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No thanks, I don't drink...

posted 5/21/2007 9:06:10 PM |
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I've mentioned that I don't drink. Haven't for over 9 years. It's something I rarely think about anymore...except occasionally when occasions come up that may involve people drinking alcohol.

Now, I don't really care if other people drink. I don't even care if someone gets drunk. Not my business. If someone wants to come to my house and bring a 6 pack...go for it.

We're having some people over this weekend, most of whom know that we don't drink. Well...I'm guessing they know I don't. But some may not know...and that's when the question comes up ..."Aren't you drinking?" "oh...are you sick? **subtle way of asking if I'm pregnant!...NOT!**
I always answer the same...No...I'm fine, I just don't drink alcohol.
Sometimes people want to take it a step further, "Why don't you drink? Is it against your religion?" Why does it matter?

When I do tell people that I'm a recovering alcoholic, they almost always say the same thing. "Oh...well I only drink occasionally...or on the weekends..." Ok...that's nice, good for you. Do they really think that because I'M an alcoholic that i'm going to think THEY are one too just because they're having a few beers?

I know...I'm sounding pissy. I'm not that concerned about the weekend as far as I said, it's not really an issue as far as ME drinking goes. And I really don't care if others want to bring long as they don't get stupid with it. I guess it just gets tiring sometimes hearing the same thing over and over. And of course being in a new town with new people means I have to say the same things all over again. Ah well...

It's going to be a beautiful weekend here in NC...finally got the pool up and's about another hour away from being full...should be ready to swim by Saturday and the party is on Sunday, a birthday party for Canu's youngerest. Yeah!!!

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May 21 @ 9:12PM  
Well said

May 21 @ 9:23PM  
I am not a big drinker.

I would go out to the bars and drink a pepsi just to get out. It didn't bother me not to drink alcohol.
I would get asked why I am not drinking and I would say I don't feel like it. Or I quit drinking.

I can take it or leave it. Personally as I get older so does the hangovers I learned.

May 21 @ 9:43PM  
For what ever reasons that you quit, that's your business. But congrats Sunny, for recovering and for sticking to it... Great job.

May 21 @ 9:45PM  
Not a Big Drinker Here, Maybe Once A Year If That!!! If I run into someone who a is recovering alcoholic, I CONGRATULATE THEM!!!!!! Alcoholism is a DISEASE! And You Are Beating It!!!!!!

May 21 @ 9:48PM  
I was becoming one a few months back. Thank god i got out of it. I can relate to it Sunny. Well said!

May 21 @ 10:24PM  
We all have our demons that we have to fight. Hmmmm pool? Did i read the words pool and ready?? I'm really going to have to make a trip down there to see you and Canu.....I miss you guys!

May 21 @ 10:58PM  
We have our pool open and ready to. The kids can't wait to get in it. My hubby has never...i say...never....drank a drop of alcolhol....i have one or two from time to time. But thats about it these days.

I grew up with an alcolhic dad. He drank at work, he hid the whiskey bottles from my mom...he is a 15 year recovering alcolholic. He smoked 3 packs of cig's a day, he is now a 7 year non-smoker.

Congrats to you!

May 22 @ 12:11AM  
Just say "I'm allergic to alcohol, it makes me break out in handcuffs!!"

May 22 @ 12:35AM  
I have said that a few makes me puke! But then I just keep going back for more!

May 22 @ 12:44AM  
I'm not much of a drinker either! do sometimes just not much went over 25 yrs before having a drink last year!! didn't miss a thing!

May 22 @ 1:29AM  
hmm i've not had a drink in .mmm...3yrs...mostly just seemed to grow out of it........among other things.....course when your mom buys ya a tshirt saying ....'Instant ASSHOLE...just add alcohol'' it's a sign right?

May 22 @ 3:20AM  
Most I talk to on here know I drink from time to time, but it's real sporadic. I might drink a 6 after work every night for a week, or a 12 might go past it's due date in my frig, just depends.It's never bothered me whether someone else does or not. And I have never ever asked someone why they don't, not my business. And I always try to check and see if they allow it or not in their home first before I drop in with any. I do the same with smoking, too.

My usual habit is to reach in the cooler or frig, make offers all around, and ask anyone that says no if they want something else, which I usually bring alcohol and soda both if visiting, or always have both in my frig when folks stop in.

I am more of a coffeeholic or pepsiholic myself.

May 22 @ 4:40AM  
I have an uncle who's a recovering alcoholic. I saw what he went through. he's fine now but he lost my aunt and cousins because of it. congratulations for not giving in to temptation. keep being yourself and don't let others influence you.

May 22 @ 7:37AM  
I like to dance and drink, but more in social settings, and I adore wine.

I had recently felt like I was overdoing it, so I cut out ALL drinking during the week, even the occasional glass of wine with dinner, as much water as I drink, the alcohol was defeating the purpose "Dehydration opposed to Hydration" gotta keep the skin moist and that starts from within.......although I pulled a DUSY Saturday night and yes, the hangovers can be killer the older you get, but hey, you wanns play, you gotta pay.......right....LOL.......

May 22 @ 9:15AM  
sundance I only drink wine coolers... not that it really matters... Actually I don't think I have ever been drunk or have had a hang over... Mostly I just stay home... Anyway I don't buy alchol that often and usually only have other kinda drinks on special occasions...

May 22 @ 9:33AM  
For what it's worth, I just tell others that I can make a choice whether to drink or not - and, just for today, I choose not to.

That's how I handle it now.

Alcohol gave me wings to fly...
Then it took away my sky!


May 22 @ 10:41AM  
I don't drink either. My oldest brother was an alcoholic and it took his life far too soon. I saw the affects it had on his body in his last weeks of life. At that point I chose not to go down that road nor to even set foot on it.

Kudos to you!

May 22 @ 12:36PM  
I should have known you and all of your kind are a scourge on the planet... oh I am a recovering and it is an illness.....I know I am supposed to be empathic..... but mental illness is what you had. alcoholm was your symtom..... I do not believe the medical model you used alcohol to mask your problem and act like a shit and be irresponsible. I am glad you are better. But you are part of the 75%. I am part of the 25% who have to live with the irresponsible ones like you. I have absolutely no sympathy for alcholics. Mentally ill people yes. you are so full of shit.

That was an email I got from a "psychologist" just over a month response to another blog I had written regarding alcoholism. The person who wrote this to me has cancelled their account, so I don't feel bad about posting this since they swore up and down they'd never be back (we're all too stupid!).
Good thing people like this are VERY few and far between...

May 23 @ 11:41PM  
For years I was one big time partier!! I drank tequila, and lots of it, every single night! Not just a few shots, most nights 1-2 fifths, some nights 3! For years! It never occured to me that I was turning out just like my father that I despised for the same thing! When we started trying to have a child (ex and I) I quit everything. I didn't drink again until he was about 8 and a relationship went bad. Then it was only on weekends, so I told myself it was ok and it was never in front of my son so it couldn't really hurt anything! Then I went to work in the legal system.....I saw the lives ruined daily by alcohol, whether it be the family of the person killed by a drunk driver or the family of the drunk driver watching them led away in cuffs for years on end. Now it doesn't appeal to me at all! I think of what it would cost me in the long run, my son, my job, the court costs, probation costs and legal fees.......and it's just not worth the price. But I know how hard it can be to explain to others you don't drink for whatever your reason may be! Kudos to you for your honesty and your strength!

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No thanks, I don't drink...