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To shave or not to shave... that is the question!

posted 5/22/2007 5:23:41 PM |
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Sitting here itching my armpit, I realized that I need to shave em. Yea, I admit, sometimes I get too busy to realize I haven't shaved in a couple of days. Don't like it, don't date me. After doing a quick leg check, those bitches are gettin kinda fierce too. I have previously read in some cosmo or something different opinions on this topic. I distcintly remember on guy being quoted saying something like at first it grossed him out (that is partner didn't shave, she was a "hippie") but after he realized that the hairs increased her sensativity, it doesn't bother him. He kinda likes knowing that the higher he goes the more fun it'll be for her, or something to that effect. ANYWAY... my question to all you lovely ladies and gents.

To shave or not to shave? Does is gross yall out when a chick is fuzzier than Sasquash? Can you handle a little stubble? Whats YOUR opinion of it all?

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To shave or not to shave... that is the question!
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May 22 @ 5:33PM  
Once years ago I rubbed my leg over my man's leg in bed one night and told him "hey baby, all silky smooth just for you!" He replied he didn't know why I said that, he never noticed one way or the other! I told him that after a few days when my legs got like a cheese grater and could rip hide from across the room he'd notice! Well four days later......I couldn't take it anymore!! I had to break down and shave, lost that bet!!!

May 22 @ 5:35PM  
Personally I don't like hairy legs on a woman but I don't mind a little stubble every now and again. It could be worse though, she could have a moustache and that's a sight guaranteed to make me wanna run and hide!

May 22 @ 5:36PM  
when my legs would get stubbly, my husband used to say.....

"what cha doin'??!! Callin' crickets??!"

May 22 @ 5:38PM  
I know for me personally I like to shave it makes me feel clean ..
But I think it's up to the woman what she wants it's her body !


May 22 @ 5:50PM  
Hairy legs and arm pits never bothered me in the least. However I do appreciate when they are nicely shaved.

May 22 @ 5:56PM  
Some of us don't have any body hair to start with....


May 22 @ 5:59PM  
A little stubble once in awhile iz one thing, as opposed 2 some hippie bitch that looks like an Armenian sailor who has been at sea 4 a few months. The former I could deal with (especially when we are discussing someone as beautiful az LDS iz here) whereas the latter...not so much.

Personally? I prefer a woman who iz smooth as silk...everywhere. All the better 2 taste U, my dear...

BTW...Hi babe! Long time no talk, huh? I promise 2 call U soon! Maybe later 2day...I dunno. We'll have 2 see.



May 22 @ 6:04PM  
Well darlin after what argit told me about you, it wouldn't matter one way or another to me if you did or did not.

May 22 @ 6:38PM  
I hate you Shadow

May 22 @ 6:57PM  
Well I don't mind a little stubble but when ya get furrier than me then I don't think so. Stubble that draws blood is not a good thing either LOL.

May 22 @ 7:03PM  
Well darlin after what argit told me about you, it wouldn't matter one way or another to me if you did or did not.

Alright, I'm officially worried now. Chick gossip is ONE thing... but dude gossip is absolutely terrifying. ::shudder::

Some of us don't have any body hair to start with....

Say it with me L4E *Bitch*

May 22 @ 7:07PM  
Say it with me L4E *Bitch*

BITCH! But then, she doesn't have red hair. Some things even out, don't they?

May 22 @ 7:15PM  
To me it does not matter,can feel very erotic, it all depends on how you feel,if comfortable being natural go for it.

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May 22 @ 7:42PM  
No wonder G's cranky, lol, I haven't shaved my legs.... Heh. Maybe I'll do that tonight if he's lucky.

I am gonna hafta work on growing out my mustache though!

May 22 @ 7:54PM  
I love women to be girly so of course i like them shaved.... legs,pits and ummm other places

May 22 @ 8:06PM  
The only hair I want to see is on top her head.

May 22 @ 8:23PM  

May 22 @ 8:54PM  

I think it's what you see and feel in a womans heart that's most important.

May 22 @ 8:58PM  
If ever a lady from AMD is over at my place one day and you see a couple of electric hair clippers laying around- think nothing of it-

May 22 @ 9:23PM  
I shave daily from toes to armpits,,,,,,not my arms of course,,,,I love to be baby smooth,,,I love the way it feels after I get out of the shower and put a light oil all over my body,,,,just love it......

May 22 @ 9:37PM  
But then, she doesn't have red hair. Some things even out, don't they?

I most assuredly AM a redhead. Always have been. Oh and let's make it worse.... It's thick, naturally curly and almost 4 feet long.


May 22 @ 10:05PM  
I hate the look of hair on my body one of the drawbacks of having very dark hair. I shave or remove all of it including my arms.

May 22 @ 10:11PM  
It's thick, naturally curly and almost 4 feet long.
I've got the thick and naturally curly. Almost 4 feet long is a little long for me. I used to be that length, then I got sick of constantly having to 'deal' with it. So I chopped all mine off.

My hair (on my head) is perfect just the way it is. so back atcha Angel!

May 22 @ 10:40PM  
normally about every 18 months I donate a foot or so to Locks of Love BUT Shadow asked me to hold off until he gets up here so that he gets a chance to play with it all and I promised him that I would wait. If his ass doesn't soon get here though he's SURE to miss a couple of FEET of it.

May 23 @ 12:35AM  
Bearded women turn me off

May 23 @ 3:04AM  
I Prefer The Feel Of Smooth Skin....During The Times When I Am Trying To Get Close I Don't Want That Sandpaper Feel. There Must Be Women That Feel The Same...I Am Getting Told All The Time To Shave Because My Face Is To Rough

May 23 @ 7:51AM  
fuck it lazy n let er grow

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To shave or not to shave... that is the question!