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Awww...I got me a new admirer....

posted 5/21/2007 3:30:02 PM |
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Yes, another of one of those email pot shotters who got their nose nipped in the open for acting stupid around here. I do give them credit, they didn't try to cuss me out, merely a weak attempt to run down what I present here or in real life as well. Seems I am living in the wrong time, or so they feel...*Booming Laugh* light of that, I decided to repost an old blog which in earlier times was initiated by someone attempting the same thing on me.

Was just asked through mail...
"Just what or who do you think you are?"

Well, my no pics, no posting, no activity buffoon, allow me to make it perhaps clearer...

I am a Paradoxical Anomoly...

I am a one percenter...meaning someone who lives upon the edges of societies stupid and totally insensitive measures of humanity at large.
Someone who makes their own ways as they go, yet manages not to intentionally hurt or make someone uncomfortable beyond the fringes of their own small mindedness. However, should I catch you checkin me out with more than your own small measure of indicated revulsion beyond a couple scathing glances, I am more than happy to push the issue by walking up to your face and ask you if you would like a better look. This because I could give a rats ass whether you like me or not. Let me be and I will return the favor. Otherwise, reap what you sow.

I am a gentleman in public and a ravenous sexual beast in private.

I am your best friend or your worst nightmare, you choose.

I am a modern day Knight, championing the cause of those disrespected or downtrodden, or else I am a Dark Angel, the destroyer of worlds for those who have caused the problem in the first place, depending on my mood at the time.

I protect my friends with the fierceness of a Dragon Mother, and destroy my enemies with the wrath of Godzilla if provoked.

I give what I am given. Show me kindness or friendship and receive the same for several lifetimes worth. Show me pain or anger and I will return that a thousandfold.

I am a poet

I am a writer

I am a dreamer

I believe in live and let live, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have served my country in not one, but TWO branches of the service to further that end. And would do it again if called back. However, should your particular pursuits tread on me, my friends or mine....tread carefully, ignore the first seven words of this paragraph at your peril...

I served as an active volunteer member in helping my community for over a decade, unlike you, who probably just bitches about it from their armchair.

And once was I an active participant in the political arena in campaigning for those whom I believed in, unlike you, who probably just bashes the current political figures in the safety of your home or on the net.

I believe in openness, honesty, loyalty, chivalry and justice.

I hate thieves, liars, scammers, con men, neanderthals and what I call "plastic people" which includes fakes, barbies, stuckups and those who live some high roller lifestyle just for the status quo, never because they simply earned the right, rather they have 400 maxed out credit cards just trying to keep up with the joneses.

And the scariest part of all....I have more than enough intelligence to wrap all that in a big old ball of wax,add a pinch of spit and vinegar, stir in a touch of bad attitude, fold in a cup of love and kindness, shake well and make it come out so I know pretty much when and where to let each part come out at the appropriate times. I have rubbed elbows with the rich and lain in the gutter and shared booze with the winos. But most of all, I have no regrets about who or what I am, and detest those who are so infintisamally small and narrow minded so that they have to run down those they don't understand or else whom they "think" do not live up to their own standards or societies, simply to stroke their own egos.

And pertaining to my "human" or "kind" sides, remember one thing...
Never mistake my kindness for weakness.
Love, protection, kindness, listening, advice and deep caring is reserved for those who would be my friends. Anyone attempting to exploit such will find a quite different beast by far indeed.

So, if you should perhaps happen upon me in the and come say hello ( I have a pic up, unlike you). Most likely you will find a loyal friend to the end. Otherwise if my leather, studs, chains, tattoos and earrings prove to be far too much for your delicate insensibilites, cross the street and walk on by and move on. I am sure I will as well, matters not to me.

I am sure that's about clear as mud to you, mr. anonymous pic, no effort email bashing member, safe behind your miles of phone lines.

But no matter, I was bored and felt like a write. Oh, one last thing:
What you are, I once was.
What I am now, you will never be. Too bad for you. Grow up, child. I laugh at your immature foolishness.

Dark Knight

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May 21 @ 3:39PM  
Awesome blog! Kudos to you my friend!

May 21 @ 3:43PM  
We gotta figure out where these "admirers" are coming from and collapse the bridge that they crawled out from under.

May 21 @ 3:52PM  
Great Blog!!! btw sweetie i wouldnt mind meeting you in private oh damn i should have emailed that lol

May 21 @ 4:09PM  
looking me too!! this man is just HOT!!!! great one you sexy man, why does it seem all the interesting ones live so far away!

May 21 @ 4:42PM  
Seems I am living in the wrong time, or so they feel..
Very well said my brother, just because one lives in a different era does not mean he does not have the heart and soul of an Iron Wolf. The very irony of this is if these individuals had any comprehension as to the character, nature and spirt that entailed they would not f**k with you.

Iron Wolf rides fiercely on my wall,
his sword drawn to smote the enemy...
he rides with the wind,
neither afraid to die,
or afraid to fight.

Into the charge he flies...
I often look at him and wonder
were these men never afraid?
What were their thoughts as
they charged...were they
never afraid?

Many times Iron Wolf has given me
courage I do not have,
to go forth, do my duty,
not worry about tomorrow,
show the day
with thundering heels!

May 21 @ 4:46PM  
Thank you, LBS....*sweeping Bow*

Band, should you determine the prceise location of said bridge, notify the underwater troll demolition team immediately....

Lookin4fun....does that mean you're gonna send me a wannafuck email...?

Tlc....told ya I'd walk there, but ya had to work....

And Swyeter......HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Brother in Arms....*Chest Salute*

May 21 @ 4:58PM  
You mean i hadnt already? WOW im slipping. so wanna fuck?

May 21 @ 5:08PM  
Good blog!
A toast to the Knight of AMD.
I tip my grog to you
and comes yonder a kudo for thee

May 21 @ 5:11PM  

May 21 @ 5:21PM  
Damm... Give 'em hell.

Do you do wubbies and wildings?


May 21 @ 5:45PM  
You my friend are a Warrior,great blog,kudo for you.

May 21 @ 5:49PM  
You'll not ride without my hamer, and my sword... I on't allow it. Now sombody, point me at the bridge.

May 21 @ 6:36PM  
Great blog!

May 21 @ 6:39PM  
Damn....Wanna Fuck????

Great Blog!!!!

May 21 @ 11:05PM  
YOU are one of the sweetest, kindest, open-hearted men i've come across in a long time. You've had admirers for a long time, some of us just admire you from afar!


May 22 @ 12:50AM  
aw my DK great blog!!

May 22 @ 4:06AM  
I Don't Have A Sword, But I Do Have A Bow And Can Hit A Rabbit At 50yrds...Point Me At Danger...I'll Stand With You

May 22 @ 4:27AM  
Always ready to help ladies out of dis dress...

Oh...I mean distress.....

And alla you MEN, WOMEN and Warriors alike...yes all of you who have commented, I would certainly spill blood on your behalf whether theirs or mine. Mead all around, my friends....

And an update....guess he didnt like my polite yet damned pointy response and has since gone to direct insults in his reply. So I replied with one final response. I gave him two choices. Fit in, or be labeled an asshole. And added the warning should he choose asshole , I would see him get gone in a hurry. So let us see if another joins, or another falls by the wayside...
Huzzah !

May 22 @ 9:54AM  
I doff my cap to you sir, and bid you fine hunting

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Awww...I got me a new admirer....