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Noise Level

posted 5/26/2007 4:22:26 PM |
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tagged: sex, pleasure noises

I live in the city, so houses are close and there are sidewalks. One day last summer I was walking past my next door neighbors house and she must have been having a religious experience because she kept screaming "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God." We'll just leave it at that, I do not want to envision anything else with them involved. Thank You. lol
So, this brings me to my question. If someone is walking past your house, anywhere near your bedroom window and you are (how shall I say this, ummm) in the throws of passion, would they clearly be able to know what was happening by sound? If so, would this bother you if it were you, or your lover? Do you feel that women make more sounds during sex than men? And why or why not?
Okay, so it was more than one question........

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May 26 @ 4:26PM  
I live in an apartment.. trust me.. the neighbors know.

May 26 @ 4:38PM  
I don't care what people walking by hear, or even the neighbors.
Let her scream all she wants! If people hear it, they will just think
Damn thats gotta be some good sex.
From my experience, women are louder, but I can sound off too.
When its gooood, you just dont care and actually cant help it.

May 26 @ 5:12PM  
Well I like to make donkey noises to aid in confusing the neighbors

May 26 @ 5:33PM  
It wouldn't bother me either,as long as they didn't want to vidoe tape it. As far as who is the loudest it depends on the person not their sex. Love a screamer,you know if thier loving it.

May 26 @ 5:36PM  

I do not make noises. But I live on 5 acres in the woods anyway

May 26 @ 6:06PM  
i'm quiet as a church mouse

May 26 @ 6:20PM  
i'm a moaner...i'm not noisy, but not loud noisy....and if i get loud, then its hellagood! but once in the throes of passion, i can't really say that i care who's listening

May 26 @ 6:47PM  
When I lived in a garden apartment building one year, during the summer it was common for people to have their windows open. At one corner of the building, there lived a woman who was very...uh...vocal. You could always tell when she was with a lover.

The interesting thing was that it would set of a chain reaction. Just like "the wave" at a stadium, it would start at one end of the building and you'd hear people start up their own sessions all along the complex.

I have to admit that the sprite and I are probably "interesting" neighbors to have sexually. We break furniture, and she's a "screamer." Sure is fun, though.

May 26 @ 6:47PM  
You shoul see some of the looks I have gotten over the years.(I live in a small town) . Any thing from a thats a bad boy look, all the way to the I wonder if he is that good look. Ifeel it is a normal act, you are in your home. so people have nothing to say. As for the who makes more noise ? It will depend on who is cumming at that time. We all can get loud in the heat of passion.

May 26 @ 6:54PM  
Me, I'm quiet when in the throws of passion so you'd have to be in the room in order to hear me.

If we were noisy though, and someone heard us through an open window, as long as I didn't know about it I wouldn't be embarassed. However, when you live in an appartment building the squeeking and rocking of the bed are usually a dead give away of what's going

I've personally never been with a man who is loud but I've been told they wish I was louder. I've learned to talk during sex but I don't know if could ever be a screamer.

May 26 @ 9:32PM  
Well,i myself dont care if someone hears,i am not going to put on a show for people to see,but in the privacy of your home or your partners,shouldnt really matter,well just as long as it doesnt sound like your killing someone,i have had very verbal women,and by oral and intercourse,i kinda like a moaner LOL

May 26 @ 10:25PM  
I am loud and I dont care who hears it. Not sure if any neighbors are listiening cause I dont pay attention but I did wake the dog next to Shawn's one evening.
Most guys are quiet I think they are just shy did date one guy that was louder than me which was kinda odd and bugged me a little. Guess I dont like the compitition

May 27 @ 12:39AM  
Sounds like a religion that I'd like to join!

May 27 @ 1:39AM  
I'd get turned on. WOmen do make more noise during sex because it's more pleasurable for them than guys...especially since there are many frequent jackers.

May 27 @ 5:17AM  
Would they know? Hell yes they would. Would we care? Hell they can watch if they want.

I know I like to talk dirty to my wife/playmates and they seem to love it too.

May 27 @ 12:37PM  
lol.. I am silent... we have had to be quiet because of children so long... that I have forgotten how to let it out.. very rarely and its usually out of town and in a hotel.. but its still quiet.. habbits are hard to break!!! :)

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Noise Level