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Return of the Prodigal

posted 5/17/2007 12:45:12 PM |
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There's a couple of old expressions about about running home with thier tail between thier legs and another about crawling off to lick thier wounds....Well I guess both applies to me about right now....
Yes.... your ever luvin Rain King is back from his wandering adventures and I'm feeling pretty much like a defeated dog and I'm definately wounded yet again. I guess the first thing to say is "Hi I'm home!" If you can call the neverending search for love and carnal pleasures home....and I've been in this jungle so long and keep coming back to it so many times it seems "the search" is the only home I have or am likely to find . Next I should apologize for ignoring some of the friends I've made here, if they'r still around, for not keeping in touch like I should have......though I have written some of you who didn't write me back after awhile.....but I blame no one but myself....But I do plead temporary insanity in my defense. Where have I been? you might wonder...or you might not give a shit....lmao....but I'm going to tell you anyway before I take my next dive into the smoky world of "EverClear" delusions.
Well....shortly after Valentines Day, cupid shot my ass so full of arrows I looked like a porcipine. Yes....yet again I met an awsome woman and fell head over heels in love .....which I swore I'd never do again....but it took me totaly by surprise and I had no control over it....Damn this crazy little thing called love! It was perfect......we had almost everything in common and were still totaly different from eachother... which gave a blissful, healthy kinda of Zen flavor to our relationship. She fell for me just as quickly and just as hard ...We spent near every minute of the day, even when we should have been sleeping or working, talking to eachother on the phone and the computer...Then pretty soon I was driving hundreds of miles to see her, then she was driving hundreds of miles to see me....then she came to stay for awhile with me while she looked for a house which she found and is in the process of buying only a couple of towns over from me. It was incredible....we were totaly caught up in eachother....we knew eachother's thoughts....we could finish eachothers sentence's....and the sex....oh my friggin lord good it was! ....It was just wild monkey love! ....Everything was going awsomely ....she met my friends, she met my family, I met her family, I got along great with them and her kids....everyone I knew got along great with her... Then one morning as we sat over a huge breakfast we'd made she says she doesn't care about me like she thought she did ....that the feeling was gone....and she didn't know why ...She said she didn't want it to be gone but it was...she cried, I cried, she was sorry, I was sorry....and to make a long story short we decided she should leave and that we had just taken things too damn fast. But we had decided to let it roll you know and not try to slow it down....I mean if something is working then you don't start tryin to fix it right? But maybe we should have slowed down....or maybe I did something wrong that she didn't want to admit to me....or maybe aliens inhabited her brain and stole her feelings...Maybe it was all just a nightmare and I'll wake up back on the farm in Kansas....or maybe God is just fuckin with me and sittin up there laughing at the incredible gullibility of the human heart ....who knows?.......All I know is I'm right back where I started a few months ago, and I return to find my harem deserted ( except for one lonely camel walking around, and Sniffi's leopard who was hiding in a big pile of cushions and mauled me before I left)....and I'm minus some dignity, self respect and about half my heart is torn out......

continued in part 2

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May 17 @ 12:57PM  
Hmm all this and you weren't even married. I have found that marriage ruins otherwise good relationships. Hell my ex and myself liked each other until we got married and then Geeez. Good luck to you and although you don't know me back.

May 17 @ 1:02PM  
aw RK all you gotta do is find us your harem is just lounging around

May 17 @ 1:06PM  
present and accounted for, may I help you with your arrow wounds?

May 17 @ 1:11PM  
Thanx Max....and Hey Lisa thanx for the love darlin...right back at you ...hey Maggie ....sure... start doctorin me ...I posted the second part ending of this but it's not showing up for me...might have to post it again

May 17 @ 1:25PM  
It posted, it's just that you cant post and have more than the first show up on the first page anymore ( too many blog ho's )

Part 2

May 17 @ 1:34PM  
Thanx Dark Knight....good to know....and good to see you...thanx for putting the link on there too

Peace and Love
DC The Rain King

May 17 @ 5:50PM  
Sorry it didn't work out for ya, happens to the best of us.......welcome back!

May 17 @ 9:50PM  
OMG That just happened to me in almost the exact same way; and just very recently. I feel like shit so I know how you must feel. I don't really know what else to say except hang in there.

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Return of the Prodigal