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Al Sharpton...Whig? (Part One)

posted 5/18/2007 11:45:02 PM |
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tagged: whig

Uh-oh...looks like this iz going 2 be another one of those multipart affairs, undoubtedly muddling up the blog page with multiple postings of inane drivel with occasional splashes of narcoglyphic madness thrown in just 4 shits and giggles. That makes this part one, I suppose. More 2 follow, undoubtedly...

I couldn’t help but notice that the rush of motherfuckers tagging their profile as Whig has passed. I’m surprised. I really thought more of U would get behind something as twisted as this. Especially when U consider our current political climate, what with the upcoming elections and all that assorted hubub.

I saw that they just had the second Republican debate the other day. Ten cats fighting over who gets 2 be the one who loses the election whatever Democrat happens 2 be running. Its fucking mind-boggling. The Democrats would have 2 really do something stupid 2 lose the White House this time around, and I don’t think that iz going 2 happen. So, it will come down 2 one of these guys against either Obama or Hillary, with the future of the nation hanging in the balance. Makes U wanna move 2 Canada, duzn’t it?

As most of U know, the Whigs were a bunch of fucking dumbasses. Basically, they came 2 power as a fucking fluke. The point I am trying 2 make iz that that izn’t that much unlike many of 2daze public figures, y’know?

Case in point – Ur favorite reverend and mine, Al “iz this thing on” Sharpton. The good reverend and some other prominent assholes were debating the state of the nation or some such shit when some other cat started talking shit about Mormon candidate Mitt Romney. Al, never having been one 2 keep his mouth shut (even when it really iz in his best interest 2 do so), felt the need 2 respond 2 this statement by saying something 2 the effect of this: 4 the candidacy of Mr. Romney, that’s a temporary situation. The people who really believe in God will have something 2 say about that right there. (Chuckle)

WOW, I know every fucking Democrat in the country thought 2 himself, ‘Thank God that wuzn’t Obama who said that shit!’ How the fuck do U say something so incredibly stupid in this day and age? Well, its not like Al Sharpton has ever been very good hiding his racist attitudes. The thing that fucking galls me izn’t that he said it, or even that he believes it (which I believe he duz). This country iz packed 2 the rim with ignorant, racist dickheads. I really don’t think one more iz going 2 tip the balance of power in Washington. What pisses me off iz he iz getting away with it.

I saw this dickhead on one of the cable news shows recently discussing the incident. He (naturally) laid the majority of the blame on the asshole who wuz disparaging Romney 2 begin with. He wuz the one talking shit about Romney’s religion, all I said wuz he wuz going 2 lose the election. The cocksucker actually said that. He totally glossed over the fact that he implied that Romney (and each and every one of his Mormon cohorts) don’t “really believe in God”.

What it boils down 2 iz this. Al Sharpton believes Mitt Romney iz going 2 Hell (he just lacks the balls (or maybe it’s the bad judgment...who can say, really?) 2 say so), and no man who iz going 2 Hell should be elected President of these United States. The last eight years have taught us nothing if they haven’t taught us that much. But if this iz 2 be our new guideline, we will have 2 take a another look at our candidates, that’s 4 sure. Mitt damned sure ain’t gonna be the only sonofabitch sitting on Fire Lake, U better believe that! Hillary iz fucking gone. That bitch iz so fucking dirty it izn’t even funny. I’m guessing the bitch has already picked out a nice condo on the River Styx, where she iz planning 2 idle away the daze torturing both Bill and all of his whores 4 all of fucking eternity. I’m sure she’ll pull that kind of weight going in, all the fucking evil she iz undoubtedly responsible 4.

John McCain probably had 2 do something unspeakable over there in Vietnam, if only 2 survive and that’ll probably get him burnt. God duzn’t really give a shit why U do the shit U do or whose fucking orders U think U were following. What about my orders, bitch? Number five in particular...thou shalt not kill. It duzn’t fucking say thou shalt not kill...unless otherwise directed 2 do so by the President of the United fucking States! There aren’t any fucking loopholes here! U know...unless the reason U are killing these motherfuckers iz they don’t believe in God. That’s cool...but otherwise U really need 2 leave off that bullshit right there, Holmes.

Mike Huckabee deserves 2 fucking go straight 2 Hell just 4 thinking we would ever elect a President Huckabee 2 high office. This iz the USA, dickhead, not the New Zoo Revue. Bill Richardson? Well...he wuz the governor of New Mexico. Izn’t that pretty much the same thing as being in Hell, anyway?

2 BE CONTINUED...but not 4 everyone. Those of U who will be allowed 2 continue reading this blog have been predetermined, and everyone else will receive a 404 error message whenever they attempt 2 access Part two. Good luck...hope 2 see U over there...

Keeping U posted


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May 19 @ 12:03AM  
What i would say is.
Vote Whig Bitch!

May 19 @ 12:31AM  
Error 404 all you want, bitch! I wanna read the rest! I agree! Once again, we get to vote for a bunch of fucking dimwits that know NOTHING of true life in the US of A!
But, Hey! They aren't like Us! They're more educated, more tolerate, more in-tune with today's genra..........You just wouldn't understand that, DS! They're looking out for us! To be the next generation of their niggers!
Nigger NOT in a racial term! Nigger as far as saying, "Yes, master!" That has no color, no creed, nothing other than old money behind it. The powers that be, want to keep ON being! Thus, you're the nigger that geases the wheels. Be you black, white, green or purple. You're STILL the nigger! Because, what they do...They do for you! In your best interest!
Good thing you have a bunch of cock-fuckers making MILLIONS per year telling you how to set up an IRA at $35g's/year. "Well, if you plan well from the time you're 25, you MIGHT see a $2500/month return at 70. Of course, they'll reduce your SSI because you make too much............" But, hey! That's the penalty of doing WELL!" Greedy mother-fucker!
Better finish what you started, DS! Continue on...

May 19 @ 1:40AM  
Jesus Christ not another fucking multi-part blog from this washed up hasbeen; I guess the only thing to do is to elect him just to get him off the streets. Okay with great reluctance: Vote Whig Bitch. I mine as well give him a kudo,especially if I have to read part two or three or how many other(god help us) parts there are to this thing. Wait maybe I'll get lucky and get that 404 error message; god does work in mysterious ways.

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Al Sharpton...Whig? (Part One)