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A fish in a shark tank.

posted 5/14/2007 10:06:18 PM |
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It's kind of strange and interesting at the same time... probably the one thing above all else that has me keeping my eye on this website. The community. It's an absolutely amazing way to take a peek into the minds of some of the more open-minded around the world. See what some people believe and think.

And looking at all the discussions I see people saying that this site is not a sex site... Generally, these people are right. After all, the breakdown is about 2 females for every 5 males. Simple mathematics. People are lucky to get an opportunity with a singular women, let alone the images conjured up of sexual orgies and the like. It's hard for it to be more a sex site as opposed to a community, whenever there's just not enough matches to be made.

That said though, it's just interesting to see people's responses to certain things. Gives a bit of insight about what people think sexually and how they react socially. I just like seeing how people respond.

I think from what I've seen is that... while there are a vast majority of men who think they're god's greatest gift to women, there's also women who seem to think that they hold all the cards over men. It's that whole "nice person" thing I have that turns me away from both of these. Women, don't feel pressured by men who want to fuck in the first email. Men, don't feel pressured by women who think they hold all the cards.

On that token, people who don't want to give as good as they get are lame lovers. Pure and simple. No desire to roleplay, make the sex as good for the other as it is for themselves, or try new things that the other might like. So guys? Girls? Remember, you deserve someone who treats you as special as you treat them.

In an ideal situation, there'd be an equal amount of both women and men so that I could see which side transgresses more often. Though... I think on here it really is that men cause more problems, because there's more men. Again, simple mathematics.

The solution? Go out, get some sun, and if you really want to get some sex, I hear that there's this wonderful thing called real life. *smirks* Just be careful. It's addicting!

So am I a fish in a shark tank? I think it's the other way around, just no one knows it yet. I'm just waiting for the right girl to swim by so I can take a huge bite out of her ass.

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May 14 @ 10:11PM  
*Jaws Theme Plays*


Careful...round here, the women bite back......

Nice blog, though....

May 14 @ 10:34PM  

May 14 @ 10:41PM  
I likey you....a new little fishy has joined our school

May 14 @ 10:55PM  
Great Blog.

May 14 @ 11:44PM  
just waiting for the right girl to swim by so I can take a huge bite out of her ass

May 15 @ 10:07AM  

May 15 @ 11:21AM  
I'm gonna let a wildly unpopular mean and stinky cat out of the bag. Women do hold all the cards. We are conniving, sneaky and manipulative in order to get our ways. We do use sex as a weapon. It is our coup de grace! Without us.. you are all just wankers! AND WE KNOW IT! We hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven. We are the keepers of the gates to Nirvana and we are AWARE! (anyone who denies that is just spinning their wheels or lying to themselves.)

May 15 @ 11:57AM  
jeez ponme......after that there's not much to say...oh...


May 15 @ 6:12PM  
If men can't be happy with themselves, what makes you think that they'll be happy with a girl, Ponme? Also, really, what do women have to offer that a man's right hand can't provide, sexually? A man can get conversation, emotional support, and really, everything that women have to offer elsewhere.

Besides, all a man really has to do in order to bring that house of cards down is just say "Nah, you're not worth it." And really... anyone that tries to be sneaky and manipulative isn't worth it. They obviously view men as a piece of meat. Women like that are just... well, they give me nothing that I can't get from my right hand and a box of Kleenex.

I've got a good imagination, and given the choice between the tissues and the manipulative woman, give me the tissues any day. Unlike the woman, at least the tissues care enough to let me fantasize about what I like.

I'm happy with who I am. And really, I don't NEED women in my life. Would it be nice? Of course. Will I let one hurt me just because I'm lonely? Certainly not. Men can and should have standards. It's just my time and my life is precious to me. I'm not going to waste it on someone undeserving.

May 15 @ 10:23PM  
Play nice Ponme, or should I bring back an old classic....P on me? Lol, but I digress....I like you Oya. If anyone give you shit, especially Ponme , let me know and I'll put the smackdown on um.

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A fish in a shark tank.