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Walmart Ripoff

posted 5/26/2007 6:40:53 PM |
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I was forced to go grocery shopping today. My teenagers are eating us out of house and home. And, I was forced to go to Wally world, among others.
As a contractor, I pretty much have a mental adding machine in my head. So, I'm very thrifty at shopping. I can usually come within $10-15 of what I intend on spending without really keeping track. God help us if the wife does the shopping!
Anyhow, my goal was $100-120 and out the door. I was SHOCKED when the total was $166! I thought WTF?! This would be understandable if I had smoked a fatty prior to shopping. But, that wasn't the case.
I paid the cashier and started checking my receipt as I was walking away. One item stood out that cost $62.08 out of the 48 bought. Upon checking, it was a Jennie-O turkey "ham". Actual cost? $2.08!
I went back to tell the cashier only to be told that she couldn't do anything about it. I had to go to the return desk. I was FAR from happy and bitching LOUDLY.
I didn't wait very long before I got help. It wasn't the cashier's fault. It was in the computer that way by the bar code! I got my $62.08 back and the ham for free. A whole $2.08 apology for trying to fuck me out of $60! WOW!
It makes me wonder just HOW MANY people are getting fucked over by them this weekend. Being a holiday.......everybody in a hurry.......etc.. I'm sure it was just a coincidence........... or NOT! I've heard stories from others prior to this event.
I will definately be sending corporate headquarters a nastygram. And, I'll be contacting the local newspaper as well. FUCK Walmart!

Check your receipts friends! Have a happy holiday!

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May 26 @ 6:53PM  
I would have had my teens go in and see if it happened again. Then have them call their friends if it did. Stock up on them hams and stick it to Mall Wart.

May 26 @ 7:43PM  
walmart is notorius for that! Iinsist that the cashier not start untill i can view the item scanned,and if there is a mistake i have it corrected then. This pisses them off,but i am the customer,and i get my way, Once they finalize the transaction they can't do anthing about it,the you have to go to customer service,a nd that is a pain in the whazoo. Very good rant,I see you didtake notes,kudo for you bro.

May 26 @ 7:54PM  
Way to go dude!! Walmart is a ripoff if your not careful. Been there, done that! I did recently get my revenge. Walmart had tracfones on the endcap for 14.88. Cool phone to. But for some reason, the wife made me go to the price scanner. 88.91 was the actual price. We put 3 in the cart and they rang up 88.91 each. Then we bitched, showed the manager where they were and what they were labeled as, and got them all for 14.88 a piece. Then we called our sons friends and told them. Still the same mistake, and they cleaned them out of ALL those phones! Piss on Walmart!

May 26 @ 9:01PM  
yea,i have had trouble at the wally world by me too

May 26 @ 9:43PM  
in my area walmart is for drug dealers and conartists.
target and century 21 stores are the better buy.
walmart is 80% china crap anyway.
target is also the better stock buy then walmart

May 26 @ 10:15PM  
Being a former grocery store cashier and customer service rep. from Festival Foods I usually add up everything in my head to when I go grocery shopping. I usually have a great track record to where I come just in between anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 on my total purchases goal wise, with my total usually running around $100. Never once been overcharged like what you had been though.

May 26 @ 10:41PM  
I went to my local wal-mart last night to get a few things and they didn't have shit in stock. Why? Because they are getting ready to move to the new Super Wal-mart they are building. I was pissed. So they are not stocking the old wal-mart now? They didn't even have tylenol. How sad is that? The clothing debt sucked. Half of it was gone. I need a remote for my Nintendo Wii and they didn't have one in stock. . Their pool supplies sucked. They had nothing for pool toys. I found one air mattress.
Ok that is my bitch about our local wal-mart. And when they open the new one that place is going to be a big traffic jam. They better find a new road or 4 to get into it.
But hey at least I didn't spend money in there.

May 26 @ 11:22PM the computer has an error and you bitch about it thinking its a huge corporate conspiracy? I hate to say it, but computers DO occasionally glitch out on stuff like that (I should know, I used to work there), and it's not the store's fault that it happened. Also, "bitching loudly" at the customer service people really won't help you out any, and plus they'll usually just laugh at you right after you leave.

May 27 @ 12:23AM  
Glad you got a refund but I do buy car tires there. I got goodyears for less than the cheapo junk imports they had across the street. I hate shopping. Period. There is a 24 hour walmart nearby and I go there VERY late at night because I HATE to wait in line. If another store was open that late, I would go there instead.

May 27 @ 12:54AM  
For the record, I didn't give shit to the was suggested. When I bitch, I bitch so other customers can hear. The employees were as helpful as they knew how to be. It was, in NO way, their fault!
If I'm a dick for bitchin about the cock-sucker that runs the store? So, I'm a dick! I expect HIM or HER to come apologize to me instead of standing in the background expecting the employees to save their ass.
A mistake of $60 out of $166 IS reason to be pissed! If you say differant, you're a big ass sucker! If you don't mind increasing your bill by 30 % over the bid, give me your number. I'd be more than happy to do work for you!
MAYBE, just maybe, it's you PASSIVE cocksuckers that've left us with the big bro........and, BUSH....that we have now. Just a thought. If you're an illegal immigrant...........we'll help you out. If you're a veteran.........Fuck off!
So, I'm an asshole? Well, you do what you're good at. Better to be pissed off than pissed on is what I hear.

May 27 @ 7:41AM  
I dont know about there, but we have tax on groceries here. So that $2.08 free ham you got, if they didnt take the tax off to, just cost you almost $6.20 just from the tax on the amount they overcharged you...

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Walmart Ripoff