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Pink or Brown Nipples?

posted 5/22/2007 7:50:40 PM |
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tagged: tits, breasts, horny, straddle

Okay, I'll admit, I'm not really into womens breasts, but I know most other guys are. I'm more of a leg man. Kim and I were talking last night while I was over at her house during a porno DVD she had stuck in. Seems like the women in that porno had brown nipples, but theere was one woman that had the pink nipples. My question to the guys is what turns you on more, pink or brown nipples? Ladies, what color nipples do you like on a man?

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May 22 @ 7:54PM  
Hey Shawn. It's good to hear from you. In answer to your question I just love nipples pink or brown but I guess I lean towards brown ones just a little bit more.

May 22 @ 7:59PM  
Damn Max and mine are pink.

May 22 @ 8:02PM  
my areolas are a very light tan with baby pink nipples.....on a guy.....I never really thought about it.....

May 22 @ 8:04PM  
Well I said I lean towards the brown ones looking4funat45 but I love the pink ones

May 22 @ 8:04PM  
Straddle's back!! lol

Gee Straddle, I haven't been close enough to a man with his shirt off in so long.....Hmmm, do they have nipples?
Depends on his skin tone.

May 22 @ 8:08PM  
Hay... a voice from the past- good to see you're posting again!

At this point in the game for me anyway, they could glow in the dark for all I care!

But my favorite nipples are pink puffy ones on small breasts- brown nipples also have lots of sex appeal. But right now, they're all up for grabs as far as I'm concerned!


May 22 @ 8:09PM  
I'd be greatfull for any color right about now,as long as they where right here next to me.

May 22 @ 8:34PM  
Both ... tied up nice and tight and hangin from the celin


Master Gry

May 22 @ 8:39PM  

As long as they're in my mouth,...color doesn't matter.

May 22 @ 8:42PM  
as long as they are attached to female breasts.........i look at the world through rose colored glasses i'm good

May 22 @ 8:44PM  
I just like nips.. doesn't matter what color or shape or size.. all of em are fun!

May 22 @ 8:51PM  
i have a feeling max would say anything to get some pusspuss

May 22 @ 9:08PM  
Well Shawn,,,,looks like the men are afraid to answer because alot of us women have posted our Boobies,,,,with no Nips showing,,,,,They are Gentlemen not wanting to offend any of us Women,,,,, Well all I have to say on this is mine are nice and I have large nips,,,,The Color should not matter,,,,It all feels the same once in your mouth right???? Except for the fact some nipples are longer then others right????

May 22 @ 9:18PM  
Lena, you may be right about some of the guys on here...


May 22 @ 9:25PM  
I am told I have nice nipples, pink, but I will say this, before and after pregnancy my areolas changed color and never went back to their original, but they are fine and I am cool with them, my nipples hard are like X-lrg pencil erasers, or so I have been told and my areolas normal are like the size of half dollars or more........hmmmm, isnt funny how women dont normally pay attention until presented with a question like I am sitting here playing with them, GREATTT...THX Guys !!........

May 22 @ 9:25PM  
Pink is very sexy. Brown and its size & shape can be too. Love both !!

May 22 @ 9:41PM's funny cause i started going to the tanning bed, I had to put stickers over my nipples cause they turned brown from tanning.....and I like, and my man likes pink.

May 22 @ 9:41PM  
Ash I resemble that comment Now would I do something like that?

May 22 @ 9:43PM  
before and after pregnancy my areolas changed color and never went back to their original,

I've always assumed the pink ones hadn't had kids.

Both are nice but the pinkies have a special place in my mou..uh...heart.

May 22 @ 9:56PM  
I prefer pink ones...and Shawn prefers brown

I will have to say it is nice for a change to have a man that doesn't spend every waking moment trying to grab my boobs. Instead he's after my feet

May 22 @ 10:11PM  
When are you going to come out of hiding?

I will be lerking behind Kim's house about 1:00am...

Do you know what the sun looks like

By the way I don't pay attention to nipples..Not my type of thing.


May 22 @ 10:30PM  
I could care less; it's the attitude behind the nipples that really makes or breaks the sexiness.

May 22 @ 10:31PM  
Damn been to long since i seen one i ferget what i like. Please send a pair of each and i will get back to you on this one...

May 22 @ 10:36PM  
How about something in between?

May 22 @ 10:44PM  
LJRite69 says:

my nipples hard are like X-lrg pencil erasers,

Ahhhhh yes, you reminded me of a lady I dated years ago with nipples that popped out like pencil erasers! While I still prefer pink, puffy nipples, that was exciting! They felt great in my mouth! I loved tweaking them with my moistened fingers!

I've been looking for nipples like hers ever since! Sigh!!


May 22 @ 10:59PM  
damnit!!! now Im playing with my nipps too!!! Guess I need to post a new pic

May 22 @ 11:09PM  
Need any help Ash?

May 22 @ 11:33PM  
Who cares what colour they are, they're nipples!
But what do I know I'm a Brit.

May 22 @ 11:49PM  
Pink or brown is less important than nipples that get hard and long when touched!

May 23 @ 12:05AM  
I like blue nipples the best...say you wouldn't need an extra nipple enlarger would ya

May 23 @ 12:12AM  
Available, suckable nipples! That's my answer and I'm stckin to it!

May 23 @ 12:47AM  
say you wouldn't need an extra nipple enlarger would ya
What do ya mean extra?? I placed my order weeks ago Borty, you told me all sold out and on back order!! Now you're trying to give them away???

May 23 @ 1:12AM  
this blog troubles me...does anyone base their judgement of people on their NIPPLE COLOR???? that hardly seems like a deal breaker to me either way...and thankfully, humans have such a vast variety of sizes, shapes and colors, of all body parts...each to be appreciated...
truthfully, i wouldnt know what color to call mine...if i am between pink and brown am i no good????
if i like someone, i think that their nipple color would be one of my least concerns...

May 23 @ 2:38AM  
thenewguy2957 having a kid doesn't mean the nipple color is going to change. I have a kid and mine are still pink. my sister has 2 kids and hers are still pink

May 23 @ 7:29AM  
dumblonde says:

humans have such a vast variety of sizes, shapes and colors, of all body parts...each to be appreciated...

True enough and usually it's not a set-in-stone criterion in any one feature in most people's minds! Just because people have preferences, doesn't mean their preferences are a make or break "deal." And in cases where it may be a decision making thing, well... it's their loss if someone comes along that may be a great match!



May 23 @ 7:48AM  
*ponders ...brown or pink...then gets to pondering how many new pics with nipples this blog will bring out ..and passes out from the shear fuckin excitment*

LOVE EM ALL .......

May 23 @ 8:00AM  

May 23 @ 8:42AM  
Makes NO difference to me at all. It's usually in my mouth anyways, so I don't see it! LOL!

May 23 @ 12:33PM  
Try to make me choose and I'll do something unpleasant!

May 25 @ 6:53PM  
color makes no difference it is the sensitivity that counts,and will add breast size matters not at all

Oct 15 @ 6:56PM  
I don't discrminate! But I like BIG, DARK nipples more.

Nov 28 @ 1:25AM  
ok but how many of you ladies wear nipple make up?
I may have to investigate.

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Pink or Brown Nipples?