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Free Dating's another rant, get over it.

posted 5/25/2007 1:25:06 AM |
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You don't like reading my rants...then stop reading this NOW!

For the rest of you...

First of all...what the fuck is up with people jumping all over new members?? someone put up a fake profile. Did they hurt anyone? NO! Did they start anything? NO! Have they put up anymore fake profiles?? NO! Jeezesfuckingchrist...not every new member is a fake profile of some other member, regardless of how similiar they are. If the person behind the profile isn't doing anything wrong...let it the fuck go. Or...we can just make this site so unpleasant for new members that no one else will want to stay...then the site will either a) have to start charging for more stuff that's free right now or b) have to just shut the site down due to lack of new members.

Second...what the fuck is up with the fucking bitching about not being able to leave a comment on some dumbass's blog?? Yes...the blog was stupid...don't fucking read it. I'm sure that guy is just laughing his ass off about all the comments he got...that he didn't bother to post...and the fact that because he didn't post them just pissed people off even more. Every single person on this site, regardless of their motives, has the right to set their comments however the fuck they want. Should they have them set to auto-approve? Why does it matter?? Sure, I tell people they can set their comments to auto-approve...easier than having to open each and every email and approve them individually when you get 25 comments in a 10 minute period...but they don't have to.

The only times I ever bitched about this is when someone wrote a blog bitching about their comments not being posted...then didn't approve comments. So...I wrote a blog about it. was a misunderstanding that was cleared up. one...I mean no member on this site, other than it's employees...has the power to have a blog deleted, or removed from the popular blogs page. I don't know why a certain member's blog was removed from that page, but I wrote to the bear asking why. Of course, as with most things lately, the bear is talking. I also wrote to the support team asking the same thing. Haven't hear back yet, but I'll let ya'll know when I do. But neither Canu nor I had any blogs 'removed' from the popular blogs page.

We gotsa busy weekend coming up...but the pool is up and running, finally! Everybody have a safe and happy memorial day weekend...and most of all....

Play nice and share your toys!! (but wash 'em off first!)

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May 25 @ 1:57AM  
have a great weekend!!!

May 25 @ 2:15AM  
Do we have to share all of them, or can we pick and choose?
Have a Happy Memorial Weekend, enjoy the pool.

May 25 @ 2:38AM  
I confess that I was one of those caught up in the moment and left a not so complementary comment on a new members blog; I was wrong and emailed this new member and apologized. They graciously accepted and I have learned from my mistake.

a contrite wtxman

PS a great rant btw,kudo for you

May 25 @ 4:23AM  
Enjoy the weekend! Don't pee in the pool lol. Great blog

May 25 @ 5:37AM  
Ok am i the only one who never suspects someone new as a fake profile? Everytime someone is accused i am shocked. Am i too gullible and just take everyone on face value? By the way Sunny I do like your rants tho i may not always agree with some or parts of them but i do enjoy them. BTW i dont think the guy who said all women here were pathetic is laughing at all the chaos he has caused from his blog, i do believe he is too busy in front of the mirror blowing kisses to himself and telling himself how much he loves him JMO.

Good Blog tho Kudos to you.

May 25 @ 7:28AM  
good rant sunny! I will ALWAYS read what you have to say!!

and second... big weekend here too! My little girl turns 1 on Sunday!!! Big pool party! :o)

Have fun with your pool!

May 25 @ 9:43AM  
Personally I think that other profile is pulling a train of consequences that's got too many cars... I'm not sayin I ever thought he was your man under a new skin, it's not likely he'd make the screename quite that obvious. However, from blog to blog to now he's mapped right over the conclusion the majority would jump to... That my friend is a plan in action. The world isn't otherwise that orderly.

I think he knew what he was doing and is now in a starring role as "The Victim"

Have a great weekend! I'm gonna drink beer and watch some packball soccer.

Kinda like what I do here....

May 25 @ 10:03AM  
I don't mind your rants--this place wouldn't be the same without them! But allow me to answer the following:
what the fuck is up with the fucking bitching about not being able to leave a comment on some dumbass's blog??
There's no question that the best advice is to let that crap fizzle out and die quietly; however, what he said reasonably warranted a stern challenge. There's no way to know beforehand how someone has configured blog settings, so it's pretty exasperating to issue a lengthy response that ends up disappearing into the Land of Nonapproval. When it happens, we should probably just let it slide. That's what I usually do. But sometimes the temptation to retaliate is just too great, so I can't blame folks for going berserk once in a while... or all the time, as the case may be!

That gives me an idea: How about a flag attached to each blog--"open," "restricted to x, y, or z," or "no comments allowed." Something like that. I'm taking this to the suggestions forum!

May 25 @ 10:19AM  
It's not fair to jump over new members especially when you aren't sure that they are somebody else.

I don't care if someone doesn't want to approve my blog comments. It's their right. I don't restrict mine, but that's my choice.

I've deleted my own blogs before. If you have a blog on the popular page and you delete it from your list, I would think it would get deleted from the popular page too.

May 25 @ 11:07AM  
Hey sunny girl you rant on. You're so cute when you are ranting. I have to agree with some of what you said but lintroller said it best and I totally agree with him.

May 25 @ 3:10PM  
AMD is not going to shut down.....or any reason....absolutely a moot point....they are huge and own more than AMN and vanilla MD....I have checked into it.
They already know they charge enough and more than some but not as much as some but those "somes" DO a lot more matchmaking than AMD will ever do. They like it just like it is.....people blogging and fussing and fighting and some being very kind and nice. I , too, write the BEAR and the moderators, and OWNERS too.It's too bad the BEAR is too busy to get back to people in a timely fashion but he's the BEAR~~LOL
They are not losing any money. HALF the regulars on here are NOT gold members....count them! I look at them, have no time to count them, but lots of people who I'd think would be members~~for the special kudos it gives you in getting rid of people~~aren't. There's enough of them that are to do it, tho...I have been told so.
BTW~~you left "the side car" off of Jesus Christ. ***exits soap box quietly and goes out to walk 10k steps and fix the lawn mower while its nice out***

Have a fun weekend. We havent gotten our pool up yet~~ I fell in the grocery store parking lot over new speed bumps and fractured my pelvis, but maybe by then end of June it'll be up and running. Chit happens!

May 25 @ 3:25PM  
Gawdess.. I love it when that lil vein in your forehead starts throbbin.. so fuckin hot.

Right.. happy weekend..

May 25 @ 11:28PM  
I thought that he was trying to cause trouble with his reply to Wtx........

and who the f... are you and who is your f...... god

Then he told me that agnostics believe in God and atheist do not. I am NOT an atheist! I do question the "God" that the churches and Bible speak off. Thus, I'm agnostic, in my opinion. I question any and all organized religions.
Anyhow, point being, I thought he was trying to cause trouble. So, I MAY have been wrong. I apologized to him IF I was. I happen to agree with Pudge, to be honest.
Good rant!

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