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OMFG are you.... he didn't... he did!

posted 5/23/2007 3:30:25 PM |
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tagged: son, terror, sadness

My absolutely adorable 20 month old son was playing in the house while mommy was cleaning. He was doing pretty well on his own so I left him to his toys and went to vacumme. Dum di dum dum (vacumming the apartment takes forever, seeing as I only have a dust buster) probably a good fifteen minutes later I was finished. And I heard the strangest buzzing sound from the bathroom. (No, it wasn't even possible to be one of my sex toys). When I walk into the bathroom, I find that handsom little man staring at me with the "Oh shit I got caught" look.

I look down and see that his feet are covered with what appears to be hair clippings. Still refusing to accept the truth, I look for the cat (ok people, my cat is a dark smokey grey. My son has BEAUTIFUL strawberry blonde hair... there's no way this was the cats fur) I hang my head in realization and acception. Slowly I look up and my chin quivers. He's hacked off a good chunk of his little bitty baby hair!!!! OMFG. I start to bawl like the rediculious little baby I am. I fall to the floor, and take the clippers out of his hands. (he had turned them off when I walked in, what a smart kid hu?)

He looks at me so very concerned, big brown eyes looking into my tear filled ones. He crawls into my lap, kisses me and smiles. Everythings OK now, that's the game we play.

His hair looks like shit. Im a broke ass mother fucker... so my aunt (who used to be a beautician) is comming over to try and fix this fiasco. I can't beleve this.

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May 23 @ 3:35PM  
Don't be to hard on yourself! Every kid does it at one time or another and while it seems horrible right now, it's hair, hun, in a few weeks it will have grown back out and you won't even notice it!

May 23 @ 3:39PM  
It'll grow back, Mommy. All kids go through a phase like this...well, not sure all. But EVERY little girl I have ever known has taken scissors to her hair a time or two...and they really can't get away with a buzz cut like a little boy can. Matter of fact, my youngest is sporting and every so lovely Alfalfa look on her crown from where she hacked off some hairs a few months back because they wouldn't lay down.

May 23 @ 3:44PM  
Just think, in years to come you'll be able to laugh about it and tell all his girlfriends what he did.

Worse things happen at sea - as they say

May 23 @ 3:45PM  
Since he is only 20 months... IF this is the last time he fucks up his own hair you will be very lucky. Don't cry I'm almost positive all boys do this. I have two and they both did.

May 23 @ 3:46PM  
Kids do that...So dont will grow back.

May 23 @ 3:51PM  

Cheer up sweetheart. You will go through a lot of things in years to come.
Some much worse, and some that will leave you with tears of laughter.
Enjoy it while you can. They grow so fast.

May 23 @ 3:58PM  
Hey, at least we got some cute pics of him pre-buzz cut, LOL

And think of it this way.... he'll need a haircut to keep him cool this summer... so he just got things going earlier!!

May 23 @ 4:19PM  
My daughter did that to her hair with a pair of scissor's the day before I was taking her to have a picture's taken. She cut her bangs to the scalp. I was so pissed. Somehow I managed to save some of them. And still got her picture's taken.

All kids do it at one time or more in their life.

May 23 @ 4:23PM  
AHHHHHH the wonders of a child cutting their own h air... or in the case of the twins... the male one cutting the female one's hair and she had NEVER had it cut...

Curly, strawberry blonde... down to the middle of her back... and he took scissors and cut huge chunks out all over her head. WHY she didn't protest is beyond me.

Same little darling shaved the baby tiger (bengal) that we were taking care of for a while.

take comfort from the fact that he didn't find your stash of sex toys.

May 23 @ 4:24PM  
It's ok it will grow back. My daughter did that when she was little
So I know how you feel.

May 23 @ 4:39PM  
I know how you feel my daughter was about 2 when she got into my mom's sewing stuff she got the scissors and sliding then up her for head and whack. The only two year old on the block with a reverse mohawk. It does grow back in and as others already said you will have something to laugh about when he gets older.

May 23 @ 4:55PM  
My son is 10 and just last week he decided to trim his own bangs. Of course they were all messed up and I had to fix them later.

May 23 @ 5:38PM  
I thought you were gonna say the little one played with your toys but yeah. . . every kid has to go through that hair cutting phase, good enough he didn't hurt himself.

May 23 @ 5:38PM  
I have no kids but I remember when my sister decided to trim my hair! it was to my shoulders when she was done it was to my ears!! yep I don't who cried the hardest my sister or myself mom laughed herself silly!!! she said " it will grow back don't cry honey" okay but did it have to be right before school pictures?

May 23 @ 5:51PM  
hair grows an inch a they say........could of been worse.......mine shaved one eyebrow that was funny.........

May 23 @ 8:09PM  
hair grows an inch a they say........could of been worse.......mine shaved one eyebrow that was funny.........

OMG that reminds me of the time that my oldest nephew, about 12 at the time, came to me just in tears... he was growing body hair and thought that he was turning into sasquatch. (We aren't even toing to discuss WHY my idiot brother hadn't ever had a discussion with the boy about what happens physically when puberty hits the male of the species!) Wanted to know if it would be ok to shave *there*. I said "sure" thinking that he had brains enough to NOT try to shave his hootis... About 20 minutes later I hear this blood curdling scream of agony from the upstairs bathroom and then thundering down the stairs. You guessed it.. he had shaved the skin off his hootis... and figured that he was gonna bleed to death.

I calmed him down, assured him that NO he was not going to bleed to death from shaving the skin off his hootis and life went on.

TO this day when someone around here says "hootis" and "shave" together I start laughing. I can't help it.

May 23 @ 11:03PM  
Sweetie, It really does grow back. My daughter did hers when she was in kindergarden. Long blonde hair into a pixie length. But she decided that if hers looked like that so should all of her dolls.
Prior to that by a year or so I was fixing her hair one morning and let out a little scream startling her, she didn't have an eyebrow. Only one was missing and perfectly shaved off with no nicks or anything. Thank God!! I about had a heart attack. But even it grew back.....
It'll be okay.....wait til he's a teenager and does this on purpose cause it's what he likes.

May 23 @ 11:16PM  
When my youngest daughter was oh about 16 or 17 she decided she wanted blue hair, of course i told her no. Well while in the mall one day i come across this stuff that is supposed to be temporary brush on highlighter, in her favorite shade of blue. So my thinking was why not let her experiment with it a little, it'll wash out in a couple of washes and we'll both be happy. Ha! That shit stayed in her hair for months! Would not wash out! Her senior pictures have blue hair in them. It finally had to be cut out. Never ever again! I supposed that could be chalked up to mom error instead of kid error, since i bought the stuff and i let her do it.

May 24 @ 3:31AM  
What Are You Complaing About??? Now He Looks Like Me

May 25 @ 11:24AM  
TAKE PICTURES and in 13 or 14 years show his prom date! lol.

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OMFG are you.... he didn't... he did!