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Why Women Don't Answer Email...

posted 5/19/2007 5:33:07 PM |
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The statement was made that women here are "stuck up" and "too stuck on themselves" (yes...I'm paraphrasing) to answer emails.

Yes...I'm stuck up. Yes...I'm picky about which emails I will in fact answer. Have been since about a week after I joined this site. If I see an email with an i.d. that's something like "hunglikeahorse69" I probably won't even bother to open it. If I see an email with an I.D. like "immaniceguy42"...I might open it, but if it says "I wana fuk u all nite" I'm not going to bother answering. If someone isn't going to take the time to read my profile...why should I take the time to respond to their email? status has changed since I first joined. I signed up looking for fun...a way to pass the time, maybe meet some people...possibly hook up. My expectations weren't high. However...after being bombarded with over 200 emails in the first three days I learned something. I could afford to be picky.

I was in a very small select group on this site. Single, straight, and female. Because I was a free member, I was only allowed to send up to 75 emails per day. After being here a week, I made some friends that I traded emails with...much more fun than trying to answer 'wannafuck' emails. The offers...propositions...whatever you want to call them, that I did answer usually consisted of someone first telling me a little about himself...then asking me something about myself. Or, someone who actually read my profile and commented on something in my essays. That got my attention.

But what more often than not got my attention were blogs. I'm not talking about the ones whining about being lonely, or asking if there are any women in a certain area up to having random sex with a total stranger. Stories, day to day stuff, poems...things like that.

Also, I found the forums...and jumped right in. People who posted in the forums and actually participated in the discussions got my attention. Especially if they responded to something I'd said.

Now...this is just me, but after reading blog after blog and rant after rant about the emails other women get, and about the men who don't get replies to emails...I gotta say it. Women on this site, for the most part, aren't going to respond to stupid emails. Why? Because they don't have to. They can be picky. Guys have to remember they are a very small fish in a very big pond...with alot of other fish going after the same thing.

If you don't have a picture...put one up. You don't want to show your your chest, or your arms...or even your dog. You want to put up a dick pic? Go for it...just don't expect alot if it's your only pic...or even your main pic. Sorry...but after awhile they all start to look alike in pictures. Be creative.

Liven up your profile...nobody wants to see "I'll tell you later" and the worst is "asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;" That tells us you have no brain.

Read profiles before you send an email. I seems like work, but ya never know. The person your sending that 'wannafuck' email to might think you're just her put in manacles and a ball-gag and try out her new strap-on. Unless you read her profile and you're into may just be biting off more than you can chew. Especially you goofballs that insist on including your personal email, yahoo id and home phone number in that 'wannafuck' email.

Don't write one it to your hard drive...and then copy and paste it to every woman who signs up on this site!! Girls do talk! Eventually you're going to get busted and then you're going to be laughed at.

Don't judge. Everyone here is here for their own reason and we all have the right to be here. Whether it's just to write blogs and keep up with friends or whether it's to meet someone for sex...or even if it's to find true love (it happens here...really!!) Believe or not...there are some people here who are only here because they can type the word "fuck" as much as they want!

I's a numbers game. If you send 75 emails a day for a week, you may get...I don't know...20 responses? Of those 20, maybe ...what, 5 are positive? If that...right? If you're not getting any responses...change your game. Try something different.

It's not the women's's yours.

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May 19 @ 5:40PM  

And for fuck's sake... when you are looking at that profile REALLY pay attention to whether or not the other person is in a relationship or not AND to what THEY are looking for.

May 19 @ 5:42PM  
YEAH SUNNY!!!!!!!!!

May 19 @ 5:45PM  
You said it ALL!!!

May 19 @ 5:52PM  
hahaha, very understandable. Tell me this, I've read a woman's profile inside-out and still they don't respond...and no, it's not the email that says "hey wanna ride my cock"....

women on here are equally bad. It's understandable that you get a lot of horny men but at the same time women on here should be a little more least that's what I think.

I consider myself to be a pretty nice guy and not completely hung up on the sex part either...anyway.


May 19 @ 5:52PM  
good points Sunny....

I myself, do not reply to:

-no pics
-wanna fuck's
-too youngs
-too olds (unless I like them)


May 19 @ 5:56PM  
Very well said!!!!!!!

May 19 @ 6:09PM  
You tell them
I dont think it can be pointed out enough

I have an opening line that states "If you dont know me Dont email me" and they still wonder why I dont answer the "wanna fuck - here is my number emails" as if sending me the same email over and over will make me want to answer.

May 19 @ 6:10PM  
Excellent blog on this subject,unfortunately those that need this information probably still will not have a clue; remember : most men are stupid fucking jerks. a kudo for you.

May 19 @ 6:11PM  
Ajay...I don't know why you haven't gotten responses. Maybe your are kind of young compared to alot of women here...maybe your picture (is that your foot? It's different! lol) Try writing a good blog...or hanging out in the forums to meet people. Keep an open mind...if nothing else you'll probably make alot of friends.

Ladies...check him out!!

May 19 @ 6:57PM  
Yes yes, very well said. I keep getting 'cut and paste' emails from guys who have clearly not read my is very annoying, shows a lack of personality in my opinion. What is worse though, for me, is when you get a mail that seems promising, so you correspond back, then they send one saying...let's chat, here's my! They claim to have read my profile, they must have, cos they comment on something I have written...yet they want to chat when I clearly state I do not chat!! Gah!! Some people!! lol

May 19 @ 7:07PM  
I always get a Chortle out of those 'Creative' names, too . . . !!
...but . . then again . . What can you Expect from Teen-agers . . ???

May 19 @ 7:19PM  
Naughty...sometimes, some women, even though they say in their essays that they don't chat...will chat after a few emails. I did...but not until I got to know someone thru email. I had in my essays that I don't chat to try and preclude the yahoo id requests right off the bat.

May 19 @ 7:44PM  
Couldn't have said it better myself.

May 19 @ 8:07PM  
I tapped Sunny

The best game, is no game.... I never ever sent one e-mail to anyone first... maybe because I didn't fucking whine in the blogs... but hey gals e-mailed me... now Freedie e-mails me wtf happened there? "mi wan fuk canu" but I digress...

You want a gals attention, write REAL shit from inside, splash your wonderful self all over this place... THEY will find you that way!

May 19 @ 8:20PM  
Very good blog! Makes a lot of sense. I'm not one to send wanna fuck emails myself. I reply and give thanks to those who comment and msg me... usually.
I like responses, but don't expect them. If someone wants to play, I'll occasionally email back and forth for fun. I'm not a wanna fuck kinda guy here, but I do wanna fuck....Oh sorry that just slipped out. Have a great day sundance!

May 19 @ 9:31PM  
I tapped Sunny

No really...he did!! And he's gonna do it again...he promised!!

May 19 @ 9:37PM  
Very Very Well Said. Way to go gurl.

May 19 @ 10:03PM  
No really...he did!! And he's gonna do it again...he promised!!

you 2 are great!!!

ohh sry..give me such a tickle...good blog. sure wish some of those who NEED it would read it.....maybe next one on manners?? some here have none

May 19 @ 10:30PM  
Bottom line most men do NOT read the whole profile !!
I get men asking to hook up with me and they say they read my profile but clearly they do not read it ...because I make it pretty clear I am looking to meet WOMAN ONLY !

It is so frustrating when I see mail I get excited and it's a MAN !!

Damn wtf


May 20 @ 12:06AM  
Thanks for stating this in plain english. However, most still will not get it. Everybody has to learn (or not learn) the hard way.....

May 20 @ 1:09AM  
Yay rock out with ur cock out!

J/k Awsomely said sister!

May 20 @ 2:03AM  
sundance, I think you should appreciate my picture of my foot :P. I mean every other profile you see has a cock on it. Mine has a foot.


May 20 @ 6:21AM  
Sunny you sure are right! Fish in a great big pond! Yes! and speaking of PlentyofFish>>>I've had a great time over there and actually met 3 men I dated and one woulda been a KEEPER if he'd move to FL with me.....which he knew from back in OCT 2006...but kept thinking I'd love him more than the beach life.
Well I am moving and he is staying....oh well.....PlentyofFish more in FLORIDA to fry! and for FREE too! Who woulda guessed??? I was just looking to chat!
You said it all and were 100% correct....women can be picky!

May 20 @ 7:26AM  
I answer most of mine... they don't like what I have to say, but the more obnoxious they get, the more stupid I make 'em feel.

May 20 @ 9:17AM  
sundance, I think you should appreciate my picture of my foot :P. I mean every other profile you see has a cock on it. Mine has a foot.

hahaha...well, I said 'be creative'! That's definitely different. Why don't you post some other body parts as might get more responses to your

May 20 @ 9:35AM  
Here's another thing...Ladies (and guys too...), why have the age parameters set in stone? I mean, there are guys (and girls...) who might be a year or two (or ten) years either way outside of what your 'looking' for. Does that mean you automatically write them off?

There are a few very sweet 'older' gentleman on this site who have the problem of being outside those parameters. I say older, meaning 5 to 10 years or more older than me. Take my friend 'B-'...very sweet, very much a gentleman, but he's in his early fifties. Now...alot of women in their thirties or even early fourties will just write him off because he's ''too old''. Why?
Same with younger guys...there are some very nice guys in their early to mid twenties on here who have the same problem...they're ''too young'' for the majority of women available here. But if you get to know them, you might find that they're just what you're looking for...just younger than you thought.

I'm not saying age is just a number...its not. At least not in every case. Everyone is different, everyone has had different life experiences. Alls I'm saying is not every 20 something is a partyer...and not every 50 something has one foot in the grave. There's no need to get testy if you have your age parameters set at 35 to 45 and someone who's 55 sends you a nice email.

May 20 @ 4:16PM  
Another thing...

Before you post a picture, have someone else (not one of your good buddies!!) look at it. Preferably someone with a somewhat critical eye who will be honest enough to tell you if you look like you're sitting on the toilet taking a shit! I mean really!! God...I could write a whole new blog on the topic of the pictures I see when I look at who's viewed me. That and screen names...

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Why Women Don't Answer Email...