a man that drank, and I mean drank heavily for many years.......amazing! And smoked! for years it was 2-4 packs a day!! Granted he quit the smokes about 30 years ago, and the alcohol about 5, still, to have abused his body the way that he did and be as healthy as he is, is truly a miracle in itself. Tough doesn't begin to describe him, why when he was 66 he was trimming some limbs that were overhanging on a roof. The ladder broke, dropping him quite some distance onto a metal fence post! It ripped through his jeans and his scrotum as well! He calmly got up, borrowed a towel from the homeowner so he wouldn't get blood on his truck seat and drove home, took a shower then got out his needle and thread and sewed it up! (yeah he still drank a little Jack back then!) He refused to go the Dr., claimed he did just as good of a job and saved the trip and money!
So when he asked my mom to actually take him there yesterday, I knew it had to be serious! When he arrived his heart was way off, beating 158 beats per minute when normal is 70-85! He was having a lot of chest pain and a hard time breathing. They got him regulated, said they didn't think it was a heartattack, just an "electrical" problem and said they were keeping him overnight to make sure it stayed that way. We came home late last night and left him with the promise we would come see him today to possibly bring him home. No such luck. The hospital called early this morning, turns out that yes he had suffered a heart attack, a massive one in fact. They were shipping him 75 miles away to another St. John's hospital with a more advanced cardiology department! Now I was already 32 miles from the hospital he was in and they were going to move him in less than an hour! Throw on the clothes, drive like a bat out of hell, get there just as they are loading him in the ambulance. I drove ahead of the ambulance all the way and got there just moments ahead of him. They got him in the cardiac ward, settled and began more and more tests. Turns out there is damage and there is blockage, how much and how serious, we won't find out until Tuesday when they will perform an Angiogram. Possibly insert a stent or have to do angioplasty. Either way, it was so hard to look at him tonight, this fierce warrior, and see him lying there frail and looking suddenly every single day of those 78 years. I would just ask that my friends here will say a word with the diety of their choice to watch over him and keep him here awhile longer. Thanks

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May 27 @ 3:03AM  
My prayers are with you and your family. I hope your father makes a speedy recovery. May the angels watch over you.


May 27 @ 3:28AM  
Sorry your Dad is sick ..and yes I'm sending a prayer out for him and your family...hang in there dear

May 27 @ 3:34AM  
Wow I'm sorry to hear that. You must be a total wreck! My Dad had a similar experience 4 years ago. He had a stent inserted and is fine now.
Stay strong girl! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad.
Like Angel says.....A speedy recovery, and the angels will watch over you.

May 27 @ 3:41AM  
I also will pray for your fathers recovery and well being.

May 27 @ 4:00AM  
I'm sorry to hear this. I will say a prayer for him and your family. I hope he is able to make a very speedy, full recovery. In the meantime, please remember to try and take care of yourself also.
Hugs to you and prayers for you.......

May 27 @ 6:25AM  
Wow that is a very bad thing to happen to your dad... I hope everything goes well for you ladybootscooter...

May 27 @ 7:32AM  
My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Dad LBS. Take care and I will pray for a speedy recovery!!


May 27 @ 8:23AM  
God bless you dad and all your family..

May 27 @ 8:33AM  
My dearest boots~
My father is 73......years ago he had an angio....and a few years after that ended up getting a quadruple bypass....he is fine to this day.....and in fact is off hiking and camping as we speak.....if your father is as tough as you describe him, then he will be just fine.....didnt slow my daddy down one bit....please keep us informed-
All my ~Ashley

May 27 @ 9:00AM  
Sorry to hear about your dad, your family will be in my prayers. Please remeber I'm here if you want to talk or anything.

May 27 @ 9:00AM  
I hope your dad gets better.

May 27 @ 9:03AM  
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..

Think positive. If he has been through a lot already he will make it through this.


May 27 @ 9:06AM  
Wishing you and your family all the best! Just try to be strong!

May 27 @ 9:37AM  
Awwwwwwwwwww Sweetie I am sorry to hear about your Dad... He will be in our thoughts & prayers

Please stay strong and if you need a shoulder to cry on or just want to talk you know how to reach me

Love ya hun

May 27 @ 9:46AM  
it sucks the life out you too....hard to see your hero in that thoughts and prayers are with you and yours

May 27 @ 10:12AM  
My own and the prayer group's prayers go out to him .. and to you and your family as well.

May 27 @ 10:32AM  
HUGSSSSSSSSSS sweetie. Doing my thing here in MI to add to the "good vibrations".

May 27 @ 11:16AM  
I'm so sorry to hear this! I will add you to my prayers and my prayer chain.

May 27 @ 11:17AM  
Update, I spoke to him on the phone just now and other than being aggravated about all the needle sticks and drawing of blood! He claims he can't hold water now that he's got as many holes as a flour sifter! He is feeling better as he's flirting with all the nurses! We'll head back to the hospital in a bit for another long day! Thanks for all your support, prayers and words of encouragement! They mean so much!

May 27 @ 12:01PM  
So Glad to here the Update is Good.. Being Full Of Spit and Vinegar Helps!!!

May 27 @ 12:24PM  
Think positive.

He claims he can't hold water now that he's got as many holes as a flour sifter! He is feeling better as he's flirting with all the nurses!

sure fire sign he's in good shape...that or its' ME there and him here typing this

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One tough old man............