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Bad advice, self-righteous bullshit, and drooling sycophants

posted 5/22/2007 5:35:58 PM |
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Question (new male member): “ I can't get any women to answer my emails. What am I doing wrong?”

Answer: (active female blogger): EVERYTHING! You say the wrong things in your profile, post the wrong kinds of photos, and worst of all, actually admit you are here to get laid! Sure, sites such as AMD use slogans such as “Sign up Today, get laid Tomorrow,” but I've decided to use this site as a place to hang out and gossip instead, and that makes me superior to people who actually have the audacity to attempt to use the site for the purpose it claims to be designed. Clean up your act, become an active, highly visible blogger like me, and sooner or later, if you kiss enough ass, some girl just might throw you a bone. Then, if you play your cards just right, and email her on a daily basis for a good12-18 months, you just might get lucky.

Answer (longtime male member) : You go girl!!! You tell 'em !!! The nerve of some guys! I'm such a good boy. I'm following all your sage advice diligently, and thanks to your wisdom, I just know it's going to happen for me one day. Smooch, smooch. You're the best. (waits for pat on head).

Simple truths, and questions nobody bothers to ask before going off on a diatribe:

Hey Newguy,

Have you done a search on area code for women within a reasonable driving distance? If so, did you note how many of these women have actually logged on in the last month? MANY times more men sign up to adult dating sites than women, and most of the women who do sign up check the site out and never return. The odds are pretty good that there are very few to no women close to you actively using the site. If you've been emailing women long distance, what exactly are you expecting to happen? Don't you think it's pretty obvious why you're not getting responses?

Maybe your profile really does suck, and maybe your photos are downright disturbing; or maybe you have the tongue of a poet and the body of Adonis. It's not going to make a damn bit of difference if there aren't any women close to you actually checking their email. Go ahead and raise your profile by blogging if you like, but it's not going to make new local women materialize out of thin air. You'll probably start getting emails and profile views from out of state women looking to chat. If that's what you're looking for, give it a go, but it's not going to help you get laid.

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Bad advice, self-righteous bullshit, and drooling sycophants


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May 22 @ 5:47PM  
email her on a daily basis for a good12-18 months
It didn't take Crissy and I that long to hook up but we did e-mail and call eachother for a good 6-8 weeks before we finally met up. This site WORKS if you follow the advice above, shame the people who need to read it probably won't.

May 22 @ 5:48PM  
Boy you are absolutely right after all there has many absolutely no blogs on here about how to find someone, how to get someone interested in you and after all there isnt really a blog rule that says that you are NOT suppose to come into the blogs for the soul purpose of getting laid. All of active bloggers are actually critical of all new people that come on this site because after all our main purpose is to tease and to ridicule the newbies. I know that i have never personally emailed someone and gave him suggestions on how to get known on this site, how to act towards people like giving them a little respect. (for a matter fact i have done that many times!!) There have been absolutely NO blogs from anyone stating how NOT to get anyones interest. Your absolutely right. People should still come on the blogs and say Hey im here to get laid (translated Im a fucking loser so i have resorted to whining). And it wouldnt probably upset the active bloggers (tho in reality they dont upset me i just ad a note by their name LOSER and go on with life) but there have been MANY MANY occassions that we all have tried to help people on here. AND we almost always always welcome newbies who come into the blogs and say hey im new at this and im unsure of what i am doing. or those who blog and say they dont understand how to do things that we can do on here. But Just for your information there was a blog today from a newbie and other than us teasing him for thinking he was on adultfriendfinder he was welcomed. seems to me you have a bug up your ass because we didnt roll out the red carpet for you and we probably would have if you had every crossed our path before.

May 22 @ 6:16PM  
Gosh, I think me & my guy (yes, met him HERE) emailed and IM'd for about 2 weeks before meeting (it was a matter of timing for each of us). I think it's a matter of the right person at the right time looking for the same thing. But, we each get to choose how it's going to work for us. Hopefully we find someone on the same page as us.

May 22 @ 6:20PM  
yeah what "looking4funat45" said!!! maybe YOU should read before accusing

May 22 @ 6:20PM  
I think you missed my point. Oh well. How could I be pissed off about not having a red carpet rolled out for me when I had never even posted before?! You think I'm delusional, and expect people to psychically sense that I'm browsing the blogs and respond to me first? :)

I'm not a newbie to AMD, never asked for advice, and haven't had problems getting my emails answered. Then again, I don't email women 1,000 miles away either.

May 22 @ 6:33PM  
Alot of the guys complaining about not getting responses are emailing women all over the country. Distance doesn't seem to be an issue with them.

Anyway, if a guy asks the question "why am I not getting responses?"...what's wrong with giving an answer? The first part of your blog insinuates that someone annoyed you by giving advice that was, in effect, asked for. Then, someone else commented on said advice by agreeing and that seemed to annoy you as well.

Granted, only a very small percentage of the women here are single and looking for men. Of that percentage, only a few are what I call "active"...meaning they write blogs or comment on them, visit the chat feature and post in the forums.
The rest? I don't know what they do...maybe they're getting laid. I'm not saying one is better than the other...just that the "active" members are more visible, and therefore more apt to tell someone what they may be doing wrong in getting a response to an email.

May 22 @ 6:35PM  
I think you missed mine too we do try to help out all that come in here and yes it may not be thru the blogs for all to see it might be a private email but we do tend to try to help when someone asks for help.

And maybe just maybe if you had come into the blogs as a newbie or even know and let us get to know you and everyone else on AMD get to know you you wouldnt have to write emails the women would be writing to you.

Just in case you dont know this for every one of the active bloggers on here there are probably 50-100 people on this site that just read the blogs.

My apology for the red carpet comment, however, just because you want to insult some of the wonderful people on this site, (and you notice i said some there are alot of wonderful people that dont blog on here) i shouldnt have resorted to be insulting back,

May 22 @ 7:13PM  

May 22 @ 7:21PM  
I don't care if I get responses from girls here. I don't email any women unless they have commented on one of my blogs. I love women, and appreciate their intelectual input. I believe women are just as, or more intelligent than men when it comes to personal issues, or matters of the heart. Men are often blind to theses things. You will see this in a lot of the guys here.
I've been told by women, just be yourself. If its meant to be, it will happen.
I believe this with my heart

May 22 @ 7:45PM  
I very rarely blog here or anywhere for that matter. I think I've done 3 blogs. I just don't have the time to think of anything to blog about and then sit down and write it. lol There are so many great writers here I think I would be a little overwhelmed in their presence. I do, however, read the blogs daily and comment on the ones I think deserve a comment. I hope that I will get noticed by some nice man one day, if not, I'll still be able to talk to the friends I've met along the way.

I used to play in the forums a lot, but it gets old fairly quickly with one old goat making rude comments about one of our more famous members and about fat women. So I've decided to stay away unless I start a full fledge war there.

May 22 @ 9:08PM  
So you dont come here for praise, you dont come here to gossip,you surely dont come here to make friends....... I cant imagine why you dont have a new woman every night ........ its insanity I tell ya ...... pssssst welcome to the blogs.... lean down while I pet your head.

May 22 @ 9:55PM  
MAGGIE!!! Oh never mind. I was thinking of something else.

May 22 @ 9:59PM  
Max............... now you know I am a good girl

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Bad advice, self-righteous bullshit, and drooling sycophants