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posted 5/15/2007 11:27:27 PM |
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This is where i am going to move my sexuality journal from LJ i didnt post there much... but maybe i will more now.
This is my sexuality journal and i hope to be a little more liberated here than in my main journal. Herein i will discuss and analyse my rare sexual experiences as a 27 year old virgin.
Last night i called a phone sex line for the first time. I was home for christmas break and my father has gone away on vacation. I stayed at his house enjoyed his hot tub and started feeling REALLY horny. After an exaustive search for something to watch and masturbate to. I gave up. Then the thought occured to me. This was the first time in a long time i could be really loud and actually be vocal sexually. I had never done phone sex before so i went upstairs and online (the case could be made that icould have just masturbated to something online... but the idea was already in my head to do this" I inputted the google search string "phone sex guide" and read up on what to look for in phone sex... i am not sure how well i was paying attention because iwas still feeling REALLY horny. I read some of the backgroud dos and donts and also stumbled upon what seemed like a legit number to call.
So here i was in my fathers bathrobe in a nice warm room... drinking a beer. I pulled out my cel phone and my CC. I called the number... I was honestly nervous... but i had already gotten really hard at the idea. The operator asked me whether i wanted a per minute fee.. or a flat 10 minute or 30 minute call. I was not ashamed to belive that i would likely not last much beyond ten minutes in the state i was in. So i bought the ten minutes... it cost me 30$. The operator then started asking me what type of girl i wanted. Black, white, or asian? Meek and mild, hot and horny, kinky.. etc.. I went with the second option (i even refered to it as the second option to the operator because i was mildy embarrassed to say the words) I was connected to a girl....
Her name was Brandy (this sort of pissed me off.. because while i know that sex workers make up names for safety sake... do they have to use names that i have never heard anyone else use) anyways.. she asked me my name... it was at that moment i decided if i was going through with this i was going to do it right... I told her name in absolute truth. I got her to describe herself and what she was wearing (i admit to feeling a tad foolish asking the cliche "what are you wearing?") Her description while possibly fake still had an air of truth in them as i could have been into the exact opposite of what she said (there are guys who look for smaller breasts and such) she claimed to be dirty blonde with 34D breasts and wearing a pink tedy with a pink thong. Works for me.. She then started asking me stuff. What did i do for a living? I answered honestly that i was a professional singer. She asked what i was wearing. I told her a robe. She then asked me what i was into sexually. I still decided to keep it honest. Why not? I told her i was a 27 year old virgin. She tried to comfort me in that fact.. it was NOT a comfort. she said she was 27 and had lost her virginity at age 19. I told her that with my low level of experience i havent really done much. But then i channeled my past and then said i had "gone down" on a girlfriend of mine once but she had wierd issues and wouldnt let me do that again.. (still being 100% honest) she then asked me to describe what i did...
Then the phone sex began. I told her that i was taught what to do by my female friends who tried to explain to me how to please a woman. It moved quickly from my desription of what i had done with my ex... to what i would be doing to her... and while i was defintitely getting aroused by the memories of my few actual sexual encounters.. i wanted to get my moneys worth as well. So while i described pulling my ex's black cotton panties to the side and licking her completely circling the lips and tonging the clit it started the fantasy of doing that to "brandy's" pink thong and doing that with her. It was fun. I enjoyed the fact that i was able to verbalize things like that for one.. Part of this whole phone sex experience was an experiment to see how verbal i could actually be about sex (something that may be a contributing factor to my reluctant virginity). Brandy starts really doing her job... moaning and giving me commands as i start seriously jerking off.... As i am not actually doing these things i am amazed that my minds eye is picturing doing them on a facelss person (it occured to me midway that any picture in front of me might have helped)... So i decided to revel in the fantasy of the faceless joy of eating pussy and looking up and only seeing the underside of 34D breasts. As i then went on to describe the act of tongue fucking her I was starting to reach climax (i had an understandably short fuse as i had started being really horny about 2 hours prior to this and had had no real release til now. ) She was moaning heavily and suggested the idea of 69. I had no complaints except that i was about ready to climax so i knew the idea of 69 wouldnt go that far. I actually came only a minute after she started describing how much she was enjoying sucking my dick. She was clearly makeing an attempt to make it sound like she was sucking my dick and talking which i appreciated. I made it pretty clear to her that i was cumming and was slighty hoping she would at least sound like she was too... but whatever.. i thanked her and got off the line.
I have had several orgasms in my life... In fact i probably have an average of two a day. The experience of this was undeniably hot. And writing this a day later gets me going quite a bit. was it worth 30$? i dunno that pretty damn expensive price for one orgasm (if i paid 30$ for every orgasm i would be spending almost 500$ a week) but the one time experience might be fodder for future masturbation sessions. Will i do it again? Maybe.. i admit the bigger steps i have taken in my sexuality linger with me alot. It was remarkable how much i was able to recount of the one time in my life where i gave oral sex. I am also reminded of my first time at a strip club and how much those nights linger in my mind.
It is also worth noting that even in phone sex i still never verbally put my penis in a girls vagina... so in my book... im even a phone sex virgin... ugh..

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May 15 @ 11:50PM  
Last night? Christmas break?? Where do you live again??

May 16 @ 12:02AM  
As i said in the first sentence... this is my post moved from another journal hence the christmas reference. Im from MAssachusetts.

May 16 @ 12:04AM  

May 16 @ 12:15AM  
sorry! I saw the move it comment just didn't realize you meant you would be reposting from 5 months ago! my apologies! welcome to AMD

May 16 @ 2:31AM  
Not bad.

And although the comments are belated being its now past....

Cut a notch in your belt for doing it at all...and look at the bright side....dates cost far more than 30 bucks, you didn't have to dress up, you got "lucky" and you didn't catch anything...

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