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Neat freak, slob or somewhere in between?

posted 5/24/2007 6:08:07 PM |
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Just thought I would throw out the question. It's always interesting to me to see how other people live. I have a friend with 2 kids and she is obsessive compulsive with keeping her house clean. Right after she reads the newspaper out in the trash it goes. Now I am no neat freak, but I try my hardest to keep things in order. I guess I would say I'm in between. Where do you fall in these 3 categories? Are you the opposite or the same as your significant other or whomever you may live with.

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May 24 @ 6:12PM  
I'm in between.

Clothes sometimes don't make it to the hamper in one toss and my computer desk is always a mess.

I also have a pile of books near the bed that rotates.

May 24 @ 6:13PM  
I tend to be OC about my house... but I have come down some about it..... it really depends on the day and my mood now.

May 24 @ 6:15PM  
*figures when there's enough room to stumble to my computer i can post a reply as i wade thru the clothes.........''where the fuck did da' maid go?" *

May 24 @ 6:38PM  
I am a neat freak/somewhere in between. I keep a clean and tidy home.
My dog is always bathed, and I don't let dust build up.
I have over 200 houseplants throughout my home, and they are the biggest chore.
I do let the dishes pile up for a few days on occasion.
I keep my lawn looking good, and keep the flower beds weeded.
Not a total neat freak. I do go to work wearing wrinkled t-shirts sometimes.
One thing, I havent missed a daily shower or bath in over 20 years!
And I always smell good!

May 24 @ 6:40PM  
i like to consider my place "organized clutter"...i used to be a perfectionist about clean but i had to alter my style for the survival of my kids and my sanity...i always liked the saying, my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy...

May 24 @ 6:45PM  
'tweener. I'm terrible with piles of papers, and my workspace gets cluttered quickly. On the other hand, I do dishes and laundry, and I'm pretty good about keeping those things in order. I'm not so keen on things like scrubbing and dusting, which have an innate futility that makes me reluctant to embark on them at all. I always pick hair out of the shower drain, but I avoid cleaning the rest of the shower because it's an impossible, thankless job. My wife definitely screams at me, Tilex in hand, long before I get around to tackling the shower! I'm decent with the toilet and sink, though... and lately I make the bed more often, but that's only because we're showing the house to potential buyers.

May 24 @ 6:45PM  
I have a collection room that every thing go;es into. Please do not enter it we may NEVER find you agian

May 24 @ 6:49PM  
i'm basically a slob

May 24 @ 6:51PM  

I'm somewhere inbetween. I guesss you might say comfortable.

May 24 @ 6:51PM  

I'm somewhere inbetween. I guesss you might say comfortable.

May 24 @ 6:51PM  

I'm somewhere inbetween. I guesss you might say comfortable.

May 24 @ 6:51PM  

I'm somewhere inbetween. I guesss you might say comfortable.

May 24 @ 6:54PM  
Clean but highly cluttered.. I live with my piles.. deal with it.

May 24 @ 7:14PM  
I'm in between I guess. When I can't open the doors without stuff falling out then I back my truck up to the door and start shoveling everything out. I'm not really like that. I devote one day a week to cleaning the house. It may get a little messy in between but not to bad.

May 24 @ 7:22PM  
I am in between. I was raised in a museum where the kids weren't allowed on the good furniture and the house always passed the white glove test. Now in my own home I tend to be a slob (cause I can) for a little while till I cant stand it then clean the whole house spotless. Course with a kid and 4 dogs that takes about 3 days to get to the I cant stand it point

May 24 @ 7:27PM  
I'm pretty neat, but not to the point of having OCD.

May 24 @ 7:38PM  
I am somewhere in the middle.

May 24 @ 10:07PM  
come on over and find out for yourself ;)

May 24 @ 11:53PM  
I tend to be on the slob side of in between. Since we only use three rooms in the whole house, it's pretty easy to keep up...but of course Laundry is my perpetual nemesis. It's an evil thing I tell you.

Now when company is coming over...I'm like Flight of the Bumblebee!

Fortunately...Canu is pretty much the same way, so it's all good!

May 25 @ 12:53AM  
I'm somewhere in between. If I lived by myself my house would be spotless, but at the moment my daughter, her boyfriend and her 7 yr old daughter are with me, and they are slobs. I can't stand it. I may let a little clutter build up or a few dishes in the sink, but when I get tired of looking at it and have time to clean it, I will. My mother was a neat freak and I swore I'd never be that way.

May 25 @ 1:03AM  
I am somewhere inbetween, I try to keep my room cleaned, but I don't worry about it being spotless either... I try to clean it about every now and then... I am more clean obsessive at work... maybe it's cause thier paying me to clean... lol

May 25 @ 9:02AM  
I used to be OCD all the way! Up at 1 in the morning to clean the oven, couldn't sleep if I thought it was dirty! The older my son got, the more the house filled up with teenage boys, the more I've relaxed! I can actually just walk by his room now and shut the door without breaking into a sweat! So in between these days!

May 25 @ 10:59AM  
Inbetween. The house is clean more than it is dirty, though.

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Neat freak, slob or somewhere in between?