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Girlfriends/Wives who want to comb or brush their Boyfriends/Husbands hair

posted 5/18/2007 9:27:59 PM |
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tagged: hair, straddle

Roughly over a week ago Kim and I were sitting here at my house watching tv. My hair being a little long, thick, and wavy she wanted to brush and comb my hair out. Now I rarely let people touch my hair, but I do let Kim run her fingers through my hair and even play with it as far as braiding goes. I have been cutting my own hair since I was 17 years old and won't let anyone else cut it. Sometimes after washing my hair and blow drying it I do tend to have maybe one or two tangles in my hair in back, and eventually I will take care of that myself. She wanted to "stroke" my hair with a comb so bad that night that we actually got into a little argument, but then we made up. She even tried to wrestle me down on the love seat to comb it out, but as usual I WON. Kim does like my hair and she wants me to continue letting it grow longer.

My question to you guys is would you let your girlfriend or wife brush or comb out your hair?

Ladies, if he wanted to brush or comb out your hair would you let him do it?

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May 18 @ 9:35PM  
i prefer a man with short hair...

May 18 @ 9:35PM  
Comb?, yes...Brush?, yes...Cut? NO!!! never let a loved one cut your hair. No good can come from it.

May 18 @ 9:47PM  
Is there a mutual hair brushing category like a "mutual masturbation" kinda thing on AMD?

Hell yeah, I think I'll add combing and brushing hair [on both ends] to my essays, as a prerequisite [among others] to meeting a "friends with benefits" or LTR partner. Kewl idea!


May 18 @ 10:14PM  
Why not if she wants to do it?

May 18 @ 10:54PM  
If someone else wants to brush this head of hair I have they can have at it... If they want to cut it though they will have to pay for the priveledge!

May 18 @ 11:06PM  
See Honey its no big deal. Told you all I wanted to do was comb it.

Shawn has gorgeous hair and its fun to play with. Ok so I might be a little obsessed with it but the ex was shaved bald so Shawn is just going to have to deal with my fascination.

May 18 @ 11:25PM  
I love having my hair brushed, and I like doing same to my man, dont see anything wrong with it

May 18 @ 11:34PM  
I let my daughters and GF's comb and brush, but not cut. I have natural curls/waves and like it a little long, so it is fun to play with. My daughters have even braided it a few times.

May 18 @ 11:48PM  
I love to have my hair brushed or played with by a man. I also like to run my fingers though a man's hair.

On the head and down below.

I also think we should have a AMD party at my house. For those people who can make it. I have a lot of room for parking and a big yard. Think about it and run it by Kim. Of course clothes would have to stay on. I do have nosy neighbor's.


May 18 @ 11:57PM  
It starts with letting her comb your hair. Next thing you know, she'll be dressing you funny.
I HAD long hair, up until the past year or so. When she wanted to take over, I whacked it off! SHE said it had too much gray in it. So, I did a buzz cut... in both senses of the word.
She loved it long. And, it's getting long enough to curl again....So, it's about time to decide which way to go.........again!
By the way, dude! Your hairstyle went out back in the early 80's. Like you care! But, consider yourself warned.........the longer it gets, the more she'll wanna fuck with it!
So, if we see your next profile pic in dreadlocks, we'll say, "Poor dude is pussy-whipped!" Just so you know!

May 19 @ 12:09AM  
Are you sure its you Shawn who posted this blog?

May 19 @ 12:40AM  
i love having my hair brushed or combed by a man!!! And since I like a hairy chest yeah i enjoy a man with some hair

May 19 @ 2:25AM  
If it makes her happy let her do it

May 19 @ 3:01AM  

Yes I would let her. I would let her do as she wanted to please her.

May 19 @ 3:58AM  
As long as she doesnt want to comb it with a stright razor i say let her...

May 19 @ 4:11AM  
Only hair I got left is to short to comb... settles that issue. Should you let her? Oh c'mon, she ain't asking to castorate you is she.....

May 19 @ 6:08AM  
you should have let can be very sensual.

May 19 @ 7:45AM  
Oh yeah!!! I love having my hair combed or brushed or just messed with. I have sort of average length hair not long but not short either and love having it messed with.

May 19 @ 8:52AM  
I LOVE when my man brushes/combs/runs his fingers thru my hair!!! I find it relaxing...

As far as letting your gf comb your hair... i guess thats up to you. if i dated a guy with longer hair, i'd probably want to do it

May 19 @ 9:03AM  
I enjoy having people brush my hair.
My friends 13 year old daughter styles my hair each time she is at my house.
I haven't had my hair cut in over 8 years, only had a few trims.

May 19 @ 10:56AM  
I love to have my hairbrushed and when my ex didn't have his head shaved I would brush his of course he used to let me go after him with the clippers in the summer time and buzz cut it for him, yes he was a brave man, would love to get a hold him now with those clippers and shave asshole in the back of his head LOL yes I am bad!!!! so Shawn let her brush your damn hair sit back relax and enjoy it!! it's like a massage for your scalp!!! and it is very good for your hair and scalp.

May 19 @ 12:56PM  
My baby doesn't have much hair but i still play with it! Even when we are in the shower together I was it for

I love having my hair played with, brushed, braided, and all the above! I tend to get too relaxed and eventually fall asleep but hey it's an enjoyable time! Be nice and let the woman comb your damn hair!

Oh and as for the cutting..I wanna trim/ cut mine but my hubby wont let me So I really don't have to worry bout

May 19 @ 1:37PM  
Straddle my friend,I was expecting much more from you in this blog; you must be getting laid quite abit,because your perversion index is heading south,real fast..

May 19 @ 1:43PM  
I would let him brush my hair if he wanted to do that. I have been cutting his hair for a while now. I was using scissors, but now I'm doing the job with buzz clippers. He always gets compliments after I cut his hair.

Nov 28 @ 1:28AM  
My pubic hair? yes
Hair on my head? WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?
No way bro.

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Girlfriends/Wives who want to comb or brush their Boyfriends/Husbands hair